[Column] Can’t be tolerant about “Godzilla” comments for Fukushima

I read the article of Asahi digital about highly radioactive substance found in Naraha.
The substance was found about one month ago. I don’t know why they wrote about it now.
The article itself was ok. but I was a little offended by some comments under the article.
It said Godzilla.

I know Japan is spreading contamination all over the Pacific. but it’s the international nuclear industry.
Each citizen is the victim.
Speaking of Godzilla is utterly unacceptable. I don’t have the responsibility to educate such people but sometimes I become
hopeless about those who read news to expect something bizarre.
It’s the matter of people’s life on-going.

Actually Fukushima has no Godzilla, sorry.
The Fukushima evacuee told me in Budapest that the Fukushima economy is unexpectedly good.
The job offer rate for graduates is 100%. It’s full of business

in medical sector.

Doctors and nurses are leaving.
I asked her if doctors’ leaving doesn’t make them feel insecure.
She said, they don’t.

I can’t understand this psychological something.
If it was a Godzilla, everyone would have left 2 years ago. Because they can see it.


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Truth is not truth because everyone believes in it. It’s the truth because it’s consistent and can’t be rebutted.


Français :

[Édito] Je ne peux pas tolérer ces déclarations de “Godzilla à Fukushima”


Je lis un article de Asahi digital sur les substances extrêmement radioactives trouvées à Naraha.
La substance a été découverte il y a environ un mois. Je ne sais pas pourquoi ils n’en parlent que maintenant.
L’article lui-même est bien mais je me suis senti un peu offensé par certains commentaires postés dessous.
Ça parle de Godzilla.

Je sais que le Japon répand de la radioactivité dans tout le Pacifique. mais c’est l’industrie nucléaire internationale.
Chaque habitant en est la victime.
Parler de Godzilla est complètement inacceptable. Je n’ai aucune responsabilité pour éduquer des gens comme ça mais je perds parfois espoir envers ceux qui lisent les informations en en attendant des choses bizarres.
Ça concerne la vie des gens.

De fait, il n’y a pas de Godzilla dans Fukushima, désolé.
Les réfugiés de Fukushima m’ont dit à Budapest que l’économie de Fukushima est étonnamment bonne.
Les offres d’emploi pour les diplômés sont à 100 %. C’est plein d’emploi …

… dans le secteur médical.

Les médecins et les infirmières s’en vont.
Je lui ai demandé si ces médecins qui partent n’inquiètent pas.
Elle m’a répondu que non.
Je ne peux pas comprendre cette chose psychologique.
Si ça avait été un Godzilla, tout le monde serait parti il y a 2 ans. Parce qu’ils ne le voient pas.

La semaine dernière, j’ai publié que j’allais retirer les boutons et les trucs pour les dons.
J’ai enfin réussi à trouver le temps de le faire.
N’en soyez pas choqués ni suspicieux, je prépare la disparition des moyens précédents de faire vos dons.
Je ne suis sponsorisé par aucune société. Je veux seulement que ça ait l’air propre.

Merci pour votre soutien depuis le début. Je le remettrai plus tard. Je me concentrerai sur les comptes-rendus de Fukushima dans l’intervalle.

Ce n’est pas la vérité parce que tout le monde y croit. C’est la vérité parce que c’est cohérent et irréfutable.

  1. Indeed.

    Fukushima is very real though many polutants are invisible to the eye.
    Godzilla is ficticious, though a very visible and recognizable creation of media.

    Besides that, Fukushima would have sterilized, then killed Godzilla long ago!
    I have no doubts.
    Not even Atom Boy could stop that.

  2. well they say when ur annoyed or offended by an unguarded ‘opinion’ there tends to be divine truth in it.

    for example.. it was the Japanese who played GOD giving the creature the metaphorical name GOD-zilla.. this is where they went wrong even tho they intended gojira or gozira one can figure its a Gorilla pun. then they name BASEBALL players after this monster.. Matsui Hideki to be exact.. which was very questionable at the time because he got that title being regarded as not-so-handsome of a ballplayer at the time. his somewhat crumpled face with the power of what old japanese would regard as ‘Benkei’s swing theres a greater pretty-boy deity called Ushiwakamaru that controls him. so the coincidence? Gojira Matsui retired almost at the same time as the Tohoku Catastrophe.. in fact hes noted as one of the highest donating ‘entertainer’ sportsman to the Quake, also because his hometown was affected. and while the japan tailspins on a ‘zero-fighter’ into madness, we are just concerned that Hideki gets a nice pat-on-the-back in a Yankees uniform.. already tainted by being around A-Rod’s legacy.

    again.. grossly misplaced priorities.. GOD jeering has too much on us.

    so like it was a standing bet between GOD (apparently male) & his bro The Devil.. who said hed bet the Souls Of ALL Mankind that no matter how much Woman is perfected, she will do anything for Money.

    guess who won?


  3. Most people look at sites on the internet for entertainment.
    They don’t understand the gravity of the situation,
    so make comments for their own amusement.
    You just have to ignore them, they will go back to surfing porn or whatever if you don’t pay any attention.
    For you this is life threatening serious situation, for 99% of people its a story that they think doesn’t affect them at all.
    A tornado has to come to their street before the outside world becomes relevant.
    Cheers Helen

    1. Quote: “this is life threatening serious situation”

      I agree, despite the oversimplification. Please understand, i do not come to this site for entertainment, i come here for information, insight, and eyewitness reports. There are too damn few sites like Mochizuki-san’s.

      I only attempt to use a little levity as a coping mechanism, and hope that a little laughter may ease the suffering of those immediately effected, even if only briefly.

      Here on the West Coast, a “tornado has” come to “my” street.

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