Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 will be restarted on 7/1/2012

Following up this article..[LA times]Japan to restart nuclear reactors despite widespread fear

Kepco announced they are going to restart Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 on 7/1/2012.
They are planning to pull out control rod from the evening to the night of 7/1/2012.

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency also held a press conference on 6/25. They mentioned the continuous monitoring errors of the power transmission line alarmed in the central operation room of Ohi reactor3 and 4. NISA commented, the similar alarm is given about 200 times a year, and they will not announce those cases immediately from next time. Press asked for the prompt disclosure, NISA answered “we want to discuss it”.

Kepco commented restarting process is generally going well.


大飯3号機起動は1日 関電、制御棒引き抜きへ
2012.6.25 20:53




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