[Column] The concrete fact – Human can’t decommission Fukushima plant by the current technology level



If the contaminated water from Fukushima was visible as oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the whole world would have been panicking 2 years ago.


In reality, nobody cares because you can’t see it.


I’m motivated to keep updating about Fukushima by the concrete fact,


Human can’t end Fukushima accident with the current technology level.


Everybody thinks someone would invent the technology someday somehow.

but there is no guarantee.


Japanese government said it would take 40 years.

It’s been only 2.5 years.


However Tepco’s already been seriously weakened. They can’t stop contaminated water leakage for the most basic errors.


From their announcement, they have no plan to build the new tanks from this October. Fukushima worker also states there is no “atmosphere” that Tepco is rushing to make new tanks.

They will run out of the storage this November ~ December.


It’s not only about the storage.


Radiation level is jumping up near the “coastal line” of the plant. Some members of the governmental task force point out the possibility that the contaminated groundwater in the deep layer is splashing up due to the impervious wall.

Also, it looks like Tepco is hiding something, the groundwater is severely contaminated “upstream” of the tanks.


Whether it can be done by Tepco or multinational forces, they must commit into the total investigation of the plant area to know what actually happened, how it is now.

but even that hasn’t been done.


Like spent fuel pool, Fukushima plant and American nuclear plants share the same system in common.

Tepco doesn’t want to disclose what they were doing in the plant. Also, America doesn’t want to disclose something that may happen to their own nuclear plants too.

This may be stopping them the first step -Total investigation.


We don’t have the technology to purify the water, identify the location of the molten fuel pieces, remove them, with all the workers alive.


We can’t even stand on the starting point without knowing the actual plant situation.


The countries to accept nuclear power, this is the result.



When they finally announce the truth, it’ll be already too late.


Français :

[Édito] Les faits concrets : les humains ne peuvent pas démanteler Fukushima avec leur niveau technique actuel


Si les eaux extrêmement radioactives de Fukushima étaient aussi visibles qu’une marée noire dans le golfe du Mexique, le monde entier serait paniqué depuis 2 ans.

En réalité, tout le monde s’en fout parce que ça ne se voit pas.

Je veux continuer à actualiser Fukushima sur des faits concrets.

Les humains ne peuvent pas mettre un terme à l’accident de Fukushima avec leurs connaissances techniques actuelles.
Tout le monde pense que quelqu’un va un jour inventer une technique d’une façon ou d’une autre.
mais c’est sans garantie.

Le gouvernement japonais a dit qu’il faudrait 40 ans.
Ça ne fait que 2 ans et demi.
Or, Tepco est déjà gravement affaibli.
Ils ne peuvent stopper les fuites d’eaux extrêmement radioactives à cause d’erreurs on ne peut plus élémentaires.

Selon leur communiqué, ils n’ont pas prévu de construire de nouvelles citernes à partir de ce mois d’octobre. Le travailleur de Fukushima  affirme aussi qu’il n’a pas la “sensation” que Tepco se rue dans la construction de nouvelles citernes.
Ils vont tomber en panne courant novembre ~ décembre.

Il n’y a pas que le stockage.

La radioactivité explose le long de “la ligne de rivage” de la centrale. Certains membres de la force de travail du gouvernement mettent en avant la possibilité que les eaux souterraines contaminées des couches profondes remontent à cause du mur étanche.
En outre, on dirait que Tepco cache quelque chose : les eaux souterraines sont gravement contaminées “en amont” des citernes.

Que ce soit par Tepco ou de forces internationales, ils doivent s’engager dans l’examen complet du domaine de la centrale pour savoir ce qui s’est réellement passé et comment c’est à présent.
mais, même ça, ce n’est pas fait.

Comme les piscines à combustibles usagés, la centrale de Fukushima et les centrales nucléaires américaines ont en commun le même système.
Tepco ne veut pas divulguer ce qu’ils fabriquent dans la centrale et les américains ne veulent pas non plus qu’on sache ce qui peut se passer dans leurs centrales.
C’est sans doute ce qui les arrête dès le premier pas : un état des lieux complet.

