A major confection brand makes ice cream in Minamisoma Fukushima

The Ice cream products of a major confection brand are made in Minamisoma city Fukushima.


[Express] A major confection brand makes ice cream in Minamisoma Fukushima





You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

Un major de la confection fabrique ses crèmes glacées à Minamisoma de Fukushima


Les crèmes glacées d’un major de la confection sont fabriquées à Minamisoma dans Fukushima.

[Express] A major confection brand makes ice cream in Minamisoma Fukushima


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. I Scream MADE IN TAIWAN

    Taiwan says nuclear power plant may have leaked toxic water

    August 09, 2013


    TAIPEI–A nuclear power plant in Taiwan may have been leaking radioactive water for three years, according to a report published by the government’s watchdog, adding to uncertainty over the fate of a new fourth nuclear power plant.

    The First Nuclear Power Plant, located in densely populated northern Taiwan, has been leaking toxic water from storage pools of two reactors, said the watchdog, called the Control Yuan.

    An official of Taiwan Power Co., which builds the island’s nuclear power plants, said the water did not come from the storage pools, but may have come from condensation or water used for cleaning up the floor.

    “We have explained to the Control Yuan, but they turned it down. They asked us to look into if other causes were involved,” said the official. He declined to be identified as the matter is sensitive.

    Plans to build a fourth nuclear plant in Taiwan are becoming controversial. Scuffles broke out between legislators at a parliamentary debate on the plant this week.

    Currently, Taiwan has three operational nuclear power plants and six reactors.



  2. You are leaving out many important details. What major brand is this? When was the photo taken? Where was the ice cream purchased? Without details like that, this is just a picture of an old label with an unfortunate address.

  3. what does it matter? its just that you cant read Japanese so this Fukushima meltdown has nothing to do with you… i cant believe how ignorant you Americans are.. to you no other language than Money & English exists.. did you know theres well over 80 different dialects across the world? & only you are important. memememememememe.

    heres the translation baby icecream lover is wahwahing over :

    barcode : 49661323 (this may seem sarcastic but here lies the produce date)

    nutritional value : none (sarcastic)


    Milk 7.5% Milkfat 8.1%

    Ingredients : Milk, Diary Produce, Sugar, Strawberry Extract, Starch Syrup, Emulsifier, Preservatives (Polysaccharide thickener), Synthetic Flavoring Agent, Acidulant, Organic Food Coloring (Caesium etc)

    contents : 120ml

    distributor : Ezaki Gurico Stock Company

    producer : Matsunaga Milk Products Stock Company
    Fukushima Prefecture Minami-Souma City
    Haramachi District Upper Shibusakou

    recommended storage : for home use below 18C

    fruit contents : 10% SPOON NOT INCLUDED FOR CRYBABIES

    “Makiba Shibori”

    “wow he can read japanese upsidedown”

    -bedsheet not made of actual flowers-

    ice scream poopoo happy now? radioactive milk good for you!

    –end sarcasm–

  4. It may surprise you, but I live in Tokyo. I’ve been here for 15 years and I read Japanese. I can read the label myself, upside down, too. But I admit I’m not fluent in bar codes. I also admit I missed the Glico bit as the blue box was so prominently highlighting the manufacturer. That would have led me to simply write to them directly.

    Wahwahing? Mememe? I didn’t think so. I’ve noticed Japan-based gaijin passing this photo around the internet the past couple days without having all the facts. I’d like to understand what the real story is. That seems reasonable. You posted the photo, so I figured you might have the answers.

    Apparently, you do not. Sorry to have troubled you with my questions.

  5. japan is ending & you squabbling over a plastic candy wrapper is what im saying… im not the moderator of the site.. you just seem to go around kicking dirt on people. im from tokyo as well & im stressed beyond belief of peoples’ nonchalant attitudes.

    iorisan is who posted this & can you not take it as a kind gesture of concern? your concern is whether this site will get hit with a icandy defamation suit.. setting aside all the Deathreats this site gets on a daily basis from scared-to-death citizens running around with pitchforks. grasp the bigger picture! who cares what the actual geiger-counter pointed at confectionery is saying, as the majority that eats these candies are children. he, under his cynical guise, is trying to warn people before indulging in their anti-depressants.

    it seems all your heart needs is a popsicle stick!

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