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Power consumption rate remains only 83.9 percent in Tepco area this summer without any nuclear power

According to Tepco, the ratio of power consumption and supply stays only 83.9% this summer, which is without nuclear power. This is the average of maximum ratio from July to 8/9/2015


[Electricity consumption] Utilization rate over 90% only for 11 days from this July to August without nuclear power

According to Tepco, from this July to August, the power utilization rate went over 90% only for 11 days. The nuclear power supply was 0% through the term. The temperature


[Express] “can’t sue Tepco and JP gov for being afraid of having tax rate raised for compensation”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> When they try to sue Japanese government and Tepco for their responsibility of Fukushima accident, activists and lawyers are frequently


Tepco stopped supplying power to amusement facilities in Chiba for rejecting the increased power bill

On 7/2/2013, Tepco stopped supplying electricity for the amusement facilities in Chiba prefecture. The specific name of the facilities is not announced. Though the net power demand keeps decreasing, Tepco

Cover-ups Plant hazard

15μSv/h from the rat caught in Fukushima plant

The power stoppage on 3/18/2013 was caused by a rat in the temporary panel board supposedly. (cf, The blackout was caused by a mouse in the panel board, the board


3/13/2011, Tepco had no cash to buy batteries, went to a DIY store but it was closed. Reactor3 exploded the next day

On 10/5/2012, Tepco released more video records after 311. (5:48:37) The video recorded the conversation (3/13/2011) among Fukushima plant and Tepco’s headquarters before the explosion of reactor3. It’s showing they


Tepco stopped planned blackouts for the threat of JP Gov “accuse Tepco of murder”

  Even the reason of Tepco’s skipping planned blackouts was a lie. What was not false ? Tepco started the planned blackouts after 311 for the power shortage, but they


Settlement report 6/8~6/9/2012 -information

          ↓ The photo taken just in front of the convenient store. Behind me, there are scared sparrows.     There is a major IT consulting


Turning off the TV is the best way to save power

Related to this article..Power company “Even if we have enough power, we need to restart nuclear plants.” Private think-tank company Nomura research institute analyzed that turning off TV is the


Power consumption forecast was a lie

    In the summer of 2011, Japanese government predicted Japan would be short of electricity by 9.2%, but they actually had another prediction to assume there would be still