On n’a pas de technique pour purifier l’eau, localiser les morceaux de combustible fondus, les retirer, tout ça en gardant en vie tous les travailleurs.

On ne peut même pas se préparer à commencer tout ça sans connaître l’état réel dans la centrale.

Des pays acceptent l’électricité nucléaire, et voilà le résultat.


Quand ils disent enfin la vérité, il est déjà bien trop tard.

  1. there does not now exist the technology to deal with this accident…no way to retrieve the probably fissioning core reactors from the ground, which is no doubt where they are. nuclear power plants all over the world have similar design flaws. or worse ones…each one of them must be tended to with tons of water, each one must eat electricity from a source outside itself just to keep those tons of water pumping. from nuclear bombs to nuclear power plants, this abuse of the atom is evil…nothing good will ever be had because of it.

    1. Right said!

      Don´t play Ping-Pong with the Atoms!
      That`ll destruct the Molocules!!

  2. I just wish that this was not the reality of the situation,
    but it is.

    The scary thing is that very few people know about the current situation at the plant. While those of us who do have some idea about just how bad it is are just regarded as only being the voices of doom.

    That’s why I’ve always insisted in refering to it as The Continuing Disaster.

    Kick Nuclear & JAN [ Japanese Against Nuclear ] have been picketing the London office of TEPCO every friday for the last year or so.

    TEPCO has just chosen to ignore these pickets.

    It’s this unwillingness by TEPCO to say anything, except if pushed to do so, which make me worry about what else they are trying to cover up.

    1. I agree Martyn. This “Mega-Disaster” in all of it’s facets is like an ongoing fatal train wreck where even after two and a half years, the train has yet to appreciably slow down. It seems to be picking up speed as it moves further downhill, as it likely will for the next thousand years or so.

      “Voices of doom” though? No, many are like people that see an accident or terrible harm before or as it occurs and yell “get out of the way!”

      Quote: “While there is life there is hope. I beg to assert…that as long as a man’s heart beats, as long as a man’s flesh quivers, I do not allow that a being gifted with thought and will can allow himself to despair.” – Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth

      Mochizuki-san updating.
      Many people hoping.
      Not simply for self,
      or direct family of self.
      Yet for people never met,
      or likely ever to meet,
      and their families too.


    2. In the early days of this ‘Mega-Crisis’, Barack Obama (BO) and the Washington Post willfully indicated that the USA was ‘Fresh Out’ of anti-radiation medicine. The warehouses are fully stocked.

      BO deliberately lied to the American People and the world about the medicine availability and the health hazard level. He also misrepresented and understated the severity of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster. According to NRA internal communications, there were MULTIPLE Fuel Pool fires raging and multiple meltdowns and explosions KNOWN at the time. BO then immediately evacuated to South America with his family. He ran like a rabbit, the coward.

      The USA press dances like a puppet, when that DANGEROUS, LYING Kenya-Native POS speaks. Is it any wonder that the Fukushima threat awareness and assessments of the American citizenry is somewhat inappropriately low?


      Bill Duff

      1. Note that potassium iodide might be ineffective against SFP fallout.

        see hatrick penry’s FOI documents…

        1. The USA Strategic (anti-radiation) Drug Stockpile includes insoluble Prussian Blue (Radiogardase), KI and other agents. Each has some limitations and some particular purpose.

          This MASS MURDER of Japanese citizens involves much more than withheld drugs.

          Reactor condition, explosions, particle counts, wind direction, evacuation instructions, shelter-in-place instructions, radiation levels, evacuation routing, decontamination, refugee protection, emergency food supplies, fuel, food protection, health announcements, water protection, medical dosage evaluation and all the rest … were deliberately withheld; by TEPCO, Japan, Barack Obama and the CTBTO.

          It was functionally equivalent to Adolph Hitler ‘gassing the Jews’.


