[Column] Fukushima Diary is growing for some reason

The world is already forgetting Fukushima accident but Fukushima Diary is growing for some reason.
There are ups and downs but since the end of last year, the site has been read and talked about by more and more people for some reason.
I don’t know why but moderately speaking, this is absolutely a good thing and it cheers me up.
Now I’m in the most unstable situation in my life but can reach more people than ever.

Among zillions of the websites, only few websites update about Fukushima situation on the earth. This is very strange. but I don’t plan to charge. Anyone can read every article on Fukushima Diary.

I don’t think information can be priced. It’s copiable, and material cost is almost zero (Only labor costs).
Information is necessary for some people. It must be provided for free like air.
However some readers kindly admire my work and donate to keep me running. I think this is another achievement of Fukushima Diary and this should be the future of the world.

I don’t lock important articles from un-paying subscribers, I don’t send special mail letter for paying readers. They would just copy and spread. Censoring the entire web would cost much more than the profit.

If I write articles sensationally only to increase the web traffic, it would damage my credibility and I will have nothing to eat for dinner. This is how it incentives me.

NHK is going to charge us only if you have a PC. They say it’s because you could have seen NHK. They came to my apartment in Japan as well. They came several times. but I didn’t have a TV. Now if they come to my place, they would charge me because I have a PC.

They totally misunderstand the reality. If the potential audience don’t pay NHK, that’s because they don’t admire NHK’s work. If it can’t sustain the current scale of the company, just downsize yourself.
Just blame yourself not the audience.

This is the same for the government, corporations and banks.

Fukushima Diary is never going to take advantage of the readers. I know it’s becoming a public monument. No matter how old Fukushima accident becomes, it will be protected by my philosophy.



Don’t let them dominate the truth just because they have money.


Français :

[Édito] Le Fukushima Diary grossit


Le monde oublie déjà l’accident de Fukushima mais le Fukushima Diary grossit.
Il y a des hauts et des bas mais  le site a été lu et partagé par de plus en plus de gens depuis la fin de l’année dernière.
Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais tout en restant prudent, c’est une chose vraiment bonne qui m’encourage.
Je suis dans la situation la plus instable de ma vie en ce moment mais je peux toucher plus de gens que jamais.

Sur les milliards de sites web sur terre, une poignée se tient à jour de la situation à Fukushima. C’est très étrange mais je ne prévois pas de faire payer. Tout le monde peut lire n’importe quel article du Fukushima Diary.

Je ne pense pas qu’on puisse faire payer l’information. C’est copiable et le coût matériel est pratiquement nul (seulement un coût en travail).
L’information est nécessaire à certaines gens. Elle doit être fournie gratuitement, comme l’air.
Certains lecteurs admirent mon travail et donnent pour me permettre de continuer. Je pense que c’est une des réussites du Fukushima Diary et ce devrait être le futur du monde.

Je ne bloque pas les articles importants des abonnés bénévoles, je n’envoie pas de mail spécial aux abonnés qui payent. Ils ont juste une copie à diffuser. Censurer tout le web coûterait plus cher que le bénéfice à en retirer.

Si j’écrivais des articles à sensation uniquement pour augmenter le trafic internet, ça porterait tord à ma crédibilité et je n’aurais plus rien à manger pour diner. C’est comme ça que ça me motive.

La NHK va faire payer dès qu’on a un PC. Ils disent que ce parce qu’on peut avoir regardé NHK. Ils sont venus à mon appartement au Japon aussi. Ils sont venus plusieurs fois mais je n’avais pas de télé. S’ils viennent chez moi maintenant, ils me feront payer parce que j’ai un PC.

Ils ne comprennent rien à la réalité. Si l’audience potentielle ne paye pas NHK c’est parce qu’ils n’apprécient pas le travail de NHK. Si ça ne peut pas maintenir le niveau actuel de l’entreprise, réduisez vous vous-mêmes.
Faites-vous des reproches à vous-mêmes, pas à l’audience.

C’est pareil avec le gouvernement, les entreprises et les banques.

Le Fukushima Diary n’exploitera jamais ses lecteurs. Je sais que c’est en train de devenir un monument public. Peu importe l’âge de l’accident de Fukushima, il sera protégé par ma philosophie.


Ne les laissez pas dominer la vérité juste parce qu’ils sont riches.

  1. I appreciate you keeping us informed. A lot of people know and care about the loss of life and land due to the Fukushima disaster. We know it has to be worse than Chernobyl, but there is very little news coverage.

  2. Fukushima diary is also an important information source for those of
    us hoping to travel to Japan in the near future.

  3. NHK is alot like old age.. when we are young & rebellious we dont understand it but in this era where 500 other channels are showing nothing but smutty commercial porn u kinda appriciate NHK is there for your sanitys sake.

    btw NHK is Nihon Hosou Kyoku was it? its prolly the equivalent of old PBS TV days. funny NHK has a newer meaning today & its “Nihon Hikkikomori Kyoukai” which means ‘church of anti-social japan’ as i watched this silly-cute anime called “Welcome To The NHK” it really painted a sad but true story of the teens in cyber-japan. how its about finding kinky companionship through ‘ero-gay’ which actually abv for ‘erotic video game’ & the ‘otaku’ minds & cheap lotion tissue that makes life actually worth living. the anime itself had a rather shock ending.. lets just say no matter how beautiful & monumental oceanic outlooks are, if you look really close theres a ton of fencing.. like a net for a mermaid.

    anyways i dont watch TV myself & am surprised to hear alot of people here feel the same way about TV.. to have never seen or own a TV is amazing but at the same time a placebo of The Internet.. take a step back & ask, if you didnt have or couldnt afford a PC/Net what would you be doing? back to playing with squirrels? very unlike me but I’ll end this with a dirty joke… its called “Nuts & Squirrels” in japanese a nut is often reffered to as a ‘Kuri’ or a japanese chest-nut (already a bit phallic) & a squirrel is called a ‘Risu’ & ‘and’ is ‘toh’ so Viola! get Kuri ToH Risu!


    Evil exists to glorify the good. Evil is negative good. It is a relative term. Evil can be transmuted into good. What is evil to one at one time, becomes good at another time to somebody else.

    Truth uttered before its time is always dangerous.

    Mencius [孟子; Mèng Zǐ; Meng Tzu; Zhuyin Fuhao: ㄇㄥˋ ㄗˇ] ( 372 – 289 BC, or perhaps 385 – 303/302 BC)

    悪の存在は栄光の影膳。 悪は逆善的にお互い様だ。 悪化続ければ何れは良心
    持つ。 悪の妄想形変わらない禅。


  4. I don’t watch TV either. In fact I quit after 1989. I don’t like how it makes people think and act.

    I only am on the computer because I have to sit in front of it for 8 hours a day. Gets lonely. But if I can dial up Fukushima-Diary.com, computer can’t be all bad. After all there is two-way communication on the computer and TV only blasts its own reality into your mind.

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