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Effects to be confirmed

Fukushima elementary school infirmary reported in summer of 2011 “Unusual number of children had nosebleed”

  A Fukushima citizen posted on twitter that an elementary school infirmary reported that unusual number of children had nosebleed in 2011.   The citizen was a mother of 8

Support by eating

TV personality enjoyed manual rice planting with 9 ~ 10 y.o students in Fukushima / 60km from Fukushima nuclear plant

  On 5/23/2014, a TV personality Ohmomo Miyoko performed rice planting with 80 children to fight harmful rumor. It was in Yabuki machi, where is only 60km from Fukushima nuclear


Ibaraki elementary school to have a “rice-planting” class for 9~12 y.o students in 270 Bq/Kg / “Come with socks”

An elementary school in Ibaraki prefecture is going to hold a “rice-planting” class for 9~10 and 11~12 years old students. It’s “N” elementary school in Ushiku city. (Probably the school

Domestic and global Environment

Cesium-134/137 level spiked in 21 elementary school ground soil in Kamakura in 2013

Note : Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary. Fukushima Diary is genuinely supported by your donation. Monthly recurring donation is also appreciated.     Cesium-134/137 density spiked up in 13


Latest photo of Ukedo elementary school in Fukushima

Ukedo elementary school is in Namie-machi Fukushima. It’s 500m from the sea. The school facility still remains the same since after Tsunami attack of 311. Japanese government is preparing to


20,000 Bq/Kg from school swimming pool sediment in Miyagi prefecture

According to a citizens’ radiation monitoring station in Kakuda city Miyagi prefecture, significantly high level of Cs-134/137 was measured from sediment in a swimming pool. The pool is located in

Natural disasters

Ebina city board of education to shut down their educational facilities for the potential eruption of Mt. Fuji

Ebina city board of education in Kanagawa decided to abandon the educational facility “Fuji communication forest” in the end of this November. The facility is situated in Yamanashi prefecture. It’s


Radiation level spiked from 57.1 μSv/h to 90 μSv/h within 3 months in an elementary school of Fukushima city

A citizen’s volunteer group reported they measured 90 μSv/h in an elementary school of Fukushima city. The location is beside the entrance. Measurement was conducted this June. Back in March,


All the students evacuated but one student,yet school held a sports meeting in 62km area for unity of local community

On 5/26/2013, Ohnami elementary school in Fukushima city held a sports meeting with only one student. There were 30 students in this school but everyone evacuated by this Spring except


[Express] “Elementary school to dump decontamination waste in playground”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> They were decontaminating the embankment of an elementary school in Koriyama city Fukushima. They haven’t decontaminated it for 2 years.