          Bill Duff

  3. I am worried for all of humanity. This cannot be contained…especially with TEPCO in charge.

  4. I am a small biodynamic farmer and a grandmother of very young childen living on the coast. Where do we go to get out of the way? Has radiation already rained down on us in large doses. What do I watch for in the babies? Few talk about this disaster and those who do say to stay indoors,do not eat the food you grow,keep your animals inside? All impossible. What about bioremediation and physics? Are there no great thinkers working to keep the train from taking us all? I remember, as a child, watching a movie” On the Beach” about such a disaster. I can still feel myself sobbing. Is this to be our fate? I only seek the truth. I want to know what to watch for and how to care for my grandchildren should they become ill.

    1. There is no place to go to escape radiation poisoning. The fact they have done nothing, said nothing only adds to the problem. This is what happens when corporate thinking overtakes and passes the best interest of a nation.
      I read they are planting trees on Fukushima. What good is that? It shows sick denial, nothing more. Next, they will be chanting magical spells……..
      A couple of scientists have said the safer place to live is in the Southern hemisphere, that those of us in the Northern hemisphere are doomed. One of them has already moved their family. Since the planet spins, and there is constant motion, I don’t see how that will help, but I am no scientist.
      Why Japan didn’t tell TEPCO to get lost, and bring in some of the best minds of the US, Chinese, European and Russian universities is beyond me. Only now are they admitting they need some help…….31 months later.
      I have no answers, but nobody else does, either. This is an excellent example of why corporations should never run a country.

      1. Very well said. Corporations should be held accountable . More importantly, so should their directors. Let’s have a list of names of all the top teir involved in the Fukushima disaster. A most wanted list.

    2. Kate, there are many risks associated with remaining where you are. It is possible that the environment in your area has already been contaminated with radioactive elements such as Cesium 137. A Geiger counter will give you some information but you will need to get soils, water etc tested in an independent laboratory to find out the level of contamination by elements such as Strontium.

      For the foreseeable future the Fukushima plant will remain in a highly unstable state, and there are several scenarios under which it could revert to a condition at least as dangerous as it was on 11/3/11. A major earthquake could destroy all the cooling systems at the plant, causing further meltdowns and explosions. Even without an earthquake, the spent fuel pools at reactors 3 and 4 remain extremely dangerous and could release radiation clouds that would force the evacuation of Tokyo.

      Even under a best-case scenario it seems likely that vast quantities of radiation will be released into the Pacific. This could pose a radiation risk to land along the entire eastern seaboard of Japan, thanks to a process called sea to land transfer.

      There are no easy answers to your question, and you may have to make some extremely difficult decisions. Of course, it depends on how far you live from the plant. You need to know that young children, especially girls, are much more at risk than adults of suffering harm from radiation.

      At the very least I would advise you to get your soil, water and house tested for radioactivity, and to avoid eating any seafood caught in Japanese waters. If you live within 300 km of the plant you should consider moving if at all possible, at least until significant progress is made towards stabilising the Fukushima plant (which unfortunately may take decades, if it is achieved at all). While it is true that much of the released radiation will eventually spread all over the planet, the risks will decrease significantly the further you move. I hope this helps.

      1. After posting the above,it occurred to me that you might be referring to a coast outside Japan, eg western USA. If so, the main thing is to be wary of eating any fish (including salmon) unless you are sure it is radiation-free. Get as much information as you can about radiation levels both off- and onshore. If the Fukushima plant suffers further meltdowns, fires or explosions, follow sources like enenews.com and fairewinds.com to find out where the radiation plumes are drifting. If you decide to move, remember that there are risks from other nuclear reactors. What a lovely world we have made!

      2. Way ahead of you

        Martin Hawes,

        Thankfully, the Japanese are WAY ahead of you. The Japanese recognized EARLY that TEPCO, Japan Inc., USA and the CTBTO were engaged in deception. Japan, like most advanced Asian nations has a much higher percentage of engineers, per capita, than the USA.

