[Column] Being hated and attacked is one of my jobs

I can’t say who it is, but I sometimes receive emails from American/European musicians.
They ask me if it’s safe to go to Japan though they plan to hold concerts in Japan.

I know a (very) famous rock singer from North America recently cancelled a concert in Japan. She didn’t tell why, but I think it must have been such a decision for her. She’s almost the same age as me. I wondered if she read Fukushima Diary.

I can’t say don’t go to Japan, I just say it’s like having a concert in Chernobyl 2 years after the accident. In reality, it’s worse than that because Fukushima is still on-going (4 reactors).

They ask me because there are not so much other sources to reply on in English.
I feel a responsibility. I’m making each report as solid as possible, and won’t quit posting.

In the end of July, I’m going to meet a Fukushima evacuee family in Hungary. They were in Fukushima when 311 took place, evacuated to the next prefecture with the children.
but it wasn’t far enough. Again they moved to western Japan, and are considering to start the new life in Europe. They are almost the same age as me. I admire their bravery and want to support in any way.
They are coming to western Europe, so we decided to meet up in Hungary, where is almost in the middle.

This is a rare case where Japanese people meet in Europe.
After 311, some people promoted decontamination. Some people promoted radiation testing on food. Some people promoted law suit.
I have been telling to move from the very beginning. This is not the most popular opinion but I think it’s being proven to be right.

Extremely high level of Tritium is measured from groundwater and seawater of Fukushima plant. As long as they are giving water to the molten nuclear fuel, it has been obvious that Tritium would be the biggest problem. I’ve been warning about Tritium (You can search the articles with the term “Tritium” on Fukushima Diary) but NO ONE measured Tritium around in Tokyo area. In the rain, in the river, in the sea, and even in food. Still they are still sticking to Cesium-134/137.

Government only focused on Cesium-134/137 because it’s the least important. They didn’t evacuate people. Why would they talk about something that really matters ?

Even now, nobody is trying to measure Tritium. I can never understand why.
No, that’s not accurate. I know why. They don’t want to know the truth. They are testing to be reassured.

When it’s really bad, they want to hear something good instead of something right.

The musicians are afraid of being purged, and losing the fan base who love Japan. I really understand this point. I’m hated by foreign people who love Japan actually. and it hurts sometimes.
but I can take the risk. I nearly have no stakeholders.
They don’t need to take this risk to reveal their identity because I do instead.

“Secret” readers, please don’t feel bad about staying anonymous, just worry about your health and keep on reading Fukushima Diary. I don’t resent you. I just hope you to spread “Fukushima Diary” in your close fans. This is how it goes.



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Français :

[Édito] Être attaqué et haït fait partie de mon travail


Je ne peux dire de qui il s’agit mais je reçois parfois des mails de musiciens américains et européens.
Ils me demandent s’il est sûr d’aller au Japon alors qu’ils pensent aller y faire des concerts.

Je sais qu’une  (très) célèbre chanteuse de rock a récemment annulé un concert au Japon. Elle ne dit pas pourquoi mais je pense que ça a du être une décision de ce genre pour elle. Elle est presque aussi âgée que moi. Je me suis demandé si elle lisait le Fukushima Diary.

Je ne peux pas dire de ne pas aller au Japon, je ne peux dire que c’est comme de faire un concert à Tchernobyl 2 ans après l’accident. En réalité, c’est pire que ça parce que Fukushima continue encore (4 réacteurs).

Ils me le demande parce qu’ils n’ont pas tellement d’autres sources pour leur répondre en Anglais.
Je me sens un responsabilité. Je rends mes publications aussi solides que possible, et je n’arrêterai pas de publier.

Je vais rencontrer une famille évacuée de Fukushima en Hongrie fin juillet. Ils étaient à Fukushima au moment du 11-3, ils ont évacué dans une préfecture voisine avec les enfants.
mais c’était encore trop près. Ils ont encore déménagé dans l’ouest du Japon et envisagent de refaire leur vie en Europe. Ils ont à peu près mon âge. J’admire leur courage et je veux les soutenir de toutes les façons possibles.
Ils vont arriver en Europe de l’ouest, alors on a décidé de se rencontrer en Hongrie, à peu près à mi-chemin.

C’est un cas rare où des japonais vont se rencontrer en Europe.
près le 11-3, certains poussaient la décontamination. Certains poussaient à tester la radioactivité de la nourriture. Certains poussaient à porter plainte.
Je dis de partir depuis le tout début. Ce n’est pas l’opinion la plus populaire mais je pense que c’est en train de se prouver être le plus adapté.

