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[Video] “Happy Fukushima campaign” wiping out harmful rumor / Model on Tohoku power company’s HP is in

↑ The freelancer model, Ueki (0:27 ~) ↑ She is featured on the website of Tohoku power company   Following up this article.. [Support by eating] Fukushima gov to pay

Misinformation Support by eating

“Harmful rumor busters” monitor internet by robot, report the bad site info to clients everyday

Following up this article.. [Support by eating] Idol group to fight harmful rumor “Just eat it for starters, and go to Fukushima” [URL]   The press conference above was managed

Misinformation Support by eating

[Support by eating] Fukushima food promotion shop opened in the center of Tokyo

  Fukushima prefectural government opened a Fukushima food promotion shop “Midette” in Nihonbashi on 4/13/2014.   In order to fight “harmful rumor” against Fukushima products, Fukushima prefectural government collaborates with

Effects to be confirmed Misinformation

Fukushima local newspaper “Nosebleed in Fukushima prefecture has nothing to do with radiation”

  One of the major Fukushima newspapers reported that Fukushima citizens cannot have nosebleed due to the radioactive contamination.   It was “Fukushima Minpo”. They referred to Professor. Takamura from

Column Cover-ups Misinformation

[Column] Being hated and attacked is one of my jobs

I can’t say who it is, but I sometimes receive emails from American/European musicians. They ask me if it’s safe to go to Japan though they plan to hold concerts

Confirmed effects Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Misinformation

[New Normal] NHK “Thyroid problem is a people’s disease in Japan. Papillary thyroid cancer is a gentle cancer”

On 5/23/2013, NHK reported about “thyroid disease” in their TV show called Asaichi. It is not announced why they broadcast it now. In the TV show, NHK described thyroid disease

Contaminated water crisis Misinformation Sea contamination

Tepco started propaganda to downplay the risk of Tritium for discharging contaminated water to the sea

Tepco is planning to discharge the contaminated water to the sea. To ease the repellence of local residents and stakeholders, Tepco is going to operate ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System),


Sankei newspaper reported 95% of “the people” are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male

Sankei newspaper reported 95% of the people are for militarizing Japan Self-Defense Force from their original poll. The responds were collected by 1/22/2013. However, 92% of the respondents of this

Misinformation Sea contamination

The Fisheries Agency starts the campaign to sell fish, “Fish sommelier”

Following the campaign called “Fast fish” [Link] , fisheries agency started the campaign called “Fish sommelier” to sell fishery products. In mid November, fisheries agency chose 34 of experts from


[Restoration] Minamisoma city to hold a marathon race on 12/2/2012 (Rain or shine)

On 12/2/2012, Minamisoma city Fukushima is going to hold a marathon race (Nomaoi no sato healthy marathon). This is the 25th race after 2 years blank for restoration. Anyone can