[Column] The world should focus on Fukushima decommissioning

I was dreaming.

When I started Fukushima Diary, I tried to call for a pressure from overseas. The last Japanese revolution started with the external pressure by America.
but dream was a dream.

“Medical” staff called me “over”, and I had a couple of interviews but none of them were published in North America.
There was no hope outside of Japan.

Still some Japanese people are hoping for a “hero” coming from the outside of Japan.
They think Fukushima is not settled because UN, IAEA, and other “powerful” international institute are not properly involved in it yet.
I’m not pessimistic. I just knew too much.
For me, they are pessimistic to try to see the hope outside of Japan.

In reality, hope is not anywhere but in ourselves.
Carry yourself as far as possible. This is the best thing we could do.

What we are waiting for ?
It’s the technology to search & pick up the molten fuel. It doesn’t exist in the world yet.
There are lots of arguments about restarting of the nuclear plants, food contamination, media blackout etc..
but the important thing is just one -decommissioning.
We haven’t faced the problem of decommissioning yet. As we tackle it, Tepco will be inevitably dismantled, stock price of the power companies will drop,
and Japanese will have to seriously talk about the shortage of Fukushima workers -conscription.

Now Fukushima Diary is reporting how far we are from decommissioning.
We may still have 40 years to go, or 400 years to go. We never know.
but decommissioning Fukushima is more important than any other problems in the world.

It has been 2 years since Fukushima Diary started fighting.
I’m going to remove all the donation related info from the page in a couple of hours.
I will put it back for a few days in a month.
This means I won’t receive any donation for most of the time. (Except for the monthly donation.)
I don’t know how it turns out.
I don’t want to look like I’m saying only “money money money”. I want to have it look clean.
Also, receiving donation magnets stupid criticisms and misunderstandings.
Your monthly donations will be safely delivered, please don’t worry.

I just want you to remember Fukushima Diary runs on your donation just like NPO, but don’t want to look dirty.
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Truth is not truth because everyone believes in it. It’s the truth because it’s consistent and can’t be rebutted.


Français :

[Édito] Le monde devrait se pencher sur le démantèlement de Fukushima


Je rêvais.

Quand j’ai commencé le Fukushima Diary, je cherchais à susciter une pression de l’étranger. La dernière révolution japonaise avait commencé sous la pression externe de l’Amérique.
mais un rêve est un rêve.

Les équipes “médicales” m’ont traité de “fini” et si j’ai bien fait une paire d’interviews aucun d’eux n’a été publié en Amérique du Nord.
Il n’y avait aucun espoir à l’extérieur du Japon.

Il y a toujours des japonais qui espèrent qu’un “héros” viendra de l’extérieur au secours du Japon.
Ils pensent que Fukushima n’est pas stabilisé parce que l’ONU, l’AIEA et les autres institutions internationales “puissantes” ne se sont pas encore correctement impliquées dedans.
Je ne suis pas pessimiste. Seulement j’en sais trop.
Pour moi, ils sont pessimistes en essayant de voir un espoir en dehors du Japon.
En réalité, l’espoir ne peut pas être ailleurs qu’en nous-mêmes.
Allez vous-mêmes le plus loin possible. C’est la meilleure chose qu’on puisse faire.

Qu’est-ce qu’on attend ?
La technique pour trouver et ramasser du combustible fondu ? Elle n’existe pas encore, nulle part au monde.
Il y a beaucoup de débats autour du redémarrage des centrales nucléaires, la contamination alimentaire, la censure médiatique, etc..
mais la chose importante c’est seulement un démantèlement unique.
On n’est pas encore en face du problème du démantèlement. Quand on s’y attaquera vraiment, Tepco sera inévitablement démantelé, les actions des entreprises d’électricité vont s’effondrer et les japonais auront à parler sérieusement de la pénurie de travailleurs pour Fukushima -conscription.

Le Fukushima Diary rapporte à présent à quel point on est loin du démantèlement.
On en a peut-être pour 40 ans, ou 400. On ne sait jamais.
mais le démantèlement de Fukushima est plus important que tout autre problème au monde.

