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[Column] Reality

If you think media is to report the facts, it’s wrong. Media is to create the facts. They are the reality maker. If they report it, it’s real. If they


Radiation watcher is losing his eyesight after visiting Fukushima and other hotspots

Fukushima Diary has been reporting a lot of videos of this radiation watcher. He measured radiation level on the street and black substance in Fukushima, Ibaraki, and other locations called


Fukushima medical uni “It’s important to collect medical data before outbreak to come in 4~5 years”

Fukushima local government is keeping people within the prefecture as if Fukushima accident put no impact. However, Fukushima medical university is actually aware of the health risk related to Fukushima


Japanese journalist suffers from severe diarrhea after visiting Fukushima plant

Following up this article ..[LIVE] Inside of Fukushima plants (1,500 microSv/h in the bus) A Japanese journalist, Iwakami Yasumi has been suffering from severe diarrhea since he visited Fukushima Plants.


5 mSv of exposure may increase the cancer risk as double as average

5 mSv of exposure may increase the cancer risk as double as average   Prof. Miyao from Information technology center, Nagoya university found out the low level of exposure may


Pros and cons about evacuation

  I was asked if I think the 311 was artificial, but my I answer is I don’t know. For me, it’s very difficult to believe because Japan is the


Symptoms unreported

      As I said on my last video, fixers are working so hard so no one reports what is going on in our bodies. My parents are living


What was Fukushima ?

  This is been one of the biggest theme of this blog, and my activity. It’s still vague but we are slowly starting to know what it actually is. From


More Japanese people are having bruise

(Source) “I don’t remember when I got this but huge bruise are everywhere on my legs.” This kind of the tweets are often observed. Most of them don’t associate it


Twins suffer from radionuclide because of a contaminated car

In Hokkaido, because of only one contaminated car, twins (13) got sick and even a doctor had to give them a medical certificate to tell their symptoms can be from