5th Fukushima worker died, “acute myocardial infarction”


Another Fukushima worker died. According to Tepco’s announcement, he was the 5th worker to have died in the plant.

A male Fukushima worker in late 50s died of acute myocardial infarction on 8/22/2012.
He has been working since August of 2011. 8/22/2012 was the first working day after the summer vacation. He was working to extend contamination water storage tank with 4 other workers. He became sick around at 9:50. He was resting to prevent heat stroke but another worker found him out of consciousness around at 10:35.

The integral dose of that day was 0.03 mSv. It was 25 mSv since he started working in Fukushima.

According to Tepco’s announcement again, it has nothing to do with radiation exposure.

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