[Column] What can be anticipated after the pro nuclear government stands


House of Councillors election just ended today. Now Japanese people are waiting for the definitive result.
The prompt report says anti nuclear activist, Yamamoto Taro won, at the same time, the pro nuclear party LDP is going to win over half of the seats with the clean government party.

I’ve not been posting about the political issues on Fukushima Diary because I know what the readers want to know the most is not there.
However, this is a very important thing so I’d like to make one post.

Taro’s winning is a bright side but generally the election result is going to be devastating as expected.
Since last election, LDP has been attempting the amendment of national constitute.
Now it is possible for them to do it with the support of a couple of other political parties.

Also, they are forward to restart all the nuclear plants in Japan. It would cause the serious shortage of the plant workers in Fukushima.
The amendment of national constitution enables them to start conscription for the supply of the workers.

Fukushima Diary has been warning about this since last year, and now legally and officially, it’s 99% in real.

You may say most of the Japanese people asked for the pro nuclear government.
but they are not aware of the possibility of the conscription.

Moreover, even if they didn’t vote for LDP, they must follow their order.
Bukowski said, in democracy, you obey after voting, but in communism, the voting process is curtailed.

Fukushima Diary will continue to update the world.



Don’t be their accomplice.


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[Édito] Ce qu’on peut anticiper de la victoire du du gouvernement pro-nucléaire


Les élections à la Chambre des Conseillers s’est terminée aujourd’hui. Les japonais attendent maintenant les résultats définitifs.
Le rapport préliminaire dit que le militant anti-nucléaire Yamamoto Taro est élu, en même temps le parti pro-nucléaire LPD va recevoir plus de la moitié des sièges avec l’appui du parti pour un gouvernement propre.

Je n’ai jamais publié d’histoires politiques dans le Fukushima Diary parce que je sais que ce que les lecteurs veulent le plus savoir n’est pas là-dedans.
Cependant, c’est une chose très importante alors je voudrais en faire un article.

La victoire de Taro est brillante mais le résultat général des élections va être catastrophique comme prévu.
Le LPD essaye d’amender la constitution nationale depuis les dernières élections.
Il leur est maintenant possible de le faire avec le soutien de quelques autres partis.

De plus, ils vont relancer toutes les centrales nucléaires du Japon. Ça va provoquer une grave pénurie de travailleurs pour la centrale de Fukushima.
L’amendement de la constitution nationale va leur permettre de lancer des conscription pour se fournir en travailleurs.

Le Fukushima Diary alerte là-dessus depuis l’an dernier et à présent on y est, légalement et officiellement, à 99%.

On peut toujours dire que la majorité des japonais a voulu un gouvernement pro-nucléaire.
mais ils ne sont pas au courant des possibilités des conscriptions.

Qui plus est, même s’ils n’ont pas voté LDP, ils doivent obéir aux ordres.
Bukowski disait dans une démocratie on obéit après avoir voté mais dans le communisme le processus de vote est raccourci.

Le Fukushima Diary continuera à informer le monde.

Ne soyez pas leurs complices.

  1. even if a new strongly pro-nuclear government stands up, i think it’s too late

    1) it will take a few months to restart these plants. the workers are all up at Fukushima.
    going from a cold start to production will take a while.

    2) the japanese have gone through 3 summers without significant nuclear power generation
    and japan didn’t have big blackouts. The need for nuclear electricity isn’t critical. it’s nice
    but they have other resources.

    3) Japan has about 50 reactors and to a first order about 50 GW of nuclear baseload generation.

    4) Japan installed over 4 GW of PV the first quarter of this year and is on track for another 8 GW this year.
    at that rate, within 2 years,Japan will install somewhere between around 20 GW by next summer.

    With that kind of power coming into the grid, the utilities will likely find it very hard to economically
    run their nuke plants. Nukes want to run at 100% power. running at 50% power, they tend to run unstable
    and they lose a lot of efficiency. The fuel still poisons and the staffing costs remain the same.
    Best they can do is try and balance production, shut down what they don’t use, rationally.

    My point is that at the rate Solar is coming on line, the utilities will find their nuke plants uneconomical
    and will need to focus their effort on gas turbine plants.

  2. It’s not an election but rather a selection. If I elect to rule myself, then I am denied by the powers that be.

  3. The new plutonium is needed elsewhere.
    The alien overlords demand it for powering and enabling ID transport. 😉

  4. i think above all what iori-san states is this is the grandest experiment on humanity.. & humanity will prove the end result to be very disappointing to everything other than humans. as my author of the week (coincidentally being his birthday 2day), Ernest Hemingway quotes :

    “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”

    this is near a perfect label for Japan atm.. so its a sign that Politics is alot like Ruinous Death.. it never changes.. theres no record of Death improving or bettering the lives of people. just people want to ride different automobiles & women to the end, thats all.

    its like a phobia.. everyone has one its nearly impossible to not & the last fail-safe fear is obviously Death. u can be macho & whip your dick out & smack death & Chuck Norris in the face, but probability says your fear is so suppressed in your mind you stopped caring of places like Hell. its the appreciation of life too.. i know a bunch of people who are just disgusted by bugs, a common phobia.. theyd rather spray cockroaches & whatnot with some chemical & watch it die rather than find other possible natural solutions. i try to find the rationality in that cuz they are probably just as afraid to be sprayed with some deadly chemical, lets say Caesium in a can for example, but thats how they solve their problems. so? if Nature had a problem called Humans, wouldnt this be one way to warn them of total eradication? i on the other hand, seem to have a problem of loving everything living other than Humans.. its quite a sad disorder. i marvel at a tiny winged insect.. sure some of them like mosquitoes & disease carriers are annoying but, even so i see that bug & just go wow, that creature is more complex than the worlds smartest microchip, & whats even more amazing is this tiny bug has a Heart… unlike most humans these days.

    tho i do hate humans & everything that comes with it, dont forget how amazing you are too. Animals are capable of “Love”. instead youre the only creature that is capable of destroying the ecosystem & of worshiping GOD & pretending there isnt one until you are laying in your deathbed selecting The Requiem.

    as stated above tho, its nice to be optimistic & all & just hoping your Savior has some miracle in store for humanity but logically as stated this is all about Money in the end. & these days money seems alot more than just ink & paper craftsmanship but rather the printing of doomed binary souls in essence. im not aware of whats keepin Tokyo & the rest of japan alive atm, but electricity-wise it seems to be some ancient thermal plants down near Yokosuka-Yokohama. to my understanding these must take an insane amount of petroleum to stay alight, with the global economy crumbling at Rockafeller’s feet. i always say its ironic humans are so addicted to petroleum cuz thats essentially fossil fuels, minerals that condensed into whats otherwise known as crude oil. whats ironic is thus humans began to act like dinosaurs, possessed in a sense by the same power-struggle that existed long before humans did. also to look at the Earth as a living being too.. Gaia or w/e.. if you had to draw a picture of ‘Her’ im sure it isnt going to be pretty with crayon butterflies. treat others as you would yourself, treat mother nature even better.. then humans might have a chance.

    Fear of death increases in exact proportion to increase in wealth.
    -Ernest Hemingway
    Nationality: American Type: Novelist Born: July 21, 1899 Died: July 2, 1961


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