Fukushima students having their brain atrophied


About 20% of the 42 students in Tohoku university, who had MRI before 311 turned out to have their left orbitofrontal cortex become atrophied from MRI test to follow after 311.
They also suffer from PTSD.

Those 42 students consist of 33 male, 9 female and the average age is 21.7.

Prof Kawashima from Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, Tohoku University compared the MRI result taken in June ~ July of 2011 to the one taken before 311.

The left orbitofrontal cortex is to remove memories to provoke fear or anxiety. Researcher Sekiguchi from the same group as Kawashima comments, the atrophied left orbitofrontal cortex could not process fear properly.
Also, the students who had smaller part of the brain except for left orbitofrontal cortex suffer from PTSD more severely.

東日本大震災:PTSD症状訴える学生 脳の一部分が萎縮
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