Central research institute of electric power industry,”Activity ratio of Sr-90/Cs-137 is 1 outside of Fukushima port”

Following up this article..Tepco “30,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cs-137 and Sr-90 leaked to the Pacific” / 30,000,000,000 Bq still leaking per day [URL]


Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry reported the activity ratio of Strontium-90 / Cesium-137 is approx. 1 outside of Fukushima nuclear plant port.

Tepco referred to the estimate in their report about the total Sr-90 amount in the sea.


Central research institute of electric power industry, "Activity ratio of Sr-90 / Cs-137 is 1 outside of Fukushima port"





You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

L’institut de la recherche scientifique de l’énergie électrique : “La proportion d’activité strontium 90/ césium 137 est de 1 en dehors du port de Fukushima”


Article lié : Tepco : “30 Tera Bq de Cs 137 et Sr 90 ont fuit dans le Pacifique” / on en a toujours 30 milliards Bq/jour

L’institut central de la recherche scientifique de l’énergie électrique rapporte que la proportion d’activité strontium 90 / césium- 37 est environ de 1 en dehors du port de Fukushima.
Tepco a fait référence à cette estimation dans leur rapport sur la quantité totale de strontium 90 dans la mer.

Central research institute of electric power industry, "Activity ratio of Sr-90 / Cs-137 is 1 outside of Fukushima port"


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. So as I understand the comment the ratio is 1 to 1, or in other words, the contamination/amount of Cesium in the water being tested (PORT OF FUKUSHIMA) is equal to amount of St-90.
    Very very bad. Does that mean leakage of 30 Trillion BQ of Cesium, AND and additional!!! 30 Trillion BQ of Stronium-90? VERY BAD!

  2. first it was Black Rain… then the Ashes Of Death (Bikini Atoll).. now what shall we call this? Black Salt Of Death? (a pun of Kuroshio currents…)

    keep it up folks.. spread the hate break every Commandment at the speed of your uncontainable Ego.. you are merely getting only what you deserve.

    as iorisan stated in his rather buddhist guise: We all die of something. just a rough estimate but anywhere past 60yo id say 40% die of some kind of horrendous Cancer & if that doesnt kill you Pneumonia or The Common Cold will. however, we dont like to feel like we have been killed. even in the Bikini Atoll Daigo Fukuryumaru incident theres one survivor whos body geiger count was off the scale but has lived to tell the story. again will post this link as i saw this documentary near my area myself.. was truly the most moving experience. its a Japanese-only documentary because it remains sensitive to the senselessness of The American Spirit.


    its about the 104 or maybe even more nuclear bombs the Americans dropped in Bikini Atoll.. codename Bravo & Romeo. i sat there watching all of them explode. the irony is thats just about as many Nuclear Reactors there are in the USA.

    i pray you all live to tell this story.. of gossamer angel wings.

    Ziro Japan

    1. this documentary is still ongoing in theaters & mostly in those local town hall public facilities.

      heres the next upcoming for those who may have a chance

      next up Saitama pref :

      自主上映 <埼玉県浦和市>

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      Osaka.. the one bludy place with active nuclear reactors… :

      自主上映 <大阪府堺市>

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      ・10:00 東文化会館メインホール(大阪府堺市東区北野田1084-136)072-230-0134

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      those are literally this next upcoming weekend so might be impossible to attend but as a Japanese this really evoked my “Samurai Spirit”

      heres one to plan for tho its out in Kochi Pref (apparently where this documentary started its long voyage since Daigo Fukuryumaru & fellow crew & ships returned to a Kochi port, which sparked interest of the main Kochi professor involved) :

      自主上映 <高知県四万十市>

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      can only wish it will be released on DVD someday in the future but it would take alot of convincing on their side.. this is a very very dire issue.


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