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Natural disasters

M5.7 hit Okinawa offshore, 10km depth, Max seismic scale as 3~4

M5.7 hit Okinawa offshore. The depth of epicenter was 10km. No tsunami warning is announced. The max seismic scale was 3~4.     Iori Mochizuki Do you know

Confirmed effects

[Express] “Fukushima youth, I will resent Japanese scientists for the rest of my life”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> (Youth in Fukushima) They say the Belarusian children who had the primary exposure of Chernobyl accident when they were 0~18


[1st media coverage] A JP major newspaper reported Japanese moving abroad due to Fukushima accident increasingly

On 6/12/2013, a major newspaper company, Tokyo Shimbun reported Japanese people are moving abroad as “long-stay”. [Article] The article says those Japanese people have been significantly increasing since 311. They

Confirmed effects

[Resuscitation] In 2005 JP media reported over 1.5 million died in Ukraine due to Chernobyl, in 2011 JP Gov “Only 43”

4/23/2005, when was 6 years before 311, Information Telegram Agency of Russia reported over 1.5 million people died in Ukraine due to Chernobyl nuclear accident according to the research of

Sea contamination

260 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 measured in 30m north of reactor5, 6 discharge channel

According to Tepco, Strontium-90 was detected from the marine environment outside of Fukushima nuclear plant. The samples were taken May of 2013. The locations and readings are below, 3km offshore

Sea contamination

0.0084 Bq/m3 of Pu-239/240 measured from 15km offshore Fukushima plant, Tepco”within the range of past readings”

According to Tepco, Plutonium-239/240 were detected from seawater near Fukushima nuclear plant. The samples were taken May of 2013. The locations were 15km offshore from the plant, 3km offshore from