Il y a 2 ans que le Fukushima Diary a commencé à se battre.
Je vais enlever toutes les infos liées aux dons dans la page d’ici une paire d’heures.
Je ne les remettrai que quelques jours par mois.
Ça signifie que je ne vais plus recevoir de dons la plupart du temps. (les virements mensuels mis à part.)
Je ne sais pas ce que ça va donner.
Je ne veux pas avoir l’aire de dire surtout “du fric, du fric, du fric”. Je veux une apparence propre.
De plus, recevoir des dons attire des critiques idiotes et des incompréhensions.
Vos dons mensuels seront faits de façon sûre, ne vous inquiétez pas pour ça.

Je veux seulement que vous vous rappeliez que le Fukushima Diary fonctionne sur vos dons, exactement comme une ONG mais je ne veux pas qu’il ait l’air sale.
Si je retire l’encadré Paypal, ça ne veut pas dire que je reçois de l’argent d’une organisation quelconque, etc.

Merci de m’avoir lu.

Ce n’est pas la vérité parce que tout le monde y croit. C’est la vérité parce que c’est cohérent et irréfutable.

  1. How would decommissioning the Fukushima/TEPCO Nuclear Power Plant help when it is obvious that the corium has left the buildings and is already underground? The stage is set for an extinguishing life event that most people in the world know nothing about because of the media blackout. The majority of Americans are unaware of the dire situation with the Bayou Corne salt dome collapse and the still growing sinkhole; there is the issue of nuclear waste and chemicals that have been stored underground. Neither of these man made situations has any resolution and the end result in both cases is inevitable.

    The Northern Hemisphere has been contaminated with radiation, not only from Japan but all of the nuclear energy plants because they all leak. And now the Southern Hemisphere is becoming toxic with radiation. What is surprising about our human condition is the ability to remain ignorant and/or deny the truth, to accept the propaganda that governments and corporations spread, and as you mentioned continue with the belief that a hero will appear and the dangers will no longer exist. Greed and stupidity are worldwide; even those in positions of authority do not understand that they will not escape in the end; they continue ignoring the present condition and deny any responsibility for the future that they have caused.

    1. Pessimic. Several nations CAN cooperate for a spacial station why not for an nuke accident assistance ?

  2. From the first day of the catastrophic events I absolutely knew we would be lied to…and it is still happening.I am amazed that all the top nuc experts are not in still in Japan at least seeking answers…perhaps they are withdrawing because they dont have one???The media blackout on this and chemtrails,(what is going on in the skies?)draws me to conclude that there is no longer a consideraation for the population of this world at large,that the very very rich have their own plans (there have been underground life sustaining anti-nuc and radiation shelters for hundreds fr some time)….and the rest will go like sheep into their fate..

  3. I think your new donation model is a good idea. Regular readers will be inclined to donate. You are right that we are ignoring the elephant in the room.

  4. Don’t take the @#&* donation button off the page! What do you care what critics think? They’re not donating anyway! Put the button up front and center!

    And thank you for the news, always.

  5. having read most of iori-sans ‘personal diary entries’ over this year, its quite relevant the more he distances himself from Japan in places like Romania & beyond the more the local people dont care about Fukushima or dont have a reason to. there were such entries where the people at the post office in Romania would talk to him & ask him about Fukushima presuming the crisis has long ago been taken care of. its moments like that im sure that make him realize if he stopped this thread would virtually disappear. i noticed up in Chatbox that someone is backing-up the site? & iori-san has made it clear many of his affiliate blogs have been taken down over the course of the years. whats crazy is as he mentioned Fukushima Diary Version 1 was DDOS hacked within a week after the site went up.. you wonder who would do such a thing, but there are right-winged liberals that are more concerned about their own reputation. so this is where hiring a cyber-lawyer? comes in & he is leasing this hack-proof domain from some colleague of his & as mentioned b4 in a recent post these costs are really snowballing. this debt will eventually cause him to loose his visa status & return to Japan within the year.. in his mind the worst-case scenario.

