Support Fukushima by eating is still going-on

Support Fukushima by eating is still going-on

They are still pushing the propaganda of “Support Fukushima by eating”.

They defined 8/31 as “The day of vegetables”, held a campaign to increase the sales of agricultural products of Fukushima. It’s to remove the “harmful rumor” and increase the consumption, supported by Fukushima government and Japan Agriculture.

In the Fukushima branch of the major supermarket chain Aeon (cf. Major supermarket chain Aeon sells contaminated food up to 50 Bq/Kg) , they had two professional soccer players appeal to consumers.

They chose the most selling 11 line-ups and called them “Fukushima eleven”. They gave free vegetables for the first 200 customers.

Both soccer players smiled and recommended Fukushima vegetables and the sales place became full of shoppers supposedly.





Français :

Aider Fukushima en mangeant continue toujours

Aider Fukushima en mangeant continue toujours

Ils continuent de pousser leur propagande de “Soutenir Fukushima en mangeant”.

Ils ont défini le 31 août comme “le jour des légumes” et ont fait une campagne pour augmenter les ventes sur les produits agricoles de Fukushima. C’est pour neutraliser la “rumeur malveillante” et pousser à la consommation, avec le soutien des autorités de Fukushima et du ministère de l’Agriculture du Japon.

Dans la branche de Fukushima de la grosse chaîne de supermarchés Aeon (cf. Un major des chaînes de supermarchés, Aeon, vend de la nourriture contaminée jusqu’à 50 Bq/kg), ils ont déployé deux animateurs professionnels vendeurs de promotions pour attirer les consommateurs.

Ils prennent les 11 produits de Fukushima les plus vendus et les ont renommés “Fukushima eleven”. Ils offrent des légumes gratuitement aux 200 premiers clients.

Soi-disant qu’à la fois ces vendeurs souriaient en recommandant les légumes de Fukushima et que l’endroit s’était rempli d’acheteurs.


  1. I honesty can’t discern which is worse…the criminals that KNOW how dangerous this food is & encourage innocents to eat it…OR the sheeple that naively gobble it down & give it to their kids. *This is genocide, plain & simple & thanks to photography…we all get to watch it. Now I wonder..will those same photographers be on hand to take ready pics of the children as they die of cancer??

  2. AND * I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M THE ONLY ONE RESPONDING TO THIS!! C’MON, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU OPINIONATED PEOPLE?!?!? LIKE THIS IS NOT WORTHY NEWS?? We’re watching a government HIRE professional sports players to encourage people, men , women & CHILDREN to EAT RADIATED FOOD!! Am I THE ONLY 1 HORRIFIED BY THIS??!! THIS BLOG SHOULD BE FULL OF COMMENTS!!?? You KNOW you these people are going to die & die horrible deaths. Doesn’t any one care???

    1. Hi Dan, yeah it’s the bottom of all low ball schemes! The whole situation has been handeled improperly. Acting like everything is ok and the food and land is vibrant and full of health and wealth is wrong. luring people to come over and set up a home life is wrong. The government should be warning people and keeping them away! I don’t like the entire situation and I can’t believe how some people don’t realize how serious this situation is. Fukushima was one of the biggest nuclear disasters since the A-bomb and worse. A much severe level of cesium-137 and 138 had escaped into the environment. Their is no way food and land is safe. The half life is 35 or 37 years for the radioactive isotope and it’s the worse one of all. you can’t really remove it as it penetrates into everything and the particals are so scattered it’s impossible to attempt to clean it up. I agree with you and I am on board with the same view you have as well. Unfortunately their isn’t anything I can do accept educate those who have no clue about this nuclear disaster. Whats done is done and now the affects will last many life times to come. To this day, it’s all about money……………greed is evil and a lot of money is evil. I rather live with less money and be humble than be rich with money and sick with greedy thoughts………………How does TEPCO sleep at night? How can you move radio active soil and dump it miles away and think you have resolved the issue?? All they did was create a massive radioactive waste land…………..the problem is still active and sickening!!!!!! I just don’t get it and i never will understand the minds of greedy and self centered minded people in business.

  3. I’m horrified at the callous greed. Clutching at a few lousy yen profit in return for being a part of a spin designed to feed innocent people radioactive poison. How do these murderers sleep at night.

    1. Hi Dan
      The food is either safe or its not.
      When you say, I avoid Fukushima products myself,
      makes me think you feel its not.

      I agree alot of disinfo spreading and unless people
      drop dead after eating the screaming MAY not help.

      They should be promoting food from outside fuku
      to those who cannot/will not leave that area.

      This type stuff shows obvious bias, and lack of concern
      and can lead to a deadly effect on those elsewhere.

      Screaming bloody murder never killed anyone
      eating radiated food, has, and will continue to do so.

      1. terry,

        I live in Tokyo and I avoid Fukushima products, because I want to be on the safe side, although that may not make too much of a difference.
        Still, there are many degrees of danger and those need to be evaluated objectively.
        Paranoia is counterproductive because it can turn away other potential readers that are looking for information, without heavy bias.
        Recently, Iori-san has been doing a pretty good job being objective and reporting facts. That’s what people need: information that they can process, not scaremongering.. we’re all already pretty scared.. being worried is daily life for many of us in Japan.. so, no need to get all worked up in the comments every time.

        1. Thanks Davide
          I agree, there are those who lie to cause panic.

          I live in florida and we still have BP oil
          when you say
          being worried is daily life for many of us in Japan..
          Im sure, I guess I scream cause its about all I can do.

          I read where people buy fuku food and throw it out
          thinking they are helping the people who still live there.

          The govt admitted they lied about events to prevent panic
          these people have been reassured that the products are safe
          by who, the same govt?

          Gotta eat.
          Why raise the limit and call it safe
          Just tell the truth, things may never be as they where
          people know that.

          Truth and lies can be very scary things.
          When a govt lies to the people
          they wont prevent panic
          only delay it

          1. I believe when a disaster happens at this level, the truth should be told no matter how ugly it will sound. It’s better to know and prepare than not know and become more and more paranoid and anxious over the “Not Knowing”.

  4. Iori-san,
    succor -> soccer

    Let’s not be so dramatic. Clearly these people have been reassured that the products are safe.
    I avoid Fukushima products myself, but I think that it’s an exaggeration to go around screamig “bloody murderers!” at every such event.. it shows obvious bias and can lead to an opposite effect.

  5. Pure insanity. I am almost speechless. This is Japan, where I lived and my family roots are. This is unthinkable and really makes me think we are in a science fiction horror movie.

  6. Really?? This government is insane and the people who buy into their crazy propaganda are insane too! Radiation harms you and your future generations!

  7. It is truly strange that there is flat out no media coverage over here regarding anything Fukushima. Its like if there isn’t a piece of plutonium on my front doorstep then who cares. Looking at the picture reminds me of an article I read about lead and cadmium content in happy meal toys and other promotional junk for “The Princess and the Frog” Disney movie. We start early misleading our children, and maybe even poisoning them too. I guess I’m not just going to run out of my apartment and start picketing somewhere, but hopefully through this web page and others people that have been insulted by the morons in charge can at least be informed.

  8. That picture is so criminal, it allegedly is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen this year.
    There’s sheer ignorance (at least of the kids) with the complacency of those people who just aren’t told.
    It’s almost surrealist.
    Meanwhile the top politicians sneak for evacuating to southern isles (in conflict with Taiwan and China), aboard makeshift boats.

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