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Column Cover-ups

[Column] Two differences between Fukushima Diary and the mass media

Unfortunately Fukushima Diary’s articles have way less influence than the mass media. This is what money and history do. Recently Fukushima Diary has sources directly from Tepco’s data and also


[Column] Because Spring will come again

The second Spring out of Japan. I was having the most peaceful afternoon in a park today. Nobody’s going to pick me out. A little boy came to the park


[Column] Can’t be ash

In the bed, I wished all the food were tablets and capsules so I wouldn’t miss the taste of food and everybody would be equally starving. I was suffering from


[Column] Reality

If you think media is to report the facts, it’s wrong. Media is to create the facts. They are the reality maker. If they report it, it’s real. If they


[Column] Let’s get back to common sense

2 days ago, I had a power blackout. It was at night. It was a snowstorm outside. Lights got turned off, central heating system stopped, internet died. I didn’t have


[Column] The media still have a chance for the atonement

I think it’s to know the potential Fukushima effect on their own lives why people come to read Fukushima Diary mostly. This is why I focus on facts and data


[Confused report] “No decontamination is needed because the ATMOSPHERIC DOSE is less than 10,000 Bq/h”.

Asahi newspaper is confused. 21,567 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from the black substance found in Chichibu city Saitama by citizen’s radiation monitoring organization. From the following up test with


[Column] “so if it’s that serious, why none of the major media covers that up ?”

In my second week of NY, a friend of mine introduced me to a journalist. He teaches at a college. I went to meet him and had an “interview” supposedly.


“What should we do to stop nuclear power all around in the world” 10/7/2012

Fukushima Diary is looking for a Italian translator.   <Settlement report 決算書 10/9/2012> Thank you for your donation ! 今日も支援をありがとうございました! Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Que devrions nous faire pour

Domestic and global Environment

More than 1000Bq/Kg was measured in 99.4% of a village area in no-man’s-zone

It’s desperate to try to restart farming in Fukushima, especially in 30km area. They measured more than 1,000 Bq/Kg of cesium from more than 99% areas in Katsuraomura Fukushima. Katsuraomura