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JP PM Abe “It is not proper to say Fukushima is settled”

The Prime Minister of Japan, Abe commented Fukushima is not settled. This is the statement made in the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on 1/30/2015.   Abe stated variety of


3 vice presidents of Tepco’s new Fukushima company are from nuclear makers / Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi GE

  Following up this article.. Tepco to make the inner company organization specialized in Fukushima decommissioning [URL]   3 vice presidents of the new inner company are from the nuclear


[Column] How guilty each Japanese citizen is about Fukushima accident

Still some people call me a baseless fear monger, but most of my articles are based on the data of Tepco and Japanese government themselves.   If I’m baseless, that


Tepco “Attached a dosimeter on the top of a pole, moved it by a minitruck to measure 25 Sv/h”

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     Following up this article.. 25 Sv/h from the

Column Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

[Column] Tepco and JP Gov’s “blank” plan to decommission Fukushima nuclear plant in 40 years

Why is contaminated water increasing ? That’s because they have to be giving water to the reactors. The fuel is still heated.   The increase of the contaminated water is

Contaminated water crisis

JP Gov “Reactor5&6 to be reused for contaminated water storage area and simulation for decommissioning reactor1~4”

Following up this article..JP PM Abe requested Tepco to decommission Fukushima reactor5 and 6 [URL]   In the press conference of 9/20/2013, Motegi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry stated


JP PM Abe requested Tepco to decommission Fukushima reactor5 and 6

On 9/19/2013, Japanese Prime Minister Abe requested Tepco to decommission reactor5 and 6 in order to concentrate on decommissioning reactor1~4. Tepco states they are going to decide what to do

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Former Fukushima worker “Gov’s decommissioning plan is a baseless wishful thinking”

On 6/10/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Tepco doesn’t plan to build sacrophagus in Fukushima nuclear plant [URL]” In the press conference of 6/10/2013, the staff in charge from Agency for Natural

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Former Fukushima Worker, “Skilled workers would go to foreign plants to cause the shortage of Fukushima workers”

Former Fukushima worker Happy11311 showed his concern about the further shortage of Fukushima workers.   <Translate> I think all I could do is to settle Fukushima nuclear plant somehow. But


Former Fukushima worker, “Fukushima decommissioning cost may be beyond 100 trillion yen”

The former Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on Twitter that the decommissioning cost may be over 100 trillion yen, or can’t even be estimated. <Translate> I still can’t really understand why