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Contaminated water crisis

[Give up]Nuclear Regulation Authority “It’s impossible to transfer all the water from flange type tanks to new tanks”

On 8/27/2013, Nuclear Regulation Authority held the working group meeting about the contaminated water problem. In this meeting, they concluded it is impossible to transfer all the contaminated water from

Contaminated water crisis

Reactor3 seawater tunnel layout drawings differ from Tepco’s maps

High level of radioactive material is detected on the seaside of reactor3 as well. (cf, 180,000 Bq/m3 of all β including Sr-90 detected at 4m from the sea without impervious


Cesium density in reactor3 “steam” higher than the gas inside of PCV

Following up this article..[Steaming reactor3] Tepco “The steam may be from the inside of the reactor, a certain volume of N2 gas is missing” [URL] On 7/29/2013, Tepco reported to


There are only 5 radiation monitoring posts of Nuclear Regulation Authority in Tokyo, 1/4 of Kanagawa

From the research of Fukushima Diary, Nuclear Regulation Authority has only 5 radiation monitoring posts in Tokyo. There are 19 posts in Kanagawa but there are only 6 posts in


87 young women had “hypothermia” in rainy idol group concert of Tokyo, some vomited blood

Around 20:35 of 7/27/2013, 87 young women had acute health problems at the concert of the idol group “NEWS”. The concert started at 18:00 but cancelled at 19:45 for a

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[Column] The reason why I like nuclear

  I’m aware that I’m walking on the thin line. Some people kindly appreciate my work, but some people really hate me whatever the reason is. About 3 or 4

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco reported the fact of sea contamination to Nuclear Regulation Authority before announcing to public

Following up this article..[Breaking] Tepco officially admitted seawater comes up and down to the Fukushima nuclear plant area [URL] According to Tepco, they submitted the data to admit the contaminated

Plant hazard

[Breaking] Tepco “Steam / Gas coming up from the top of reactor3, ambient dose and dust not verified”

According to Tepco, steam / gas was observed on the top of reactor3. At 8:20 AM of 7/18/2013, a subcontract worker found steam / gas coming up from the middle

Contaminated water crisis

[2012]Tepco monitored seawater contamination 10 mins before they “found” the leakage, 850,000 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 detected

Having significantly high level of radiation detected in the seawater, Fukushima Diary researched past sea contamination data. There have been countless numbers of contamination water leakage. It is not announced


[Nuclear Regulation Authority] The height of monitoring post is 18 m from the ground in Tokyo

According to Nuclear Regulation Authority, the height of monitoring posts in 47 prefectures are unusually high. In Tokyo, the monitoring post is installed at 18m from the ground. It is