Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle found in Fukushima – Photo, Video

Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle was found in Fukushima this summer. The specific location is not announced. It was posted by a citizen’s researcher.

Apparently it’s female. Normally female rhinoceros beetle doesn’t have horns but has small head.

The found one doesn’t have its head, and the movable scope of forelegs is unusually small.

The connection with radiation is not clear.


↓ The headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle

Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle found in Japan - Photo, Video


↓ Normal female Japanese rhinoceros beetle

3 Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle found in Fukushima - Photo, Video





You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Un scarabée rhinocéros japonais sans tête à Fukushima – Photo, Vidéo


Un scarabée rhinocéros acéphale a été découvert à Fukushima cet été. L’endroit exact n’est pas précisé. L’information a été publiée par un chercheur privé.

C’est apparemment une femelle. Normalement, les scarabées femelles de rhinocéros n’ont ps de cornes mais elles ont quand même une petite tête. Celle trouvée n’en avait pas et la partie mobile de ses pattes antérieures est inhabituellement courte.
Le lien avec la radioactivité n’est pas formel.

↓ la scarabée rhinocéros japonaise sans tête
Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle found in Japan - Photo, Video

↓ Une scarabée rhinocéros japonaise normale
3 Headless Japanese rhinoceros beetle found in Fukushima - Photo, Video

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. I know what everyone’s thinking: how long till we start seeing headless babies?

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  4. There are many more mutations to come in animals, plants and Man ! Radiation is affecting genetics, expect many changes in living creatures ! Man should not have played with fire ; he now is getting burnt ! Hands off the nuclear !! When will Man comprehend this simple advice given numerous times by the Other World in order to protect Life on Earth.

  5. In Washington State, a terrible birthdefect has affected a significant number (statitically) of babies in a three county area around the Hanford WA Nuclear Facility. Hanford, known for years of leakage of radioactive materials into the groundwater and environment, is in the center of the birth defect area. The defect is terrible, human babies born without a brain, a deadly defect. The numbers are statistically important, health departments are investigating, but have no idea of the cause at this time. Since Hanford has leaked from tanks into the groundwater, is near the Columbia River a water source for the entire area of concern..is it possible its a toxic effect from years of dumping radioactive materials into the ground and environment. The beetle, without a head, is similar to a child without a brain..however the beetle evidently does not need the higher area of brain or can function without the neurologic levels foundedin humans. OR the brain of the beetle is located or separated throughout the animal.

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