[Column] Kamikaze and contaminated water


On 8/8/2013, Tepco released a shocking report.

Tepco’s planning to “bypass” the groundwater to the sea, which is supposed to be the last hope, but it is anticipated that it would gather additional groundwater from surrounding areas.


Fukushima nuclear plant is surrounded by the mountain and the sea. 1,000 tones of groundwater comes from the mountain to the plant, and is changed to be the contaminated water when it flows to the sea.


Tepco was stating they are going to pump up the water before it’s contaminated upstream of the plant buildings, and discharge it to the sea.
Probably the pumped water would be already contaminated. However, it was almost their last hope.


According to their simulation, due to the lessen pressure of groundwater, additional 600 tones of groundwater would flow to the plant even if they bypass it.
After all, the volume of water to flow into the plant and the sea would not be decreased.


The “bypass project” would end up being just a “performance” for the international world.


So how did they treat the 1,000 tones / day of groundwater before 311 ?


They used to pump up the water by “sub-drain” situated around the plant buildings. Sub-drain is like well to pump up the groundwater.
There used to be 59 sub-drain pits around the buildings so they controlled the water pressure and buoyancy against the buildings before 311.
After 311, they were all contaminated and crippled.


Now that we found the bypass project won’t work, reviving the sub-drain would be the only solution.


However, about half of the pits are not available. The remaining pits require decontamination.
They plan to make new ones too but it’s up to only 13. At this moment, only 2 pits are completed.


Reviving the sub-drain would require significant number of the workers.
Tepco plans to start the decontamination of sub-drain from September of next year. They hope to get it in operation from the second half of 2015.


Reviving sub-drain may need the human-wave tactics.
Soon Japan is going to be forced to choose one from these – contaminate the sea or contaminate human.


If Japan decides to remember “Kamikaze”, it would be around the end of 2014.


Truth is not truth because everyone believes in it. It’s the truth because it’s consistent and can’t be rebutted.


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[Édito] Kamikazes et eaux extrêmement radioactives


Le 8 août 2013, Tepco a publié un rapport choquant : Le planning de Tepco pour “dériver” les eaux souterraines directement dans la mer, ce qui est supposé être le dernier espoir mais dont on sait déjà que ça va drainer des eaux souterraines supplémentaires depuis les environs.

La centrale nucléaire de Fukushima est encadrée par la montagne et la mer. 1 000 tonnes d’eaux souterraines descendent tous les jours de la montagne sur la centrale et en devient extrêmement radioactive avant de se déverser en mer.

Tepco affirmait qu’ils allaient les pomper en amont des bâtiments de la centrale et les déverser directement à a mer.
Les eaux qu’ils vont pomper seront sans doute déjà contaminées.
C’est pourtant pratiquement leur dernier espoir.

Selon leur simulation, 600 tonnes de plus d’eaux souterraines vont entrer dans la centrale malgré la dérivation à cause de la baisse de la pression des eaux souterraines.
Au final, le volume des eaux entrant dans la centrale et la mer restera le même.

Le “projet de dérivation” va se révéler au final n’être qu’un “spectacle” pour le monde international.

Comment ont-ils alors traité ces 1 000 tonnes / jour d’eaux souterraines avant le 11-3 ?

Ils pompaient l’eau par le “canal d’évacuation” entourant les bâtiments de la centrale . Un canal d’évacuation est un peu comme un puits qui attire et pompe les eaux souterraines.
Ils se servaient de 59 puits disposés autour des bâtiments pour controler la pression et la force de l’eau contre les bâtiments, avant le 11-3.
Ils sont tous contaminés et dévastés depuis le 11-3.

Maintenant qu’on que le projet de dérivation ne marchera pas, remettre en état les puits d’évacuation sera la seule solution.

Néanmoins, environ la moitié des puits n’est plus disponible. Les  puits restants nécessitent d’être décontaminés.
Ils prévoient d’en faire de nouveaux mais 13 tout au plus. Il n’y a que 2 puits terminés pour l’instant.

Restaurer les évacuations va demander une main-d’œuvre importante.
Tepco prévoie de commencer la décontamination des évacuations à partir de septembre de l’an prochain. Ils espèrent les remettre en service durant la seconde moité de 2015.

