Tepco plans to discharge pumped groundwater to the sea this coming June

Following up this article.. Fukushima fishery cooperative gave Tepco the approval to discharge bypassed groundwater to the sea [URL]


Tepco is already planning to discharge the pumped groundwater to the Pacific this coming June.

On 4/4/2014, Tepco published the report about their plan to increase the contaminated water storage. In this report, they made 4 different simulations.

In 3 of 4 simulations, Tepco assumed they can discharge the groundwater pumped up from the bypass wells this June. Tepco is supposed to explain to the local governments about the “bypass plan”, but they already expect to obtain their approval.


The pumped groundwater contains significant level of radiation as well, however it would not be filtered before discharging. (cf, [Coincidence ?] 3 highest densities of Tritium are “exactly 1,200,000 Bq/m3″ in groundwater bypass [URL 2])





Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.


Français :

Tepco prévoit de déverser en mer les eaux souterraines pompées  dès juin prochain


Article lié : Les coopératives de pêche de Fukushima donnent leur accord à Tepco pour déverser les eaux de la dérivation souterraine dans l’océan

Tepco programme déjà le déversement des eaux souterraines pompées dans le Pacifique à partir de juin prochain.

Le 4 avril 2014, Tepco publie un rapport sur leur planification de l’augmentation de leur espace de stockage des eaux extrêmement radioactives. Dans ce rapport, Ils font 4 différentes simulations.

Pour 3 de ces 4 simulations, Tepco a considéré qu’ils pouvaient déverser les eaux souterraines pompées des puits de dérivation à la mer dès le prochain mois de juin. Tepco est supposé expliquer son “plan de dérivation” aux élus locaux mais ils tablent déjà sur leur accord.

Les eaux souterraines pompées sont, elles-aussi, grandement radioactives mais elles ne seront pas filtrées avant leur déversement. (cf. [Coïncidence ?] Les 3 records de radioactivité du tritium sont “exactement de 1,2 millions de Bq/m³” dans les eaux de la dérivation)

Le minimiser au début et ajouter tranquillement de nouvelles information pour que personne ne le remarque. Tout pour que le troupeau ne s’échappe pas. C’est leur stratégie.

  1. The Fukushima Tritium (tritiated water) was produced by neutron bombardment. The tritiated groundwater at the Fukushima Daiichi power station results from containment failure and possibly corium below the nuclear plant foundation level. Other more dangerous isotopes are involved, including Strontium-90, Cesium-134 and Cesium-137.

    The water bypass system SHOULD HAVE BEEN UPSTREAM of the FDNPS contamination. That the groundwater is contaminated UPSTREAM of the power station is a VERY BAD piece of news. Where the tritiated water is present it is accompanied by Sr-90, Cs-134 & Cs-137. The complete radioisotope contaminant in the bypass water system should be disclosed to neighboring Pacific Neighbors and the Regional Fishermen Groups.

    China, South Korea, Sarah Palin and other regional fishermen have a right to know how much radioactive fallout is contaminating their seafood catch.

  2. USA had better do something to stop this discharge. Its criminal. How can anyone trust TEPCO to be honest on what is getting dumped? What is really in the discharged materials already? What will be added? Already the port is highly contaminated, per the reporters who were on a boat there last month. June 2014 will be a tragic date in history. Our governments had better protect us from this, just like they have in the past (sarcasm). Frankly, if the world governments do NOT become actively involved to stop this radiation contamination..we all deserve what we get..poisoned.

  3. We are AGAINST Media Black Out

    You are preaching to the choir. Like it says at the top of the page, “We are against Media Black Out.

    The global mendacity media has suppressed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station disaster story.

    The ALARM remains silent. Nobody is going to do anything. Why do we ALL deserve poisoning, when the media does not serve their intended purpose?

      1. Inane and meaningless commentary as such always deserves special recognition – Linus style.

        http : //www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/blogs/wiredenterprise/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Screen-shot-2012-06-18-at-10.32.45-AM.png

  4. I do not think it means what Japan thinks it means.

    ” Groundwater Bypass” now needs to be added to the list of lies in the nuclear safe fantasy world of Japan.

    The laws of physics do not change at the whim of a politician, even if that politician is Abe.

    The plan, as presented by Japan, was that the Groundwater Bypass would Bypass the Radiation in the Groundwater near the reactors.

    That the water in the bypass wells in radioactive makes it appear that Japan was never serious about the wells bypassing the radioactive water.

    Drill well – If the water is radioactive – move 100 meters up the mountain and drill new well – continue until true uncontaminated ground water is found – Increase size of the well – put pipe between well and ocean ( gravity is your friend) – Shift 10 meters to the side – Repeat as needed

    – It seems a given that all the tritiated water TEPCO produces is going into the Pacific. How and when are the only real questions. (Ideally in double walled stainless steel containers, as Mr. Duff has suggested, but I do not see Japan treating the situation in such a responsible manner.)

    – ALPS has shown them that they can precipitate most of the radioactive material. Take the slurry, steam off the water, and dispose of solid waste. This is already being done for some other radioactive water. Then send the remaining water through the ALPS unit ,where the filtering should now work as originally intended. Disposal of the titrated water in a responsible way completes the process. If the distillation takes place in the storage container, the entire process can be done at a stand-off distance. The distillation process is energy intensive but compared to the frozen wall of impenetrability (except for the bottom and below the ice rods), the energy is background noise.

    – I am also waiting for Japan to say that they need to take reactor 5 or 6 critical to provide the power needed for the ice wall fortress.

    It seems that the ‘independent’ NRA has already become a pro-nuclear political tool. The timing of this looks like it was a result of the Tokyo mayoral race being won by a pro-nuclear candidate.

    1. To clarify,

      Japan needs to move upstream, which is also uphill, to cleaner groundwater. And there construct another underground dam. And run pipes from the higher elevation down to the Pacific Ocean.

      The Ebb and Flow of the Tide is continuing to contaminate the aquifer. This underground dam, like the last underground dams are expensive and challenging engineering feats.

      It is however necessary, as the downstream ‘Ice Wall’ attempts are now and have always been futile and counterproductive. Lying about it, does not solve the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station problems.


      Bill Duff

      1. True – but it sounds cool and futuristic.

        But in reality, it is simply science fiction.

        1. Engineering Practice:

          The design, specification and construction of underground dams is a well defined field of engineering practice. Lots of publication titles and projects globally. It is a logical extension of conventional grouting.

          www oas org (dsd/publications/Unit/oea59e/ch34) htm
          www bbk1 rwth-aachen de/ (en/referenzendetail?id=7)

          Team Nuke is a pack of lying, incompetent morons. And they prove it daily.


          Bill Duff

  5. So they are finally getting around to dumping the water huh?
    We all knew this would happen.

    I’ve ordered a NASA space suit (slightly used) with custom built flotation device, Epirb, extended rebreather, dosimeter, safety cord and a lead shield for my board.

    Damned if I’m giving up surfing for tepco.

  6. Danny,

    Have you considered a lead laminate layer in your board to reduce gamma? We would not want to cook the gentlemen. A plastic tarp on the beach will reduce your Beta exposure, for the same reason.

    Always park a kilometer from the beach. Shower and Rinse everything off before loading to go home. Otherwise, I think you are good to go. Ride the wild rogue.

    Surf the Fukushima Hot Waves!

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