Violent fluctuations of hydrogen concentration in reactor1

Hydrogen concentration of reactor 1 has been fluctuating violently since 6/3/2012.

On the daily press conference of 6/4/2012, Tepco explained hydrogen gas is heterogeneous inside of PCV, the indicator captured the mass of high concentration by chance.




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However, it dropped once on 6/9 and it picked up on 6/10 again.

There are 2 indicators for hydrogen concentration, system A and B. Both are in the same trend.

If hydrogen concentration goes over 4% (Oxygen 5%), there is the possibility of hydrogen explosion. Tepco is injecting nitrogen to control the hydrogen concentration.


Violent fluctuations of hydrogen concentration in reactor1


Violent fluctuations of hydrogen concentration in reactor1 2





  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but that chart is showing concentrations of .1 %, but you say explosions can happen at 4%. Got a ways to go before it gets even close to that bad..

    Also, doesn’t the presence hydrogen mean criticality is still occurring?

  2. how does a reactor that has melted out of it’s Containment vessel trap hydrogen?

    1. @pat b, the building has been entombed (the new structure) is my ‘uneducated’ guess, it has been covered, perhaps if it is a contained atmosphere it might become pressurized? maybe…

  3. I am very impressed with the work of Iori Mochizuki. In fact, as a nonprofit public service, I have created a week-by-week chart series titled “`Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction’ Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles” whose table of contents is at One can also link to this series from my home pages at and

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  4. In order to accumulate hydrogen there is a hydrolysis reaction going on. That strongly suggests that the corium is a molten blob – at least white hot. If so recriticality is possible and the chance of it is probably unknown. I don’t know if high radiation also causes hydrolysis. Anybody out there help with this concept?

  5. no report that reactor has melted, nor

    the reactor broken thru containment structure,

    which is designed to contain molten reactor vessel as well

    as full inventory molten fuel

    Japan unfortunately has skimped everywhere into the ramp up of its nuke

    industry, there open air burning of contaminated debree, to wit

    world war 3 should have been started the minute earthquake hit,

    to prevent Japan from poisening the rest of the world

    Japan up to today has done nothing meaningful, just head in the sand

  6. I agree that this is a very important source of information but once some people see conspiracy theorists involved who are apparently jumping on the bandwagon in order to further their cause of proving themselves right about things like HAARP – then this source will very likely lose it’s credibility, lose readers and gain more conspiracy theorists who have a tendency to cloud everything with abuse of words like “truth” and “proof”.

    If anything the conspiracy theorists are doing the job of the very people some of them claim are conspiring against us all. There’s possibly no better weapon than allowing and cultivating nutjobs within the movement of your enemies.

  7. Maybe a language issue but I do wonder if some people get “reactor” mixed up with “fuel”. Which to me is very interesting because I’ve often noticed that the media and official messages concentrate a great deal on “reactor” rather than “fuel” yet as far as I’m aware the real problem here is the fuel. When people in the nuclear industry or those who are pro nuclear, talk about how nuclear power from fission is so much cleaner – they tend to concentrate on the technology of generation of energy and neglect to mention the massive elephant in the room which is the highly toxic fuel used. It’s almost as if nuclear fission is some kind of magic wand or a renewable energy source. “It’s clean! see” as they sit atop a growing pile of radioactive and toxic material. Very odd.

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