Restaurer les évacuations nécessitera de mettre en pratique la tactique des vagues humaines.
Le Japon va bientôt être forcé de choisir entre les deux : contaminer la mer ou contaminer des  humains.

Si le Japon décide de se souvenir des “Kamikazes”, ce sera vers la fin de 2014.


Ce n’est pas la vérité parce que tout le monde y croit. C’est la vérité parce que c’est cohérent et irréfutable.

  1. Presumably the Fukushima Ground Water Diversion Project will resemble a terraced farmland plot. The Japanese are quite skilled at such CONVENTIONAL engineering & construction projects.

    The water diversion project will require valves and drains to allow water control, not merely passive water diversion to the Pacific Ocean.

    The UNDISCLOSED CORIUM locations and elevations (+/- AMSL) will require continued, perhaps eternal cooling. The runoff will of course be highly contaminated and will require filtration, treatment and storage.

    A properly constructed Fukushima ground water control project, could be, for the most part, passive in nature. This is a GOVERNMENT sized project and is presumably WAY out of the TEPCO capability level.

    Bill Duff

    1. Japanese culture is dont ask help,just be shut up.Tepco is really out of money,they need government and international help.China,Usa,and Russian help they need?When Chernobyl accident happened,Gorbatshov ordered 200 000 men there.

      There is solution allways,not so good but better than now.

      Tepco need about 10 000-20 000 more workers immediately.Army is good choice.

  2. Gov’t sized project, what in the world is that?
    The govt can’t do any better.

    This whole “water” thing needs to stop.

    Use chemicals (borax,zio, ect) like russia did
    and put an end to this foolishness.

    Seal something, anything would be an improvment.
    Still radiating land and air also.

  3. Gov’t sized project, what in the world is that?
    The govt can’t do any better.

    This whole “water” thing needs to stop.

    Use chemicals (borax,zio, ect) like russia did
    and put an end to this foolishness.

    Seal something, anything would be an improvment.
    Still radiating land and air also.

    1. TEPCO is now bankrupt, insolvent, an orphan ward of the state. TEPCO can not do ANYTHING except continue to lie, AND act as a conduit for Japan governmental policy and funds.

      TEPCO was NEVER capable of handling this disaster, with any amount of money. The price tag for this disaster is on the order of $5T USA; IF it can be cleaned up at all, ever.

      The project is by default, now a (Japan) Government Size Project, as TEPCO is in utter and total DEFAULT on every obligation: financial, fiduciary, moral, technical, operational, architectural, managerial, ethical, social, societal, environmental, legal …

      Bill Duff

      1. and the horse they rode in on
        lol, I know what you mean Bill

        By international law the resonsibility is with Japan. (Gov’t)
        They have already given tepco a huge chunk of change.

        Either way, what has been done up to this point needs to stop.
        All the money in the world will accomplish nothing if they
        continue down the same path with water cooling untill so called removal.
        (They don’t even know where most of the tons of fuel is)

        After who knows how long and they find it, anything removed will have to be stored, and they are not sure how to do that even.

        Each day brings tons of radiated water to store even without the ground water problem.

        Unless the plan changes and they go for containment, gov’t takeover
        will only feed the circle jerk with unlimited funds and it will grow.

        Yes have the JDF man a bunch of pumps with tons of chemicals and cement.

        Why are they trying to salvage this place, data, spare parts?
        They need containment.The people are the gov’t, They need to demand it

        1. They ARE diligently ‘clearing the rubble’ away from the work zone. This is necessary. Some of the debris AND structural parts are so radioactive, that it would be fatal to even stand near it, for a few minutes.

          The Japanese AND the USA, together with the contractors as well as the International Agencies, CANNOT DEAL WITH the reality of what has transpired at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The global media and academia are similarly dumbstruck by the enormity of the disaster.

          Some VERY good intentions (nuclear test ban treaties) have produced some HORRIBLE results, (a FDU-3 MOX fueled atomic explosion). They cannot collectively ‘lie their way out of it’, or bring themselves to tell the truth about it.

          I don’t think that ‘the corner will be turned’, until the truth is out. I am not certain that the corner will EVER be turned.

          A better designed ORIGINAL groundwater diversion project, would have been able to (emergency) cool the reactors, and the meltdowns would have never happened. That is part of the tragedy.


