Actual Fukushima worker “In case of the major aftershock, all the reactors will be in crisis”

Following up this article..Tepco has no clue for the worst senario of SFP4

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 admits if another major aftershock hits Fukushima, they can’t even get close to the reactors and the risk is not only SFP4, it would be all the reactors.




I tweeted this before but in case of another major aftershock or Tsunami, it won’t be only reactor4. I think all the reactors will be in crisis. Tepco says they have prepared multiple coolant means, but if the radiation level goes too high, we can not even get close. Also even if the reactor buildings remain safe, roads won’t be safe to approach the reactors.





Actually 311 caused a lot of cracks on the ground, there were a lot of places where you can not drive by car. Even pumper trucks or fire trucks can not drive maybe. Above all, now we don’t have enough human resource nor engineers to settle down reactor4 in addition to other reactors.





If you drive from Iwaki, it would take 6 hours if the situation is as bad as 311. Also, there as a heliport on the ground in 311, but it will be removed soon though we are supposed to build a heliport somewhere in the plant area..




They all plan to build tanks for contaminated water, but there is no plan to build a heliport. There used to be one, but not anymore.

In case of another major aftershock or Tsunami, it’s not self defense force, fire brigades or riot police, it’s us, normal plant workers to try to settle it down.



  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY – Un travailleur actuellement à Fukushima:“Si on a une réplique majeure, tous les réacteurs seront en crise.”
    Par Mochizuki le 26 mai 2012.

    Le travailleur actuellement à Fukushima, @Happy11311, admet que si une autre réplique du tremblement de terre frappe Fukushima, ils ne pourront même pas approcher les réacteurs et le risque ne concerne pas que la piscine du réacteur 4 (SFP4), ce seront tous les réacteurs.


    J’ai tweeté ça avant mais si une autre réplique, ou tsunami, survient ce ne sera pas seulement pour le réacteur 4. Je pense que tous les réacteurs seront en crise. Tepco dit qu’ils ont préparé de multiples moyens de refroidissement mais si le niveau de radiation monte trop haut nous ne pourrons même pas les approcher. De plus, même si les bâtiments des réacteurs résiste, les routes ne seront pas assez praticables pour approcher les réacteurs.


    En fait, le 11 mars a provoqué un paquet de failles dans le sol, il y avait beaucoup d’endroits impraticables en voiture. Même les camions-pompe ou les camions-incendie ne pourront sans doute pas se déplacer, et surtout, maintenant nous n’avons pas assez de ressources humaines, ni d’ingénieurs pour arrêter le réacteur 4 en plus des autres réacteurs.


    Si vous roulez depuis Iwaki, ça vous prendra 6 heures si la situation est aussi mauvaise que le 11 mars. En plus, il y avait un héliport au sol le 11 mars mais on va bientôt le virer pour en mettre un autre quelque part dans la zone de la centrale.


    Ils prévoient tous de construire des réservoirs pour l’eau contaminée mais il n’y a rien de prévu pour construire un héliport. Il y en avait un, il n’y en a plus.

    Si une autre réplique majeure, ou tsunami, survient ce ne sera pas la force d’auto-défense, ou la police anti-émeutes mais nous, les travailleurs normaux du nucléaire qui tenteront d’arrêter tout ça.

  2. I’m still bringing people’s attention to nutritional radiation immunity at Everyone should be using this technology, especially in Japan!

  3. Only way to kill fukishima is using project hell hole , that means detonating underground nuclear devices to make the whole complex implode to an underwater lever were the sea will rush in and the area can be dammed & filled up .. (That is the ONLY solution ) as there are no minds capable of other .


  4. What we knew from the begining, Without men to preform maintenance the others will fail, the domino affect and this will eventually lead to distant reactors as well !

  5. how long before conscription of people (already being undertaken in the sense of getting poor males to work there). might have to wait for terminal cancer patients to make the supreme sacrifice for an endowment to their families. sad sad.

  6. Divine Messages said long ago : there is another BIG quake to come and reactors risk to topple ; buildings are getting more and more fragile due to radiation ; shortage of specialized personnel ; reactors out of control ; much suffering to come …….
    Please read yourself all the predictions, warnings, precious advice given on

  7. My opinion, all of Japan should be evacuated until the reactors are contained. Since reactor 4 seems to be the hottest melting one now, I wonder if cement can be poured onto one, two and three???? If they are not as hot, but still spewing radiation, seems to me it would be an idea to cover them in cement. I realize you can’t get into or around reactor 4 due to the heat.

    Water will not stop the melt down. Will slow the process, but what about a contingency plan for the people since the buildings are in very poor shape?

    Reacting late isn’t good for the people. What ever happened to governments that are for the people and of the people??? This whole situation has me feeling really upset. I educate and to my surprise her in upstate NY United States, some people are not aware of the term Fukushima and what it means??? Oh my goodness… I tell people what has been happening in the world they are ignoring……

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