[Dream technology] Tepco flew a balloon to research reactor1 but it stopped by a cable.

Nuclear the dream technology can’t even fly a balloon. This attempt looks like a joke but the situation is not a joke at all.

The radiation level is significantly high in reactor1. (cf. [Reactor1] 5.2 Sv/h on the first floor)

Also, because they covered the reactor building soon after 311, Tepco can not see inside of the reactor building.

However, it’s not only in reactor4, but also in reactor1 that the spent fuel pool is potentially in a crisis. SFP1 can be seen from the operating floor on the 5th floor.

Tepco came up with the idea to fly a ballon with cameras from the 1st floor.

5 Tepco employees and 14 sub-contract workers (cf. [Nuke worker shortage] Worker left integral dosimeter in the bus on purpose) were involved, the maximum integral dose was 1.54 mSv but the balloon was stuck with something like a cable on the 4th floor, the project failed.

Actual Fukushima worker, Happy11311 commented it’s really hard to see SFP1 from the operating floor because of too much debris from looking at the picture before they covered the reactor building. He is very concerned about how much debris fell in SFP1. [Link]


[This is not a joke] Tepco flew a balloon to research reactor1 but it stopped by a cable.


[This is not a joke] Tepco flew a balloon to research reactor1 but it stopped by a cable. 2


[This is not a joke] Tepco flew a balloon to research reactor1 but it stopped by a cable. 3


[This is not a joke] Tepco flew a balloon to research reactor1 but it stopped by a cable. 4


Source 1 2 3




<Settlement report 8/8/2012>

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settlement report 8/8/2012


settlement report 8/8/2012 2



  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Technologie de rêve] Tepco a envoyé un ballon-sonde sur le réacteur 1 mais il s’est arrêté dans un câble…
    Par Mochizuki, le 8 août 2012.

    Le nucléaire, cette technologie de rêve, n’est même pas capable de faire voler un ballon. Cet essai ressemble à une plaisanterie mais la situation est loin d’en être une.

    Le niveau de radioactivité est particulièrement élevé dans le réacteur 1. (cf. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/07/reactor1-5-2-svh-on-the-first-floor/ )

    Ensuite, parce qu’ils ont rapidement recouvert le bâtiment du réacteur après le 11-3, Tepco ne peut voir à l’intérieur du bâtiment.

    Or, ce n’est pas uniquement dans le réacteur 4 que la piscine des combustibles est au bord de la crise, celle du réacteur 1 l’est aussi. La piscine du 1 est visible de la passerelle de travail du 5e étage.

    Tepco en est arrivée à l’idée d’y envoyer un ballon avec des caméras à partir du premier étage.

    5 salariés de Tepco et 14 travailleurs sous-traitants (cf. http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/08/nuke-worker-shortage-worker-left-integral-dosimeter-in-the-bus-on-purpose/) y ont participé, la dose intégrale maximale était de 1,54 mSv mais le ballon s’est pris dans ce qui semble être un câble du 4e étage, c’est un échec.

    Le travailleur de Fukushima, Happy11311, précise qu’il est très difficile de voir la SFP1 à partir de la passerelle de travail parce qu’il y avait trop de débris sur les clichés avant qu’ils couvrent le bâtiment du réacteur. Il est très préoccupé par le nombre de débris qui sont tombés dans la SFP1. [Lien : https://twitter.com/Happy11311/status/232779263286333441%5D

    (4 photos du rapport de Tepco sur cette tentative)

    Sources :
    1- http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/nu/fukushima-np/images/handouts_120808_02-e.pdf
    2- http://photo.tepco.co.jp/en/date/2012/201208-e/120808-01e.html
    3- http://www.sankeibiz.jp/compliance/news/120808/cpd1208082159016-n1.htm

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  2. ok, this large carry in entrance is on the sea side and was not visable
    when the cam was on #1 before being moved right?
    So how often do they open the large doorand does it matter with all the vents on the roof?
    Lets see, they wanted to shoot #3 but setteled with just killing a robot.
    Pretty much finished exposing #4 completly to the air.
    Who knows what is going on in #2, maybe fresh water flush to salvage parts
    And the best they have for #1 is a balloon with a camara, such high tech

    I think this is a obvioues attempt
    to cover up the fact
    they still dont have a clue on what to do.

    I truly feel this is nothing more then an attempt to
    apease the public that something is being done.
    But that something is nothing more then saving
    whatever money and equiptment they can get away with.

    A BALLOON, lol
    no wonder they moved the camara

  3. 26 years after Chernobyl and they don’t know what to do with that either. 26 years and they still regret pouring sand onto the corium at chernobyl because now they have melted fuel encased in glass all over the place. It is still hot. They have not begun removing anything from Chernobyl in 26 years. all they can do is build ANOTHER roof over it, and no-one will pay for that pointless measure.

    Clearly there is only one lesson to be learned by the NRC, IAEA etc etc


  4. Today, on msmilkytheclown1 YouTube there is a NRC document stating that the US Federal Nuclear Regulation Commission has frozen the construction and operating licensing for at least 19 nuclear energy plants. The reason given; this action is in response to a US Court of Appeals for DC Circuit Court ruling, that spent nuclear fuel stored on site; “poses a dangerous and long term health and environmental risk”.

    In keeping with the comments made above from Terry and Drahcir, I agree that the owners, governments, and workers do not have a clue as to how to handle the “unexpected accidents” that are not always known by the people of any nation. The public knows about Chernobyl and the early history of the nuclear nightmare of Fukushima; but they are not involved in the following of these disasters because there is no information given. Eventually, the truth of how nuclear has changed our world will be known and the corruption complete with lies will be realized. It will, of course, be too late.

  5. if they are serious, they could go back with a cylindrical balloon and try again.

    or erect a cmera ona pnuematic cylinder and examine that.

    however, it’s silly.

    they need hundreds of men to clear debris out of the reactor building and they need to figure out how far the corium has melted down.

    i suspect it’s deep down.

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