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100 small fish found dead in Koriyama city Fukushima, the reason is unverified

At 8:45 of 3/26/2013, approximately 100 of small fish (2~3cm) were found dead in the river of Koriyama city Fukushima. River and national road department of Fukushima didn’t detect harmful

Export from Japan

JP Gov plans to ban using imported food ingredients for school lunch

On 3/30/2013, policy chief of the Liberal Democratic Party Takaichi stated in LDP’s meeting that they started considering to pledge to make all the food ingredients of school lunch domestically

Export from Japan

44 countries restricting import of food from JP, MAFF “may present a case to WTO”

44 countries and regions are still restricting imports from Japan. Though Canada and Mexico lifted the importing restriction, China still bans importing all kinds of food from 10 prefectures. S.

Sea contamination

A sort of spiral shell thais clavigera entirely extinct in 30km coastal area of Fukushima

Thais clavigera is a species of predatory sea snail with an operculum, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the rock shells. This is an intertidal species, found on

Core removing struggle

Second core damage and major radiation discharge occurred in reactor1&3 from 3/20 to 3/23/2011

  On 3/6/2013, Tepco released their video record of their TV meeting from 3/16 to 4/11/2011. According to this record, 90% of the coolant water didn’t reach reactor1 in March


Former Tepco employee, “470Bq/kg from child’s clothes, 130Bq/Kg from hair in Minamisoma”

Mr. Yoshida, a former Tepco employee held a press conference on 1/18/2013. He stated 470 Bq/Kg was measured from the clothes of children, and 130 Bq/Kg was measured from hair


[Notice] The plan of researching Svalbard for a radiation resort

Are Japanese packed in their land ? Do they have to obey their destiny ? Can’t anyone stay out of Japan for longer than 3 months without visa ? To