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Breaking news Ecology Malformation

A new species of shrimp discovered in swimming beach of Japan

On 12/22/2015, Chiba prefectural government announced they discovered a new species of Shrimp in the coastal area of Chiba prefecture. From May of 2013 to August of 2015, it was

Breaking news Ecology Malformation

[Photo] Minamisoma citizen “four and five-leaf clovers are everywhere” / “Found seven-leaf clover last year”

A Minamisoma city citizen posted on Twitter that they find four-leaf clovers everywhere. They even find five-leaf clover sometimes.   4/19/2015 19:51 “2 girls were playing with a ball in Asahi

Breaking news Ecology Malformation

Strangely colored shrimp caught Shizuoka offshore – Photo

The director of Numazu Deepblue Aquarium posted on Twitter a photo of the strangely colored shrimp on 12/28/2014.   He commented a local fisher went for the fishing of Glyphocrangonidae, which

Breaking news Ecology Malformation

Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle found in Fukushima – Photo, Video

Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle was found in Fukushima this summer. The specific location is not announced. It was posted by a citizen’s researcher. Apparently it’s female. Normally female rhinoceros beetle doesn’t have

Breaking news Ecology Malformation

Japanese citizen “Home grown carrots are TOO STRANGE this year”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that the carrots in yard grew to be “very strange” this year. The person is an engraver artist living in the North part of

Malformation Sea contamination

Malformed “purple” swimming crab mass generated in the west coast of Japan

↑ Normal swimming crab (Olive color)   ↑ Mass generated purple swimming crab     Unusually colored swimming crabs are mass generated in the west coast of Japan. It’s the

Malformation Sea contamination

5 albino sea cucumbers found in Kagawa / Albino sea cucumber is born for only 1/100,000 possibility

  From last December to February, 5 albino sea cucumbers were fished in Sanuki city Kagawa prefecture. Albino sea cucumber is supposed to be born only 1 in 100,000. Those

Effects to be confirmed Malformation

11 of 26 pork pigs from Minamisoma died after evacuation / Expert “Possibly exposed from breathing”

About half of the evacuated pork pigs died.   Assistant pro. Li from Tokyo University reported on 2/16/2014.   The pork pigs were raised in 20km area in Minamisoma for

Food contamination Malformation

Enormous white asparagus harvested in Minami Aizu-machi

↑ The left ones are the normal asparagus. The right one is the enormously grown asparagus.   Abnormal size of white asparagus was found in Fukushima prefecture. The location was


Significant ratio of a sort of Japanese migratory bird has “abnormalities” in the tail feathers / Most born in 2011

↑ From wikipedia [URL]   13.8 % of a sort of Japanese migratory bird has “abnormalities” in the tail feathers, according to the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology, whose president is