Debris Shipments from Miyagi Reduced to Third

Following up this article..Mothers protested against accepting debris to be ignored

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Sendai, Miyagi Pref., May 21 (Jiji Press)–The estimated amount of disaster debris to be shipped for disposal outside Miyagi Prefecture has been reduced to a third of its initial estimate of 3.54 million tons after a review, the prefectural government said Monday.
Since a larger-than-expected amount of debris was found to have been washed away into the sea and the number of homes that need to be taken down for reconstruction has also been found to be smaller, the total volume of debris the prefecture will send out for disposal is now seen at 1.27 million tons, officials said.
In addition, increased access to disposal facilities within the prefecture as well as efforts to recycle ashes of disposed debris have boosted the overall disposal capacity inside the prefecture by up to 950,000 tons to 5.49 million tons.
After the review, the total amount of debris to be processed within the prefecture has been reduced by 4.31 million tons from the initial calculation of 11.07 million tons to 6.76 million tons.
Of the 1.27 million tons that will be sent out for disposal from Miyagi, 130,000 tons are already scheduled to be shipped to places outside the prefecture.





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