350 victims to sue Tepco and Japanese government for Fukushima effect

On 3/11/2013, 350 residents in Fukushima, Miyagi and Ibaraki prefectures are going to sue Tepco and Japanese government at Fukushima district court.
They are to demand compensation of 50,000 JPY/month・person for restoration of radiation level, fear for the potential health problems and harmful rumor.
Defense counsel states this is the first civil suit to demand the government for restoration due to Fukushima accident.






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350 victims to sue Tepco and Japanese government for Fukushima effect


Le 11 mars 2013, 350 habitants des préfectures de Fukushima, Miyagi et Ibaraki vont porter plainte à la cour régionale de Fukushima contre Tepco et le gouvernement nippon.
Ils vont demander 50 000 JPY/mois・personne d’indemnisations pour rétablir le niveau radioactif, compenser leur peur de problèmes de santé et les rumeurs malveillantes.
Le conseil de la défense affirme que c’est la première plainte au civil demandant une remise en état au gouvernement à la suite de l’accident de Fukushima.

Source : http://blog.livedoor.jp/home_make-toaru/archives/6916988.html





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5 Responses to “350 victims to sue Tepco and Japanese government for Fukushima effect”

  1. Jay says:

    ” … for restoration of radiation level, fear for the potential health problems and harmful rumor … ” .

    Would be good to see the actual text because their success will depend on their demands .

    However , the money demanded will be money that the Gov of Japan eventually will have to Borrow from the bankster .

    Q 1 : do Japanese realise they will endebpt themselves for EVER ?!

    Q 2 : to avoid Q1 , will the Population demand the Gov start printing its own money ? If so , will the new money be worth less than the Romanian Leu ? But its huge Silver-line is that it will compete and outdo the Chinese by far …

  2. Iwanttolive says:

    That is peanuts. Unemployment benefits are 60000 to 70000/mth

  3. VyseLegendaire says:

    You cannot demand the impossible. This is magical thinking. The lawsuit would have to require conscription of new Japanese youth to scrub these old people’s floors in Fukushima. But then again that will be happening at one point one way or another.

  4. I'm Not Here says:

    Could help end Japanese nuclear power generation, making it cost prohibitive as a business venture. Fukushima cleanup alone should put governments on notice, at least Germany noticed. Lives affected medically by man-made radiation are probably secondary considerations.

    About 50 reactors shutdown but Japan still functions.

  5. pat b says:

    350 people is nothing.

    50,000 JPY per month, that’s 600,000 JPY/year or about $6 Grand american per person per year.

    We are talking $2Million per year.

    Now, if everyone in northern japan sued and asked for more approximately their incomes or
    their property values, well TEPCO would need something approximating the existing Japanese governmental debt.

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