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Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011

Tepco published the in-house Fukushima accident investigation report on 6/20/2012. In this report, which is assumed to downplay the accident, Tepco reported that there were 2 fires in reactor4 after


[NHK] Delayed disclosure at Ohi plant

Following up this article..11,000 people joined demonstration in front of official residence of JP PM Ohi nuclear plant has not been restarted yet, but Kepco is already starting to manipulate


Gas coming up from reactor2

Gas / steam / smoke / water vapor / evaporated electric bill / has been coming up from reactor2.   ↓ Comparison of 6/18 and 6/20 (6/19 was excluded because


Settlement report 6/14 ~ 6/19/2012

    Finally getting used to this time zone. I flew from EU to Canada on 6/14/2012, and moved from West coast to East coast on 6/15/2012. It’s 8 hours