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Core removing struggle

Reactor1 losing water and temperature is in increasing trend

RPV water level is decreasing in reactor1, and PCV temperature is in the reverse trend to be picking up. Every time RPV water level drops, PCV temperature picks up.  

Core removing struggle

Radiation level is higher out of PCV than inside in reactor1, “Is really core inside of PCV ?”

On 10/12/2012, Tepco measured radiation level in retained water of PCV1. The cesium level was lower than water retained outside of PCV, Suppression chamber, inside of the reactor building though core

Core removing struggle

11.1Sv/h in penetration tip of reactor1, “The higher it goes in PCV, the higher the radiation level goes.”

  On 10/10/2012, Tepco investigated the inside of PCV in reactor1. The water level was 2.8m from the bottom of PCV1. The highest dose was 11.1 Sv/h, which is enough

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

PCV temperature picked up in reactor1 again

On 10/1/2012, Fukushima diary reported PCV temperature was picking up again in reactor1. [Link] After the report, the temperature kept jumping up. It increased by nearly 8℃ within 24 hours.

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Temperature picked up in reactor1 again

From 9/24/2012 to 9/26, PCV temperature picked up by 10℃ in reactor1. [Link] It was in the high and stable trend from 9/29 to 10/1, but it picked up again.

Core removing struggle

Lead plate of 7.5cm thickness was lost in PCV of reactor1

On 9/26, Tepco punched an access hole to PCV1 to investigate the inside by an endoscope. (cf. Tepco punched an access hole to PCV of reactor1) From this investigation, they


Density of Krypton85 is more than 9 times much as before in reactor1

Increase of Krypton 85 is detected in PCV of reactor1, which suggests nuclear fission is on-going. (cf. Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 to suggest on-going nuclear fission in reactor1) Tepco announced

Plant hazard

Violent fluctuations of hydrogen concentration in reactor1

Hydrogen concentration of reactor 1 has been fluctuating violently since 6/3/2012. On the daily press conference of 6/4/2012, Tepco explained hydrogen gas is heterogeneous inside of PCV, the indicator captured the