Tepco banned freelance journalists from taking cameras into Fukushima plants


Following up this article..[LIVE] Inside of Fukushima plants (1,500 microSv/h in the bus)

On 5/14/2012, Tepco announced they are going to open Fukushima plants for journalists on 5/26 again.
This time, Tepco is taking invited journalists to the mountain side of reactor4 building.

However, they allowed only two freelance journalists into the site, and banned them from taking cameras.
These two journalists can not even take video.
As the reason, Tepco states they have to assign their employees to each journalist to watch them not to take pictures or videos where they mustn’t for nuclear protection. There are not enough number of the employees to watch these freelance journalists.

5/14、東電は5/26に記者を福島第一原発に招き入れることを発表しました。 今回記者達は倒壊が懸念されている4号機の山側に近づけることになります。





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