[Nuke worker shortage] Worker left integral dosimeter in the bus on purpose

Unlike Chernobyl, supply of nuclear worker is very limited in Japan. Tepco and the sub-contract companies are having a difficulty to collect nuclear workers. (cf. Fukushima worker “Human-wave tactics will be needed, problem is if they can collect human workers”)
To make each nuclear worker do their job longer than the safety limit, sub-contract companies criminally order some of the nuclear workers to shield their APD (integral dosimeter) with lead case so they look like they were not exposed overly.
(cf. Fukushima worker was ordered to shield dosimeter with lead cover to make integral dose look low)
Tepco is pushing the responsibility to their sub-contract companies but has no solution for the shortage of nuclear workers yet.

After only 2 weeks interval, another problem came up. A sub-contract worker left his APD in the bus to manipulate the integral dose. He spontaneously confessed that.

It was a male worker in 20s. He worked to arrange pipes on the South West side of reactor4 from 7AM to 11AM with other 3 workers.

Tepco’s group company, TOKYO ENERGY & SYSTEMS INC announced that. Last time when the Fukushima workers were ordered to cover their APD with lead shield, the prime contractor was TOKYO ENERGY & SYSTEMS INC as well.




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