87 young women had “hypothermia” in rainy idol group concert of Tokyo, some vomited blood

Around 20:35 of 7/27/2013, 87 young women had acute health problems at the concert of the idol group “NEWS”.

The concert started at 18:00 but cancelled at 19:45 for a thunderstorm. There were 35,000 audience. The location is Chichibunomiya rugby field in Minato-ku Tokyo.

After the concert, the young women claimed acute health problems. 57 ambulances were called and 41 of 9 ~39 years old women were immediately hospitalized.

The symptoms are hyperpnea, hypothermia and hematemesis. They assumed it was hypothermia due to the rain.

According to meteorological agency, the temperature was 26~33℃ in Tokyo.

The radiation monitoring post of nuclear regulation authority indicated the radiation level increased from 0.035 μSv/h to 0.045 μSv/h at 19:30 ~ 23:30.

87 young women had "hypothermia" in rainy idol group concert of Tokyo, some vomited blood







Truth is not truth because everyone believes in it. It’s the truth because it’s consistent and can’t be rebutted.


Français :

87 jeunes filles ont fait “de l’hypothermie” lors d’un concert pop pluvieux à Tokyo, certaines ont vomi du sang


Le 27 juillet 2013 vers 20:35, 87 jeunes femmes ont présenté de graves problèmes de santé au cours d’un concert du groupe “NEWS”.

Le concert avait commencé à 18:mais a été annulé à 19:45 à cause d’un orage. Il y avait 35 000 participants. C’était sur le terrain de rugby de Chichibunomiya dans Minato-ku à Tokyo.
Après le concert, les jeunes filles ont présenté de graves problèmes de santé. On a du appeler 57 ambulances et 41 d’entre elles, de 9 à 39 ont été immédiatement hospitalisées.
Les symptômes étaient are de l’hyperventilation, de l’hypothermie et de l’hématémèses. Ils attribuent l’hypothermie à la pluie.
Selon l’Agence météorologique, la température était entre 26 et 33 ℃ à Tokyo.
La borne de surveillance de la radioactivité de la Nuclear Regulation Authority a indiqué que la radioactivité est passée de 0,035 μSv/h à 0,045 μSv/h entre 19:30 et 23:30.

87 young women had "hypothermia" in rainy idol group concert of Tokyo, some vomited blood


Ce n’est pas la vérité parce que tout le monde y croit. C’est la vérité parce que c’est cohérent et irréfutable.

  1. this ‘NEWS’ has me baffled.. wish could find a more detailed followup but amazingly this has completely evaded headlines.. its quite mysterious but only those who visit this site will accept it as a’cute’ radiation poisoning. im thinking this must be some chain reaction caused by the massive thunderstorm which lubricated the cesium on the stadium roof, as its known cesium has a really unique bonding property with solid material rendering any roof tile permanently contaminated. also the steam or mist of the arena must of carried a radioactive plume above the field. they are clearly trying to cover the asses of the socalled ‘Idols’.. what a terrible world we live in.. even before Nuclear Energy.

    heres a followup from a jp blog :






    translation :

    after 8pm the concert goes began to complain about sickness

    they blamed the reason on the concert being canceled & that ’emotional shock’ caused a depression which resulted in mass hypothermia.

    75 young women were treated on the spot & 7 of them aged 17-26 were hospitalized.

    57 ambulances were called to the area whom opened 2 separate emergency treating centers outside of the stadium.

    (unknown if before or after ppl started falling ill) The NEWS member announced on-stage that they are “very sorry” & to “please come to tomorrows event here too”.


    i mean wow.. all this & all they can think is about keeping their fan-base. Pathetic. most of these girls had to sex their ways up the idol ladder as it is.. such a sad sick world i dont miss any of it. also on some other blogs were the tweets from fans literally crying in tears ‘today was the only day i could come.. it makes me even more sad’

    the problem of the world : Seriously Misplaced Priorities

    for those who arent familiar of where this is its in walking distance from Shibuya Station (though most would take a taxi..) this is perhaps the biggest followup of the Cesium contamination found in a Setagaya roof drain, as i wasnt aware of the update myself digging in site archives.

    from FD archive :

    On 6/6/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 measured from the mud in street gutter in Setagaya Tokyo”

    From the detailed report of CRMS (Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station), it was not a street gutter, but the drain of a balcony.

    It was a second floor veranda of a private house in Setagaya Tokyo. There is no roof over it.

    The area had not been throughly cleaned since 311. The sample was 1cm ~ 2cm of the upper layer of the mud.

    The radiation level was 0.089 μSv/h at 1m from the floor, but it was 0.332 μSv/h at 1cm from the mud.

    It has been over 2 years since 311. Radioactive material is still accumulated even in Tokyo.


    id like to admit this is located bout a few yards from Komazawa Park which i frequently visited during my highschool in Tokyo (ASIJ btw) whats shocking is its a roof gutter…. and we havent heard anything since. this area is about a 15min train ride from Shibuya Station. i first thought it was a contaminated street gutter where perhaps some ‘illegal decontamination worker’ dumped some Fukushima mud in the area by chance. but this certainly changes the picture… all because we could not, as a collective humane conscience, understand the suffering of the Hibakusha across Japan. the 68th anniversary of Hiroshima & Nagasaki will come in 10days from now.

    please understand.. u can complain all you want.. blame it on media & what ever.. but that wont improve anything. we must continue to evolve until the “First Human” is born.. which means its not about squabbling over marginal gains or paranoia, but rather improving ourselves Spiritually. this is the most verbally easiest yet mentally most difficult task to attain, much like Enlightenment.. modern human simply is not compatible because they only question the obvious.

    Oblivious. ALL of YOU

    Next Stop Oblivion

    Ziro Japan

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