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[Video] Still 4.8 μSv/h measured in a park of Fukushima city

On 5/12/2015, a citizen reported the radiation level is still extremely high in Fukushima city. The person took a radiation measurement video in a park “Hanamiyama park” of Fukushima city

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High schooler in Tokyo sells “canned Fukushima air” / 600 yen each

A high school student is selling “canned Fukushima air”.  He’s a 17 years old artist known as “ATSU”, living in Machida city of Tokyo. He collects “air” in the coastal

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NHK changed their TV program about Fukushima radioactive particle to dinosaur with no explanation

NHK cancelled their TV show about radioactive particle scheduled for 9/21/2014. The title of the show was “Nuclear accident – Follow the unidentified radioactive partile !”. It was scheduled to be

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Expert of Tokyo Uni “Evacuation increases cancer more than radiation”

Assistant professor of the department of radiology, Nakagawa Keiichi from The University of Tokyo Hospital states that radiation won’t increase cancer, but evacuation will increase cancer.   This statement is included

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NHK “We are entering the new era of MANY DEATHS, donating dead body to medical uni can be recommended”

On 8/14/2014, NHK broadcast a strange TV program that Japanese society will become “the world of many deaths”. They comment it will be due to the rapidly progressing aging society,

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5 star hotel Grand Hyatt Fukuoka supports Fukushima by eating

The executive chef of Grand Hyatt Fukuoka is registered as “Fukushima supporter chef” to fight harmful rumor. Ernst Jaeck, who has been the “Fukushima supporter chef” since 1/22/2014, serves agricultural

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Fukushima city apologized for the leaflet of “Let’s build radiation resistance body”

Following up these articles..   Fukushima city “Let’s build radiation resistance body -Don’t worry too much. Go to bed early. Open the window.” [URL] Fukushima city “Eating mushroom protects you

Misinformation Politics

Fukushima city “Eating mushroom protects you from radioactive material”

Fukushima city government recommends to eat mushroom against “internal exposure” risk.   On 7/17/2014, Fukushima Diary reported..   Fukushima city “Let’s build radiation resistance body -Don’t worry too much. Go

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Fukushima city “Let’s build radiation resistance body -Don’t worry too much. Go to bed early. Open the window.”

On 7/8/2014, Fukushima city government announced public information to educate about radiation. It’s titled “Let’s build body constitution that can’t be defeated by radiation”. It is supposed to teach us

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Fukushima prefecture “Contaminated beach sand can easily be washed off so it’s safe”

Radiation health risk advisor in Fukushima, Takamura commented on a local newspaper that contamination from beach is negligible because it can be washed off in shower. (Article related to Takamura.. Fukushima