On relève des niveaux extrêmes en tritium dans les eaux souterraines et marines à la centrale de Fukushima. Il est évident que le tritium sera le plus gros problème tant qu’ils arroseront les combustibles nucléaires fondus. J’ai alerté sur le tritium.  (Vous pouvez trouver les articles en cherchant avec le terme “Tritium” dans le  Fukushima Diary) mais PERSONNE n’a mesuré le tritium dans et autour de la région de Tokyo. Dans l’eau de pluie, dans celle des fleuves, dans la mer et même dans la nourriture. Ils restent toujours obnubilés sur le césium 134/137.

Le gouvernement s’est focalisé sur le césium 134/137 parce que c’est le moins important. Ils n’ont pas évacué les gens. Pourquoi parleraient-ils des choses réellement importantes ?

Même à présent, personne n’essaye de relever le tritium. Je ne pourrais jamais comprendre pourquoi.
Non, c’est pas ça, je sais pourquoi. Ils ne veulent pas la vérité. Ils font des relevés pour se rassurer.

Quand c’est vraiment mauvais, ils préfèrent entendre des choses bonnes plutôt que des choses vraies.

Les musiciens ont peur d’être éliminés et de perdre le base de fans aimant le Japon. Je comprends très bien. Je suis haï par les étrangers qui aiment le Japon en fait et c’en est parfois choquant.
mais je ne peux pas prendre le risque. Je n’ai pratiquement rien à perdre.
Ils n’ont pas besoin de révéler leur identité parce que je le fais à la place.

Lecteurs “secrets”, s’il vous plait, ne soyez pas mal de rester anonymes, penser d’abord à votre santé et continuez de lire le Fukushima Diary. Je ne vous en veux pas. Je souhaite seulement que vous ferez connaître le “Fukushima Diary” parmi vos fans les plus proches. Ça marche comme ça.

Merci de votre soutien. Les virements mensuels sont aussi très utiles !

  1. I’ll say it. If you are planning to go to Japan, don’t.

    For all you who want to got to Japan. The Fukushima nuclear facility is still spewing radiation, the government has failed to protect the full food supply, another earthquake and/or tsunami and the site may have to be abandoned at which time more meltdowns will occur in the spent fuel pools. This is for your own safety, to protect you from the harm of radiation, to protect your DNA and that of your offspring. As for the fans of the musicians, they need to move away from Japan if they want to continue to exist so they can be fans.

  2. Our forum has been giving updates on Fukushima since the beginning, and has a running thread on updates and breaking news from there. Some sources are ENE news and of course, this website of yours.

    If your spoken English is adequate enough, we would like to call you and have you perhaps reach a few more people through our website and online radio streaming. I feel every little bit helps.

    I don’t see an email contact for you, so apologies for contacting you in this manner, but I feel your message is important, and needs to remain in the public eye.

    Thank you very much for doing what you do.

  3. I would advise to stay away from the area between Nagoya to Aomori. Hokkaido, and Osaka and below is safe for travel. You will have to watch what you eat. No fish, which is going to be hard if you want to try the sushi/sashimi, and don’t be afraid to ask where the beef came from. Chicken and pork are usually always local, but maybe not in Osaka. Stay away from the apples, peaches, etc. Translate the prefecture names, print, laminate and carry it around with you, as most supermarket food will be labeled. Head lettuce is usually coming from Nagoya in the summer. Most of the flour is imported, I think, so bread and treats should be fine. Milk can be labeled with the company name, but that doesn’t mean that’s where the milk came from. Best to go with a smaller brand that specializes in local milk. Hope this helps and have fun while in Japan.

    I thought about evacuating my wife and I. But Hiroshima is rather safe being south and west of Fukushima. I check the wind maps every morning. Of course, if it gets worse, I will with out a doubt.

    1. Sadly, that seems rather ironic; “… Hiroshima is rather safe …”

      You may be right, i could not help but notice history’s irony though.

      May you and your family and friends, and their family and friends, remain as the Hiroshima Ginkgo; bearers of hope.

      I note Iori, that Japan is not the only nation that ignores tritium pollution to it’s inhabitant’s detriminent. Check out “Troubles With Tritium” at Dr. Gordon Edward’s site linked on my alias.

      Deflect, deny, denigrate, destroy. We know industry’s ways.
      Criminals will ultimately see justice, whether they like it or not, even if it seems impossible now. They can run, yet they cannot hide.

      Remind us of their crimes, please. The evidence will be neccessary later.

      It is certainly not you i hate for this, Mochizuki-san. In truth, you are no enemy of life.

