[Column] Fukushima Diary will always be the Live-report of what really matters for you

Soon I’m going to be settled. I’m starting to buy daily stuff little by little. Today I bought two T-shirts. They are used clothes for female, 4€ for each. The moderate prices in Romania is saving me. This is why I came here.

My nesting plan will be completed shortly, by this week or next week hopefully. I’ve learnt how to hunt an apartment in Romania, so the rent will be cheaper than now.

I have made a lot of mistakes but I’m moving forward somehow.
On the other hand, I heard some other Japanese got stuck and went back the way they didn’t expect.
The most thrilling moment on my journey was when they required me to show the electric airplane ticket from Tokyo to Vienna. It was when I flew from Vienna to Toronto. The day before that day, I had some strange feeling and put the ticket of 6 months ago in my boarding bag. If I didn’t put it there, I would have been sent back to Japan.

I haven’t met anyone more careful than me. I’ve travelled everywhere, but still I don’t go anywhere before checking every corner by google street view. It tires me but I noticed the trait of mine saved me. A small routine can take you beyond the sky, but it can take you to hell too.

I’m careful because I have a wish. I’m the guardian of myself. I must take myself to where I need to go.

Japan has an election this month. Like the day before my going to Toronto, I have some feeling.
Now I’m putting my ticket in my bag.
I carefully made my nest, where nobody even knows. I can even host some people in Bucharest and wherever. I’m prepared.

Fukushima accident is causing the secondary impact politically and economically. It’s just started. Fukushima Diary will never be the record of something happened and ended. It will always be the live-report of what really matters for you.



Don’t let them dominate the truth just because they have money.


Français :

[Édito] Le Fukushima Diary sera toujours le rapporteur de ce qui compte vraiment pour vous


Je vais bientôt me fixer. Je commence à acheter petit à petit des affaires pour le quotidien. Aujourd’hui j’ai acheté deux T-shirts. Ils sont d’occasion et pour filles, 4 € chacun. Les prix modérés de Roumanie me sauvent. Je suis venu ici pour ça.

Mon projet d’installation sera bientôt achevé, cette semaine ou la suivante j’espère. J’ai appris comment se battre pour avoir un appartement en Roumanie, alors le loyer sera moins cher que maintenant.

J’ai fait beaucoup d’erreurs mais j’avance d’une certaine façon.
D’un autre côté, j’ai entendu parler de japonais qui se sont retrouvés coincés et qui sont revenus en arrière d’une façon qu’ils n’avaient pas prévue.
Le moment le plus excitant de mon voyage a été quand ils m’ont demandé de montrer le billet d’avion électronique de Tokyo à Vienne. C’était au cours de mon voyage de Vienne à Toronto. La veille de ce jour-là j’avais eu une prémonition étrange et j’avais mis ce billet vieux de 6 mois dans mon sac de voyage. Si je ne l’avais pas fait ils m’auraient renvoyé au Japon.

Je n’ai pas rencontré de personne plus méticuleuse que moi. Je suis allé partout mais je ne vais toujours nulle part sans avoir d’abord tout vérifié avec Google Street View. Ça fatigue mais j’ai remarqué que ce singularisme de ma part m’a sauvé. Une petite habitude peut vous porter au ciel mais elle peut aussi vous amener en enfer.

Je suis méticuleux parce que j’ai un souhait. Je suis mon propre gardien. Je dois me porter là où j’ai besoin d’aller.

Le Japon va avoir une élection ce mois-ci. Comme à la veille de mon départ pour Toronto, j’ai une prémonition.
Je mets mon billet dans mon sac maintenant.
J’ai fait mon nid avec précaution, même là où personne n’y pense. Je peux même héberger des gens à Bucarest et ailleurs. Je suis prêt.

L’accident de Fukushima est en train de provoquer ses impacts secondaires, politiquement et économiquement.  Ça vient juste de commencer. Le Fukushima Diary ne sera jamais rapporteur des choses terminées, il sera toujours le rapport en direct de ce qui compte vraiment pour vous.


Ne les laissez pas dominer la vérité juste parce qu’ils sont riches.

  1. I suspect that your website is now more popular because another site has lost its information value (I am sorry to name it, but I am talking about xskf).
    It use to inform people people about the risks and dangers of Fukushima radioactive fallouts. But is is far more pro-government and pro-Tepco than it used to be and it does not provide any information at all about the people becoming sick. It conviniently skipped talking about the recent thyroid cancers increase among children or young adults of Fukushima.

    You web site is therefore the only website I know that really keeps informing us on a regular basis.

  2. yuh wasnt that the Ultraman banner blog? we should all donate a Ultraman suit to iori heheh (Ultrahaha). there was some nice entries on that blog regarding the Hadron mishap which infuriated me.. just 100kms north a Nuclear Catastrophe is happening & they just go on with their agenda in Tokaimura (the nuke plant closest to Tokyo which had a fatal fallout accident in 1999 killing a bunch of young workers in their 20s.. nobody will know for sure) of all places shooting their atoms about as if playing pachinko.

    here is some detail on Tokaimura fallout :

    In 1999 three workers received high doses of radiation in a small Japanese plant preparing fuel for an experimental reactor.

    The accident was caused by bringing together too much uranium enriched to a relatively high level, causing a “criticality” (a limited uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction), which continued intermittently for 20 hours.

    A total of 119 people received a radiation dose over 1 mSv from the accident, but only the three operators’ doses were above permissible limits. Two of the doses proved fatal.

    The cause of the accident was “human error and serious breaches of safety principles”, according to IAEA.

    taken from :


    pls visit link above for more detail.

    HAVE THEY LEARNED ANYTHING??? NO. and here we were waiting for the WORLD to END in year 2000K right.. well s-it hit the turbine no doubt.

    but yuh that other Ultraman blog is a bit wtf now.. totally off-topic & tossin in random news even tho they had a first blog that was covering all of that so that the 2nd one could be Fukushima friendly.. perhaps they had a fallout too.

    THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING wow.. that lil bird was right afterall!

    Ziro Japan

    “A small routine can take you beyond the sky, but it can take you to hell too.”

    nice one.

    1. this just in… an interview done by a Japanese Woman Comedian… wow thanks alot now NOBODY will take this seriously… life is a cosmic joke! face it!

      (the contents of the interview are pretty good tho.. perhaps its Mr.Happy in disguise)

      Interview: Fukushima Reactor No. 4′s problem is not only its nuclear fuel pool! — Pit filled with highly radioactive materials

      Fukushima Daiichi Worker: Situation at plant “most likely to get worse” — “Japan likely to face a critical situation again” if Tepco remains in control


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