Cesium-134/137 level spiked in 21 elementary school ground soil in Kamakura in 2013

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Cesium-134/137 density spiked up in 13 of 16 elementary school ground soil of Kamakura in 2013.

In these 16 schools, Cesium-134/137 density was lower than detectable level in 2012, however it jumped up in 13 schools in 2013. The highest reading was 137 Bq/Kg in total of Cesium-134/137. This is 1.3 times much as the food safety limit.


The measurement time was in August in both of the years. The cause is not known and Kamakura municipal government has made no announcement either.

Additionally, Cesium-134/137 was measured in 8 more schools that they didn’t take the samples of in 2012. Among those schools, the highest reading was 156 Bq/Kg in total of Cesium-134/137.





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La radioactivité en césium monte en flèche en 2013 dans le sol de 21 écoles élémentaires de Kamakura
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La radioactivité en césium 134/137 est montée en flèche dans le sol de 13 des 16 écoles élémentaires  de Kamakura en 2013.

Pour ces 16 écoles, la radioactivité en césium 134/137 était inférieure au détectable en 2012, elle est néanmoins passée à 13 écoles en 2013. Le record a été de 137 Bq/kg de total en césium 134/137. C’est à 130%  de la limite de sécurité alimentaire.

Les relevés ont été faits en août les deux années. La cause n’est pas établie et la municipalité de Kamakura n’en a fait aucun communiqué non plus.
De plus, du césium 134/137 a été relevé dans 8 écoles autres que celles échantillonnées en 2012. Pour ces écoles le record est de 156 Bq/kg en césium 134/137 total.


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  1. 200 kM

    Well, assuming that the signature isotope Cs-134 is present in the stiochiometric proportion of about 1/3, then the NEW detect locations are about 200 kM from Fukushima. This would not be from primary deposition, if the earlier measurements were ‘good data’.

    So perhaps ‘Sea-Land’ Transfer function or perhaps from incineration of Fukushima Daiichi Rubble or erosional & windblown.

    200 km from the plant

  2. Incineration and aerial ‘dispersal’ seems the most likely cause, but let’s not forget the plan (presumably carried out) to dump irradiated sludge in a landfill in Tokyo Bay. (Mainichi Shimbun 14/10/2011)

    1. Definition: Contamination versus Irradiation

      Keeping the terminology straight

      We are concerned with contamination by nuclear fallout, from Fukushima. Some of the isotopes of concern are Cesium-134, Cesium-137, Strontium-90 and Tritium.

      Irradiation typically refers to a benign purification of food method. Milk is irradiated.

      If we try to keep the terminology straight, then it will be less confusing for the readers.


      Bill Duff

      1. The word ‘irradiated’ is used fairly often to mean ‘contaminated with radiation’, eg in Bloomberg:

        ‘Japanese fisheries cooperatives, said in a statement submitted to Trade Minister Toshimitsu Motegi that the discharge of any irradiated water from the Dai-Ichi plant would be unacceptable.’

        www bloomberg com/news/2013-09-06/tepco-irradiated-water-find-may-signal-problem-for-bypass-plan.html

        However most dictionaries exclude this definition, and Bill is right to point out that such use invites confusion.

        Is there a single word that does convey ‘contaminated with radiation’?

        1. The Mendacity Media is seldom interested in clarity and/or accuracy.

          They are duplicitous by nature and liars by ‘stock in trade’.

          The Press Pricks deliberately interchange contamination with irradiation to ‘muddy the waters’.

          It is best, when attempting to communicate to consider ‘irradiation’ to be a beam that passed through a food product, to kill germs. There are no residual radiation effects following such ‘irradiation’. One may use the terms, properly and without confusion, in several ways, as ‘terms of art’ within particular technical fields.

          Nuclear Fallout is very clear; as in the deadly ‘Black Rain’ that fell in/near Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan; after Harry Truman ‘nuked’ them.

          I have coined a phrase ‘Wash Out’ to describe the Fukushima radionuclide contamination that is washing into the Pacific Ocean. It is merely an attempt to be more visually descriptive.


          Bill Duff

  3. Pollen & Leaves

    Lots of routes for the radioactive Fukushima Fallout to move about.