  4. I agree with RJ. Avoid everything in Kanto and Tohoku, even soft drinks. Tokyo is not the only place in Japan. I would avoid the Osaka Summer Sonic Festival though, it is situated beside the incinerator that Hashimoto is burning radioactive waste from Iwate…

  5. If being confronted with the truth is not annoying to those who surround us, they are probably already convinced of our mental weakness.

    Either way, nothing should impede us to continue. Many people who these days mumble the mantra of “coherence” (the word may be a false friend, but I do not know how to translate it differently from French) or sustainability, appear to be, at the same time, impervious to facts. The simpler the facts the bigger the resistence.

    Iori Mochizuki stands for pure reason. And pure reason is a guarantee for trouble in our time. You need to be suicidal to live peacefully in a suicidal society.

    And you shall not explode before you finish your last line of comment in Iori Mochizuki’s forum. I will go outside now, block your ears.

  6. Hi Iori,

    I have been reading your website since the beginning and I want to tell you that you are doing the right thing. We live in a world whose human values have been corrupted by greed and arrogance. Trying to inform people who are the victims of this corruption is a noble act. You cannot save people from deat, we all will eventually face that, but maybe you can save some people from horrible suffering. Even if you save only a few, it is worth it. Keep on going for as long as you can. To me you are a very admirable person.

    I live in Hawaii, and we are and will be more and more affected by the catastrophe. That is why I read Fukushima Diary every day. I have a radiation meter and check background levels frequently where I live. So far, nothing out of the ordinary.

    What most people don’t understand is that radiation is only the momentary problem of widely dispersed radionuclide particles.Our bodies can withstand some radiation. But these radionuclide particles can be smaller than dust and contain millions and millions of atoms of radionuclides each of which will decay into a different atom and then give off radiation. Many of these particles will continue to decay into different atoms, so that the radiation emitted is not just a one time event. If radionuclides become stuck in the lungs, throat, stomach, colon, intestines or urinary tract it will be like having an x-ray machine stuck in the body and the machine has no off switch. People experiencing this will have a range of physical ailments. Cancer is only one of them. Failure of the body’s endocrine system, that governs hormones is also possible. Failure of the reproductive system, the nervous system and the immune system are also possible. While it may be true that some lucky few people may escape these effects, no one is safe. The only way to mitigate the risks is to get as far away as possible. Once the radionuclide genie escaped from the bottle, it became a menace to the world which will continue tho threaten all living things for a long, long time. These are indisputable facts. The failure of the leadership in Japan is astounding considering that Japan is widely thought to be a very group oriented soiciety. But othe countries have faile as well. Prepare yourself for leadership. You are historically showing the way to help as many of your landspeople as possible. You may be called upon to take a larger role.

    Please contact me directly, I have a few ideas to help you improve your web site.

    Aloha from Hawaii,


    1. @Jonathan, do you have a web-site where you publish (or would) your Hawaii radiation readings?

      Not that it affects me, I live in France, but the thing which is most interesting and important in our mostly-futile-discussions with the “normal” people, is the evolution of the situation.

      “Nothing out of the ordinary” is the best possible starting point, in case that you consider the publication of the values.

      I consider bying a radiometer from CRILAN, but am unsure as they do not appear to measure all kinds of radiation. The usual fall-back to ordering from Ukraine has failed, as the company there refers me to their french partner who does not react and does not even respond to my inquiries. AREVA-Country.

      1. Build your own, if possible. Start with the right project and you may end up with a crude spectrometer or better.

        Using the $79 SainSmart DSO201 Pocket Oscilloscope and GammaGrapher with the PMT/Scintillation Probe
        John Disney talks about Old Massett radiation monitor – YouTube
        2N3055 (silicon transistor) Alpha Detector – YouTube
        Homemade Pin Diode Geiger Counter – Alan Yates – YouTube

        Use a Germanium pin-diode, NaI crystal and inexpensive laptop, preferrably with HD Audio for greater bandwidth. It will be limited to Gamma-photons as well though. Pin-diodes are available for X-ray detection. Where a Beta particle is suddenly slowed, it is possible for an X-ray to be emmitted. I am uncertain of a suitable target though. NaI, Gold leaf, Al foil?

        I am entirely uncertain of options for Alpha detection short of using a cloud chamber.

        This software is meant for Guiger-Mueller tube based detection, yet one would think it could be adapted for low-voltage detection.
        There is always PRA (Pulse Recorder and Analyser)

        Whatever you do, apparently substances that are wet hamper detection.

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