          Bill Duff

  4. Close the bay, create a closed bay and partially fill it with zeolithe. Meanwhile create a dam on mountain side to control and lessen the underground water flow. These parts could be the government’s one, ok. Then ask people who know how to deviate water streems using stones, crystals,…

    But everything could become internationally supervised. Ask for conventional, scientific and non conventional, non scientific assessment or accept it!

    All the best to you Iori

  5. the term “Kamikaze” is much like ‘Tsunami’ in the manner its become more of a stereotype rather than what it truly is. needless to say ‘kami’ is ‘god’ & ‘kaze’ is ‘wind’… fact is an isolated island-chain like Japan is ‘guarded’ by several bodies of seas & thus that creates wind & ocean currents that often ‘protect’ the nation in form of Kami’s Kaze.

    this was most known on the fateful journey of the Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombs of World War 2 as out of some divine pittance of morality America agreed beforehand they would not drop the bomb on the old capital of Kyoto apparently because of its ‘cultural heritage’ but there was no doubt Tokyo was on the A-list. we are talking bout planes in the 1940’s so alot relies on the pilot & the wind currents & it is said the A-bomb was supposed to be dropped on Tokyo as Hiroshima was not a preliminary target because of too many civilians, but nobody really cared.. the bombs had to be dropped ‘or else’ & thats where the world splits into two of people justifying the A-bomb to ‘end the war’. how this happened is the vanishing point of Kamikaze which is in fact Mount Fuji being the largest source of current shift & it is said the Kamikaze hid Mt. Fuji on that day making it very hard to navigate into Japan. so you could sorely say, Mt. Fuji was a landmark American bombers used to burn down much of what is Tokyo today. it is also said there was a 3rd A-bomb on standby that may have been dropped on Tokyo for sure this time if Japan didnt surrender on their watch.

    ironically once more.. thanks to the general ‘science’ behind kamikaze now it is the one & only source that spreads Fukushima radioactivity so irresponsibly & effectively. the ocean currents such as the ‘kuroshio’ & such are actively helping as toilet flushes contaminating much of the northern continents.. Alaska perhaps feeling the full brunt of it. i wouldnt be surprised if Mt. Fuji is utterly contaminated by radiation if not by World Heritage status garbage. it is only a matter of time USA will have a catastrophe immeasurable to Fukushima because nobody really knows or cares of how to decommission a Nuclear Reactor effectively.. of course its been done in the USA but the big question is where all the ‘cold caskets’ go. its not your problem nor theirs until your very own child is coughing up blood.

    so the long crash-course in Kamikaze piloting.. the world sees Kamikaze as a bunch of tiny angry JAPS in their planes bombing as human torpedoes & that just doesnt do any justice for anything truly japanese.. we have to give them credit they were somehow protecting the true meaning of Kamikaze by sacrificing themselves. my old highschool friend found out later in life that his father was a Kamikaze Pilot & he really started to become mentally ill.. he eventually tattooed a picture of his father from the ‘last photo’ those pilots left behind for their families into his shoulder.. his girlfriend freaked out one day screaming she saw the tattoo crying blood from its eyes.

    my life has been in a nosedive ever since.

    Ziro Japan

  6. If I may respectfully comment a personal view. The individual Kamikaze pilot was a self-sacrificing and much feared hero, defending ‘hearth & home’, and family near at hand. The defenders of the Alamo and Thermopoli are honored for the same voluntary act. The official Japan national policy was/is considered in a bad light for suicide airplanes, torpedos and suicidal bayonette charges.

    Many Americans considered the ‘All Out War’ to be precisely that, in that Japan did not adopt or adhere to the Geneva Accords. Every weapon and every tactic was therefore considered ‘a fair response’ to attacks on Hawai’i, Alaska and Pacific Island territories. National punishment for POW mistreatment played a part. The desire to reduce American military casualties also played a part. Tokyo firebombing, like the Dresden firebombing was considered to be equivalent to a nuclear attack.

    There was no need to justify atomic bomb use to the American public. Tnere was little private remorse and no public remorse. But that was 70 years ago. These are merely a few short sentences for a very complex subject, among allied nations, who were at odds, many years ago.

    The program was started to bomb Germany and the weapons were later aimed, with deadly intent, at the USSR and China. I have been on the Strategic Air Command ‘ready line’, loaded and ready to ‘go to Russia’. There was no bluff and no blinking, then or now.


    Bill Duff

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