        The Japanese formed regional associations to test and publish radiation levels in the early days following the meltdowns. They ROUTINELY used better instrumentation and methodology than their government. In virtually every instance, they PROVED that the public reports were grossly understating the radiation levels.

        The VIGILANCE of the Japanese People, is about the ONLY good news in this entire sorry affair. They have repeatedly ‘called’ the bluffs and propaganda of their government.


        Bill Duff

    3. Important information for Mums and Dads – TechnologyPals
      linked by Vital1 Thank you, Vital1!

      http : //technologypals.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/lifesaver.pdf
      see also: http : //technologypals.com.au/ for Geiger counter info.

      (I had to post these links in such a way, that it not take days for it to show up. You will need to edit the links to remove the space before and after the colon. Use Notepad, if you use Windows. If you have trouble doing this, let us know here. Somebody will be glad to help.)

      Staying out of the rain can help, as most fallout has been alleged to occur then. It might help to avoid unnecessary X-rays if the potential benefits don’t outweigh risk.

      Quote: “In 1999, Gofman’s last monograph addressed epidemiologic evidence leading him to postulate that somatic mutations, caused in coronary arteries by medical X-rays, became in the twentieth century an important causal cofactor in coronary artery disease, an hypothesis awaiting further exploration.”
      quoted from: http : //senate.universityofcalifornia.edu/inmemoriam/johngofman.html

      Avoiding pork, mushrooms, fungus, molds, mycotoxins have been alleged to be beneficial.

      Quote: “Seaborg’s trim, alpine appearance reflects his life-long interest in fitness and health. He consumes no chocolate, caffeine or alcohol, sleeps nine hours each night, eats a full breakfast and maintains a low-fat, near-vegetarian diet.”
      quoted from: http : //home.earthlink.net/~douglaspage/id2.html

      Read up on what is already known about the consequences of Chernobyl.
      “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”
      http : //www.nyas.org/publications/annals/Detail.aspx?cid=f3f3bd16-51ba-4d7b-a086-753f44b3bfc1

      Also, write your current representatives in governance via regular mail.
      If you are disappointed, politely remind them, and demand action including for meaningful testing and public release of verifiable data, if you agree.

      Let not fear rule your day, rather common sense.
      A small change each day can add to a big change within a year!

      Learn more, check facts and alleged facts, and teach others.
      You will be too busy to be afraid.

      Be alert! This world needs more “lerts”. 🙂

  5. As you say ‘like an oil spill’ but one that will still be spilling oil in fourty or more years from now.

    1. The International Difficulty,

      Unfortunately, the International Atomic Energy Agency, Barack Obama, USA Congress, World Health Organization, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, United Nations Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly are still ‘Part of the Problem’, rather than a ‘Part of the Solution’.

      The tangled web spun by ‘Nuclear Power Plant Spider’ also known as (AKA) the ‘Uranium Cartel’ has not been unwound yet.

      There is a vast reservoir of technical expertise across the globe. Unfortunately, ALL the international atomic energy related organizations are, for the present, hopelessly ‘joined at the hip’ with the nuclear power industry ‘renaissance’ and the MOX fuel plutonium recycling disaster. It strains credulity to suggest that they can simultaneously promote nuclear power and honorably solve the Fukushima challenge.

      The USA is presently engaged in a Civil War and is not accepting incoming calls for international police-work and/or disaster remediation. Perhaps it would be more useful to call Germany and/or Russia for assistance at this time.


      Bill Duff

  6. Japan has sentenced herself to a quiet “noble” death. The politicians are taking everyone in the country (and ultimately 2/3rds of the creatures in the oceans) with them. Abe will allow the explosions and then deny evacuations. The Korean and Chinese people will show mass sicknesses very shortly.
    The rest of the world will scramble in horror to close the remaining plants but the math remains the same, it took just over 2 years to give hundreds, maybe thousands, of people thyroid cancer all over Japan. The developing cancers have rendered thousands more infertile. The numbers do not count any visitors to Japan in the past 2 years.
    There will be war when North Korea realizes that Fukushima was ignored on purpose by multiple leaders.
    Parents all over the world will watch this extreme nightmare unfold and have to tell their kids that they have failed them…and then they will have to explain why.

