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Expert of Tokyo Uni “Evacuation increases cancer more than radiation”

Assistant professor of the department of radiology, Nakagawa Keiichi from The University of Tokyo Hospital states that radiation won’t increase cancer, but evacuation will increase cancer.   This statement is included

Misinformation Politics

Japanese citizen “NHK concealed my interview to say the health condition improved after evacuation from Kanto area”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that NHK concealed her interview to include information to recommend evacuation from Kanto area.   1:37 5/9/2014 “I evacuated to Shimane prefecture (Western Japan)


[Photo] Fukushima children play in indoor sandbox

    Children in Motomiya city Fukushima play in indoor sandbox. An assembly member of the Japanese communist party posted on Twitter the picture of actually playing children in the

Effects to be confirmed

Evacuee to Kyushu “Blood test result became back normal after 3 months staying in Western Japan”

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that the blood test results including white cell count became normal 3 months after relocation to western Japan. Unfortunately, Fukushima Diary couldn’t identify the


[Express] “Conflict in an evacuee family”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Yesterday my husband suddenly visited us. Frighteningly he became even more selfish and arrogant. He told me I’m obsessed with


[Column] Even if the entire world was contaminated

Some of the readers say Fukushima DIary reports too much bad news, should feature more good news to take balance. I think that’s true in a sense. However, nobody dies


[Column] You’ll never have a moment twice in your life

At 13:00 of 3/18/2011 , I was in the car with all the windows and doors closed, air conditioner turned off. That was 2 days after the biggest plume hit


Defense counsel of Fukushima group evacuation lawsuit, “3 police officers died of acute leukemia in 40~50km area”

According to laywer Yanagihara of defense counsel about Fukushima group evacuation lawsuit, 3 police officers died of acute leukemia. “福島県の相馬地区は、原発から40~50キロも離れているところです。たしかに、原発事故直後、盗難などを防止するために多くの警察官が派遣されていたそうですが、3名もの急性白血病による死者というのは、水面下でたいへんな事態が進んでいるということです。子どもたちの避難(疎開)を、国が率先して進めないと今後とんでもない被害が予想されます。” <Translate> Soma area of Fukushima prefecture is 40 ~ 50


[Column] 25th month of 2011 is starting

Someone I know on Twitter moved to South east Asia. It was due to the business of her husband, but for her, it was an evacuation. She was with her


[Column] Desert island

Last week I left US and now I’m in an Eastern European country. I could tell the country name but soon I’ll need to conceal my location, this is a