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Fukushima prefectural government warned volcanic gas density jumped up over double in Mt. Azumasan

On 4/30/2015, Fukushima prefectural government announced they measured the excessive density of volcanic gas in Mt. Azumasan and closed the road to this mountain. Sendai Regional Headquarters of Japan Meteorological

Domestic and global Environment

Still 690 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 measured from ground soil in Yamagata city / Beside a water distribution station

↑ The screenshot of the street view where 690Bq/kg was measured from the soil of.   Still high level of Cs-134/137 is detected from the ground soil in Yamagata city,


Fukushima pref gov not to conduct radiation test for under 4 y.o evacuating to Yamagata

According to Fukushima prefectural government, they are going to conduct the internal exposure test called WBC (Whole Body Counter) for the evacuees in Yamagata prefecture from June to August of


Murayama city gov declared safety 2 days after detecting radiation from wild plants over safety limit

According to Yamagata prefecture, radioactive cesium was detected from bracken (a sort of edible wild plants) over safety limit on 5/28/2013. It was produced in Murayama city Yamagata prefecture and shipped


[Support for brave people expected] 40% of Fukushima evacuee families live on less than 100,000 JPY monthly

Families who evacuated Fukushima to Yamagata prefecture are living on less than 100,000 JPY monthly. (Living expenses) At the moment of 11/1/2012, most of the evacuees are living in Yamagata

Food contamination Malformation

Gigantic mushroom from Yamagata prefecture

↓ The one on the right is a normal one. Gigantic matsutake mushroom was found in Takahata machi, Yamagata. It’s 25cm long, the diameter is 30cm, weight is 800g, where


Pink grasshopper in Yamagata prefecture

In Kahoku machi Yamagata prefecture, mutated grasshopper was found on 9/12/2012. Kahoku machi Yamagata is about 130km from Fukushima plant. It’s usually green. It’s about 3cm, found in Nishisato kindergarten.


Deformed eggplant in Yamagata

  Snake looking eggplant was harvested in Yamagata. Mr. Yoshida (62) found the eggplant in his farm on 9/6/2012. It’s in Takahata town, Yamagata prefecture. (100km from Fukushima plant) It’s


Proliferated sunflower in Yamagata

  Flower in a flower. Mr. Kitamura (71) found proliferated sunflower in his farm early in this month. It is in Asahi machi Yamagata. The sunflower is one of the


West coast of Japan 10 times more contaminated than mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus

Following up this article..1.4 μSv/h of alpha ray in Niigata 500,000Bq/kg of cesium was measured on the roof of Yamagata university, announced in Yamagata prefectural disaster committee on 5/30/2011. It