  7. There are ways to mitigate the situation but they will not be tried because of :

    1. Saving face

    2. Financial situation

    shame the humanity will risk its very existence for such foolish concerns.

  8. Iori, you are absolutely correct. i believe this industry only exists as a means to inflict pain, horror and death into the lives of people standing in the way of anything the US wants. the level of ignorance, apathy, hubris and fucking stupidity is staggering. Thank you for being the only one to really tell us the reality. so many times i just want to forget about it and thats when i start screaming louder.

  9. WELL, TEPCO is no unique responsible. General electric is mainly responsible.
    HERE IN FRENCH A HOW TO MANAGE MAKE FUKUSHIMA TEPCO PLANT SECURE : http://laliguechretienne.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/un-appel-a-l-aide-que-nous-ne-pouvons-ignorer-mais-qui-arrive-bien-tard-2/

    No man can no longer WORK at fukushima plant. It is only for a peculiar king of NOT electroobic robots or automatons.
    These technology exists, and you can see on my blogs ligue chrétienne and special blog on technologies la guilde des métiers.

    Strategic Management ofTechnology

    here another link on the subject:

    You can also found or ask an article on HOW TO CONCENTRATE Cs or other metalic waste and PURIFY WASTE WATER. No need to keep waste water on containers….


    It was an Expensive way, but forced way to have, to build; atom strategic bombs.

    Why not conventional thermal plants ?

    Conventional thermal process use foreign OIL. It is permanent cost and subject to price changing and raising.

    Is there a way to have better thermal plants ,
    YES !

    HOW ?
    Manage the enthalpy of the mixture to be burnt AND build special engines.

    HOW MUCH ?
    A COST !
    Which could be the investment : IT IS WORTH THE TRY !

    That kind of plants could use: gaz from waste vegeetable, from ethanol process plants extracted from green leaves or green branchs…and so on

    Strategic Management of Technology
    la guilde des métiers wordpress.com

  11. We have fools in power, a corporate oligarchy has a stranglehold on Japan, and it will end in it’s destruction. I saw an article where they have fools planting trees at Fukushima………as if that will stop anything. What kind of denial is that? For a nation that was once considered one of the most reasonable, this absurdity is beyond description.
    They cannot stop the radiation poisoning. They cannot even measure it properly. Humans are the only species foolish enough to invent things beyond their abilities to control them. Nuclear power is an excellent example.
    They cannot stop or fix it. They cannot block it’s flow into the air, water, soil and atmosphere. They cannot even see it. So, what do they do? They plant trees. That is beyond superstition, voodoo, witchcraft, or any other insane attempt…..it is downright stupid!
    We may well be facing our own extinction. If that soil under the reactors continue to turn to mud (thanks to the leaking water), it will sink. Once it does that, the rods will be touching each other, and we will have a nuclear meltdown such as the world has never seen. Some scientists say it will make living in the Northern Hemisphere impossible. Over 60% of the world lives on this side……..and nobody can guarantee the Southern will be any better. The planet spins, and everything around it is in constant motion.
    So, instead of going to Cal Tech and to other brain centers of the world, Corporate TEPCO says nothing. Now, they are finally admitting they need help, but there has been no work until now on the problem. 31 crucial months have been lost in corporate denial…..and now, it may be too late.
    98% of all the world’s species are now extinct. Seems we may soon join them.

  12. As I told many ppl…. blow it up and accelerate the fission before it’s too late…. before it gets everywhere. save 20% of the world instead of getting it all contaminated. And yet, Fools like UFS insists of looking for ways to save the japanese and ignored the fact that it’s too late and we have to let ppl die in order to save what’s possible to save.

    1. Wrong,

      You have ‘told many people’ wrong.

