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Tepco to scan Reactor 2 with Muon again after Nagoya uni already confirmed nothing remaining

Photo : Muon detecting system installed for Reactor 2. 3/16/2016.   Following up this article.. Nagoya Uni “Significantly small amount of fuel remaining in Reactor 2″ / No announcement about underground


[Column] Couldn’t have time to get the Donation function back today

I was planning to get the Donation function back today but seems like I can’t do it by today. will be tomorrow.   I have too many things in my


[Reluctant media] Press conference of NRA about sea contamination is nearly empty

On 7/22/2013, Tepco officially admitted the contaminated groundwater is flowing to the sea, and also the seawater comes up to the ground. (cf, [Breaking] Tepco officially admitted contaminated water is

Column Cover-ups

[Column] I hope my presence encourages all kinds of people to question the world

Even if the odds are against us, our urging tenacity to the goal relieves us from the fear to lose. My goal is to convince everyone in the world that


[Column] Conceal the truth from outside of Japan? Do it if you can.

Having the same view as everyone doesn’t promise you to be right. Society always needs someone “abnormal” to seek a chance. However, it’s very difficult to be different. Especially when


Fukushima documentary A2 had possibly NO media coverage after press conference of Foreign Correspondents’ Club

On 7/10/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “[Strategy shift ?] JP major companies sponsor European film fes to award honest Fukushima documentary “A2″” [URL] From the interview of Fukushima Diary with the


[Column] Where’s the ideal country as quiet as a forest ?

There are always people to say Fukushima Diary is a demagogue, but most of the articles on Fukushima Diary are based on Tepco’s report. If it’s a lie, it’s Tepco’s

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Don’t wait for them to report the truth and save us.

When you turn on the TV in Romania, you’ll see they broadcast exactly the same TV shows as US, France and Japan. Even if it’s news, music, comedy, they all

Column Cover-ups

[Column] Courage to be a weirdo

This day last year, they protested against the restart of Ohi nuclear plant. Fukushima Diary followed them all day and all night. After all, it was “successfully” restarted and we


[Express] “Why more and more people having the pain on the sole of foot ?”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> This morning NHK reported more and more people are having the pain on the sole of foot. In the news