    but alas, id hate to condescend, but Mr. Mochizuki is Human. over the course of this blog his somewhat immature purity has revealed a bit too much of himself & hes well past the point of repent. im sure the whole ordeal of Tohoku Quake & Meltdown has made him reflect on his life & he has admitted to alot of wrongdoing in the past. from what i can gather is, he used to be an online goods peddler & perhaps back then it was all about ‘fooling money’ out of customers.. i mean think about it, imagine a world with no profit.. how insanely honest that is. he also has said some stupid things here like he wants to start importing wine from Romania since much like ancient France, Japan will inevitably loose its precious water supply to contamination so this is no doubt a opportunity for the opportunists that know the next trend. the part i could not swallow was the bit of how he paints himself like a saint at times & admits he does not drink alcohol.. yet he wants to import wine? its like trading Cuban cigars for Korean missiles isnt it. its like how it was virtually impossible to come across a Geiger counter in the aftermath of the meltdown because those people had monopolized the market in japan.

    so u can see a guy being ripped in half.. one side wants to actually feed off the fears of people & start a business.. & this often gets misinterpreted into his vision of Fukushima Diary Corporation. he has to deal with people calling him a fraudster etc.. & i think its really changed him as a human being, being so hated as if pre-celebrity status. dont u sometimes wonder how all those celebrities go on living equally loved as hated? u have to become really bulletproof in a sense. but im no sermon so.. i cant really tell whats going on in his mind.. sometimes like myself, theres just this rambling creep. other times theres this guy who wants to redeem himself from what he sees as a wronged past. vice-versa idk what he thinks of me other than my somewhat amusing posts & the such as we havent crossed any personal boundaries, but this is my overview of him.

    alas i am neither friend or foe.. i have been stabbed in the back by everyone & there was once upon a time i was more forgiving.


  6. Thats really not fair.
    His life is a high stress randomized world of globe trotting with a tailwind, and no regular cashflow.
    The secure server and online world is in itself another high stress environment, where a commitment to keep the information flow live, is a 24 hour baby monster to feed, and take care of, with no thanks from anyone.
    Its a huge responsibility, with a sense of urgency to assist people make their own decisions based on factual information whether to stay in Japan, or leave.
    It is crucial that this tri-lingual website and the community around it of individuals around the globe continues to inform each other and explain to each other, the ongoing situation at Fukushima.
    Fukushima nuclear power plant could fall off the Continental shelf into the too hard basket with a big earthquake, but UNTIL then, it is humanity’s responsibility to try and problem solve this nuclear catastrophe, while its fragile shell is still partially intact, while there is the possibility of some physics, some engineering, some bioengineering, some terraforming and structural options.
    Todays information about the trench is so sad, and the response by TEPCO so pathetic. Depression and hopelessness leads to listless token efforts, only endangering workers. Very, very sad. The pop concert, just horrendous, a whole generation of young people at risk, and uninformed or misled about the risk.
    This site should become a column in Rolling Stone Magazine,
    “The end of the world man, has already happened man, jellyfish will inherit the earth…. etc”
    or some prestigous publication or university with secure servers should offer Iori a fellowship, how about Oxford University, in honour of Bertrand Russell and the first Anti-Nuclear Activists.
    Its no good the Professors sitting around in 50 years time, saying ‘Yes, we were right, 100 years ago, we told you this might happen’, when the viable vertebrate and invertebrate birth rate in the Northern Hemisphere has fallen to Zero.
    Can the people who read this site, who have the financial means to support Iori and this site, please put their hands in their pockets, and make a monthly commitment, so he can concentrate on the task at hand.
    I suggest truffle trading instead of wine, its so much better at concentrating radiation in the stomachs of the people that own shares in nuclear reactor.
    I’m going to auction a vintage uranium glass bowl on ebay, and donate the proceeds. It glows in the dark, someone will want it, from the days when uranium was a curiosity you could mix with glass to get pretty colors.
    Cheers Helen

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