      I have substantial experience in construction and demolition, as well as conventional and nuclear explosives. And there are no useful Fukushima blasting opportunities.

      Many of the Corium slugs can be safely cut by ultra-high pressure water jets; working from the least damaged to the highest damaged areas.


      Bill Duff

  13. To explain how much “specialists” “experts” deconsidered themselves.

    About ionized water having leaked out of Fukushima plant, it could have been reasonable to pourr portland concrete to emprison the ionized metals, which are more dense than water.
    Dispersion could have been kept inside a quare kilometer of ocean water.

    This is only one of dozen of examples of what was not done..
    NOW it is too late….
    Remember GODZILLA?

    It will take ten, or twenty years, expect thousands of godzilla .
    You do not know what actually live underwater!!!

    S. CARVAJAL Strategic Management of Technology


  14. TEPCO can not clean it up for love or money.

    Nobody can clean it up ‘on a shoestring budget’.

    Unfortunately, the ‘Japanese Way’ may not be sufficient to clean it up.

    It can be cleaned up.


    Bill Duff

  15. Unfortunately,

    The USA Congress recently dismantled the ~$10T innovation sector of the USA economy. The USA patent laws were ‘reformed’ to remove both ‘Fame & Fortune’ as future inventor motivations. That leaves as motivators; ‘good will’, ‘Christian charity’, ‘noblesse oblige’, and ‘social responsibility’. The USA is consequently no longer ‘tackling new challenges’.

    It is therefore, HIGHLY unlikely that any significant new technologies will arise from the USA. Sorry, the USA cannot ‘walk on 1 leg’. Good luck with multi-drug resistant superbacteria as well as the Fukushima: cleanup, genetic mutations, radiation related diseases, and the looming neoplasm epidemics. There may be some useful ‘suppressed technologies’ that have already been invented. There is NOTHING in the pipeline.

    Perhaps Japan should try calling ‘dial a prayer’.


    Bill Duff

    1. usa isn’t the only place on earth that develops technology. maybe it time for u americans to realize china is catching up and will be the superpower that rules the world.

      1. Great, let China ‘fix’ Fukushima and by extension, the Pacific.

        For an encore, let China ‘fix’ the global terrorism issue.

        Oh and then reduce the China & world ‘carbon footprint’.

        Lots of ‘leadership’ opportunities, for some aspiring ‘LEADER’ nation to tackle. Agreed that the USA is, and should be, ‘out of the game’; for the present. Go for it!


        Bill Duff

  16. The Japanese government has newly established International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning
    and the institute has announced

    Request for Information (RFI) for Contaminated Water Issues


    You can send any suggestions or research papers or offers of practical help to them, and/or contact
    Kumiko Tsukada
    Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan

    I’ll be putting in a letter about bioremediation, and anyone who is reading through this site can too.

    Planting trees might be seem silly to some people, but a good few cms of mulch and some fungi underfoot will help. Every mature tree soaks up 20,000 litres of water a year, holds the soil together, makes the air you breathe, and lights the fire in your Ferrari…..

  17. Hi BILL
    Dial a prayer but a shintoist payer ;o)

    There is no big need of New technology to clean Fukushima.

    electronic robots like asimo or else are inefective due to radiation so , …some month ago, when radiation was much lower on my blogs (in french sorry) i stated that there was a good way to operate in fukushima plant: build and run motorized automaton. Then once the dam… pool will be emptied, it would have been time to burry the fours reactors under massive amount of concrete.
    Still using motorized automaton. There is a quick way to build pyramid.

    Many other possible ways to cope with Fukushima Galactic event.

    biological impact not even undezrstood, remember godzilla, expect many godzillaZ to come, giant saurians are not extincts under the sea.
    One smal 12 nfoot found on a shore of almeria spain some months ago, in russia too…


  18. about innovation, free enterprise and so on
    You should be happy to learn that french socialists gov of FRANCE (my poor country) launched the PATENT PLANT to pproduce innovative pattents out of thin air …


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