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Contaminated water crisis

今日のおもしろにぅす ートリチウムの背後で東電はそもそも海水中のストロンチウム90を測定対象外にしている

This is not so new for English readers. It’s to help Japanese people understand the situation well. Iori Mochizuki   “I’ll be the one to protect you from a will


[Column] Hope to be more real-time and grass-rooted

Everyone dies for 100% but it doesn’t mean you can let someone die, you can let yourself die. Sometimes despair gets the strongest gravity. It looks easier to think there

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima workers decreased by 20% since March, Tepco “Counted the different way”

On 6/28/2013, Tepco released the report about radiation exposure dose of Fukushima workers. In this report, Tepco mentioned the “total” number of the workers who entered Fukushima nuclear plant area

Environmental contamination Sea contamination

[Tritium overflow] Tritium detected from 11 locations in the sea, average 340,000 Bq/m3

Following up this article..[Can’t stop Tritium] Tritium density in seawater tripled in 2 weeks [URL] According to Tepco, significant density of Tritium was detected from all the samples of seawater

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Former Fukushima worker “Fukushima workers starting to think it’s better to work somewhere else”

Former Fukushima worker Happy11311 commented on Twitter that Fukushima workers are starting to think it’s better to work somewhere else. They are losing the motivation to work for decommissioning.  


[Express] “After 311, extremely radioactive debris removed by major construction companies, not Tepco or plant maker”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> I heard this last night. It was not Tepco nor nuclear plant makers that removed the extremely radioactive debris just

Confirmed effects

Former head doctor of National Cancer Center,”Thyroids of Fukushima children look like honeycomb from too much cysts”

On 3/10/2013, the former head doctor of National Cancer Center radiation diagnosis department, Matsue had a speech in Fukushima collaborative clinic. (There were some political opinions about this clinic but


Citizen’s measurement, “β dose is 2~10 times much as γ dose in Minamisoma Fukushima and Miyagi”

From the measurement of a citizen, β dose is significantly higher than γ dose in Minamisoma city Fukushima and Natori city Miyagi. Japanese government only announces γ dose. This requires