    Pollen & Leaves can be loaded with some isotopes in the soil and then become wind born.

    Fungus and mushrooms can bioaccumulate


    Bill Duff

  4. The readings says 0,001 to 0,019 μsv/h this will yield radiation levels of 0,009 to 0,17 msv/year per year(Take care to notice the change in prefix from micro to milli). Considering the background radiation is 3.83 msv/year in Japan and as high as 6,24 msv/year in USA. This extra radiation is negligible and harmless.

    1. Incorrect:

      Background radiation is harmful, down to 15 minutes sunlight (UV) per week, which is (basically) essential.

      Certain man-made (anthropomorphic) isotopes CONCENTRATE in particular tissues and/or cause significant health problems. Strontium-90 concentrates in the bones, resulting in Leukemia(s) and if memory serves bone cancer(s).

      ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) is the WATCHWORD for radiation exposure.

      Airline crews, like mountain-climbers, and astronauts, are subject to IMMENSE levels of radiation and PAY a price.

      Guam Islanders have high cancer rates due to INCREASED background radionuclide exposures, from weapon tests and disposal sites.


      Bill Duff

      1. The Left Coast Impact

        The Left Coast of North America is the ‘New Guam’ or the new Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Utah ‘Down Winders’

        The Jet Stream brought Fukushima Wave 1. Surface wind packets delivered Fukushima Wave 2. Migratory Fish brought a preview of Fukushima Wave 3.

        Fukushima Wave 3 is Oceanic Low Level Contamination scattered across the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

        Fukushima Waves (1 & 2) prepped the population and sea life. Radiation exposure is cumulative. Fukushima Wave 3 is arriving this year.

        Embrace the Suck!


        Bill Duff

          1. Niall

            Niall, you are a lying fucker!

            The ‘Team Nuke’ Trolls are gracing us with their presence, of late.

            Lots of Deliberate Logical Fallacies, lies, half-truths, false-assurances, nescience, pseudo-science AND sprinkled with denialism with a smattering of radiation hormesis.

            Batten the hatches, for an incoming TROLL attack.


            Bill Duff

    2. LM:Your Logical Fallacies are –

      http www logicallyfallacious com/ (index) (php/logical-fallacies/37-appeal-to-nature)

      Appeal to Nature Argumentum ad Naturam

      Appeal to tradition (Argumentum ad antiquitatem)

      1. The Appeal to Nature logical fallacy:

        Dead is ‘NATURAL’ as are: Anthrax, Polio, Smallpox and Malaria.

        http www fallacyfiles org/ (adnature) html

        An argument is said to “appeal to nature” when it claims that something is good because it’s natural, or bad because it’s unnatural. What is logically wrong with appealing to nature? One problem is that the concept of the natural is vague. For instance, is the human use of fire “natural”? Maybe, maybe not. Is it “natural” for people to wear clothes? Yes and no. The vagueness of the notion of naturalness does not mean that it is useless, since there are many clearcut cases of the natural and the unnatural. However, it will be unclear whether an appeal to nature that is based on a borderline case is sound, because it will be unclear whether one of its premisses is true or false.

        Another problem is that the word “natural” is loaded with a positive evaluation, much like the word “normal”. So, to call something “natural” is not simply to describe it, but to praise it. This explains why it sometimes sounds odd to call some things “natural” or “unnatural”. For instance, it is unnatural to wear shoes, but few would wish to condemn the practice. For this reason, to call something “natural” and then to conclude that it is, therefore, good may beg the question.

        Finally, a little thought will indicate that there are many natural things that are not good, and plenty of unnatural things that are not bad. Riding a bicycle is a highly unnatural act, and bicycles are obviously manmade objects, but who would condemn the act of riding one? Similarly, poisonous plants and animals are as natural as any other living things, yet who would recommend eating them?

  5. No radiation is harmless
    You may mean less severe, but never harmless

    Bio accumulation
    small amounts increase in total radiation.

    Drinking/ breathing/eating a little radiation may not you
    but do it everyday, and it will harm you..

    Radiation is usually a slow death
    FAR From Harmless

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