Tepco NOT to analyze Plutonium or Uranium in bypass water before discharging to the Pacific

Following up this article.. Tepco plans to discharge pumped groundwater to the sea this coming June [URL]


Tepco is not going to analyze / put the safety limit on α nuclides including Plutonium-238/239/240 and Uranium-235/238 in bypassed groundwater to discharge.

They are planning to discharge the pumped groundwater to the Pacific from this coming June. They are supposed to analyze the contamination though they won’t filter the pumped water.


However from their answer to the local fishery cooperative, α nuclides will be excluded from the checking list. No matter how contaminated by Plutonium, Uranium, or / and Americium the water is, the pumped water will be discharged limitlessly.


α nuclides, which are the highest risk for the health and environment, are hardly checked in fishery products either. Potential Plutonium or Uranium of Fukushima plant will be discharged to the Pacific without any checking, and it can be transferred to the body of the fishery products consumers with no control.





Downplay it in the beginning, and quietly add more information so nobody notices it. All for not letting the cattle escape. This is their strategy.


Français :

Tepco n’analysera PAS le Plutonium ou l’Uranium des eaux de la dérivation avant leur décharge dans le Pacifique


Article lié : Tepco prévoit de déverser en mer les eaux souterraines pompées dès juin prochain

Tepco ne va pas rechercher / respecter la limite de sécurité des α-nucléides dans les eaux souterraines de la dérivation déversées en mer, y compris pour les plutonium 238/239/240 et Uranium 235/238.
Ils prévoient de commencer à les déverser à partir de juin prochain. Ils sont supposés analyser la radioactivité  même s’ils ne filtrent pas les eaux pompées.

Or, selon leur réponse aux coopératives de pêche locales, les α-nucléides sont exclus de leurs contrôles. Les eaux pompées seront déversées sans limite et sans contrôle quelles que soient leurs concentration en plutonium, uranium, ou/et américium.

Les α-nucléides, qui sont ceux les plus dangereux pour la santé comme pour l’environnement, ne sont quasiment pas contrôlés non plus dans les produits de la mer. Les plutonium et uranium de la centrale de Fukushima vont être déversés dans le Pacifique sans aucun contrôle, ils seront ensuite assimilés par la faune et la flore marines puis, sans aucun contrôle non plus, par les humains.


Le minimiser au début et ajouter tranquillement de nouvelles information pour que personne ne le remarque. Tout pour que le troupeau ne s’échappe pas. C’est leur stratégie.

  1. ” No matter how contaminated by Plutonium, Uranium, or / and Americium the water is, the pumped water will be discharged limitlessly.

    Everyone knows, what else can they do with it
    filter it, LOL

    They been “discharing” water for the last 3 years no matter how contaminated
    Why should they change now?

    The ? is, how long will they be allowed to continue.

  2. So now they have given up almost all pretense of trying to do anything other than dump the water.

    Japan/TEPCO call this ‘bypass water,’ it is just ground water from the side of the reactor that is furthest from the ocean. This water is as radioactive as any ground water at the power station. TEPCO has installed lead plates, on the ground to protect from ground water percolating to the surface on the ocean side, and this is the same water.

    They have now said, in effect, that they will not track the alpha or beta radiation. I imagine we will be told that the gamma levels are below Japan’s release levels, so no monitoring is needed. As far as the volume of water, we have nothing but wild ass guesses from TEPCO. I have no doubt that Japan will pump as much water as possible out of these wells. As the quantity of water flow for everything at the power station is based on the Japan/TEPCO augmented reality, the real numbers are not known, and never will be known.

    My only hope at this point is that when measurable amounts of water are found outside the territorial waters of Japan (about 22.5 Km.) Some country will find the moral strength to call Japan out on the London Convention on pollution at sea.

    This will, clearly and without argument place Japan in direct violation of the Convention, of which Japan is a member. Abe will then have no choice but to address the issue. The Convention states the polluter pays. Japan will then be responsible, on the International Stage, for all damages.

    I can dream.

    1. TEPCO has just in-effect declared war upon the Earth’s inhabitants!
      So much for previous pretense.

      Time to park the radiated hull of the USS Ronald Reagan up Hirose’s arse!

  3. So, the facts are:

    Japan has not released the Muon corium mapping results & location data.

    Japan has indicated the Beta level is high, but failed to mention the Strontium-90, Cesium-134, and Cesium-137.

    Japan refuses to RELEASE Alpha radioisotope contamination levels.

    Nobody in the global mendacity media is going to say squat.

    The implications are clear.

    A substantial corium mass, as indicated in the earlier TEPCO films, is in the earth. Japan is too cowardly and dishonorable to admit the ongoing damage they are doing. And Japan will apparently do nothing to minimize the consequences of their ongoing negligence and complicity.

    This is a very REAL, clear and present danger. Meanwhile the TOTALLY bogus ‘climate-change’ fraud continues to distract the public.

    My apologies to future generations, in Japan and neighboring Pacific Nations.

  4. Pumping will change the subterranean water pressure. This may mean that water that’s currently in contact with the melted reactor cores will flow inland and get pumped directly into the ocean.

  5. Worst case scenario,

    If memory serves, it is the Tokyo municipal aquifer.

    Up and down some slopes.

    So far, nothing in Fukushima has turned out well. Why start now?

  6. Abe wants to re-arm for defence purposes. OK, so why not sell him the Ronny Raygun.
    Think about it.
    Its a win-win solution.
    The cash raised from the sale can be used to help provide medical support for the crew and their families and Abe can sit way up there in the captains seat just glowing in the dark.
    No aircraft required either.
    Who in their right minds would challenge a luminescent behemoth with a bilge brimming with filtered Fufu juice connected to hundreds of high powered water cannons?

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