[Column] Don’t stop sowing seeds

Though I’m not a “google rank mania” of website, I quit checking the traffic last November.
It was declining since last September and I thought people who really care about Fukushima would stay with me to fight. Since then, I’ve been concentrating on how not to let Fukushima forgotten by the world.

About one month ago, the traffic picked up, and it became almost explosive. It’s been stably high until now. I have no idea why.
I founded the company and obtained visa. Everything is new to me, and also, my case is pretty new to Romania as well. Everything is full of problems.
Even about the finance, I was having a lot of problems last week and it was difficult to keep myself concentrating. However, somewhat it’s working. I seem to have gotten through.
As I’m walking (or maybe crawling) where there is no path, I got to learn you should never give up.
There is always a hole to get through. Not to mention, the smaller you are, the easier to get through.
You may be worried, frightened, and desperate. but fortunately, tomorrow is never what you imagine.

One month from now, probably everybody would be talking about the election in Japan. International news about Japan would be all about the election as well. However, there is almost least we can do to the election result anymore.
The election process has actually been on-going for months, years and decades. It is too late for us to try to change anything, at least in Japan.
Most probably LDP would win. Nuclear plants will be restarted, people’s rights are dangerously restricted, which would push us activists to the corner. This is one of the reasons why I got out of Japan 2 years ago.
The future is already decided.

However, we should never give up. Even if we can’t change the country, we can change ourselves. I can change myself. You can change your tomorrow. You are the one to choose where to live, how to die. We should never be desperate.
Please don’t stop sowing seeds. You are the god of yourself. Nobody would save you but yourself but you can do it.



Thank you for your support.
Now your donation will be spent on the next research for the possibile Japanese village in Romania. (560€)
At this moment, 468 € to go.


Français :

[Édito] N’arrêtez pas de semer vos graines


Même si je ne fais pas de “fixation sur le classement de google” des sites web, je viens de contrôler la fréquentation de novembre dernier.
Ça descendait depuis septembre dernier et je pensais que les gens qui se soucient vraiment de Fukushima resteraient pour se battre avec moi. Depuis, je me suis concentré sur comment ne pas laisser Fukushima se faire oublier du monde.
Il y a environ un mois, le trafic est remonté et il a pris une allure presque explosive. C’est resté stable jusqu’à maintenant. Je ne sais pas pourquoi.

J’ai fondé la société et j’ai obtenu mon visa. Tout est nouveau pour moi et mon cas est plutôt nouveau pour la Roumanie aussi. Tout est plein de problèmes.
Même sur les finances, j’avais beaucoup de problèmes la semaine dernière et il m’était difficile de me concentrer. Enfin, ça a l’air de marcher. J’ai l’impression d’en être sorti.

Pendant que je marche (ou peut-être nage) là où il n’y a pas de chemin, j’ai appris qu’on ne devrait jamais abandonner.
Il y a toujours un trou par où passer. Inutile de dire que plus on est petit, plus il est facile de passer.
On peut être inquiet, effrayé et désespéré mais, par chance, demain n’est jamais comme on l’imagine.

D’ici un mois tout le monde sera sans doute en train de parler des élections au Japon. Les nouvelles internationales sur le Japon seront aussi sur les élections. Il n’y a cependant pratiquement plus rien que nous puissions faire pour influer sur leur résultat.
Le processus électoral est en marche en fait depuis des mois, des années et des décennies. Pour nous, il est trop tard pour tenter d’y changer quelque chose, au Japon au moins.
En toute logique, le LDP va gagner. Les centrales nucléaires vont être redémarrées, les droits des gens dangereusement restreints, ce qui va nous pousser, nous les militants, dans un coin. C’est une des raisons qui m’avait fait partir du Japon il y a 2 ans.
Le futur est déjà figé.

Nous ne devrions cependant jamais abandonner. Même si on ne peut pas changer le pays, on peut se changer soi-même. Je peux me changer moi-même.  Vous pouvez changer votre demain. Vous êtes celui qui choisit où vivre, comment mourir. Personne ne vous sauvera à part vous mais vous pouvez le faire.

Merci pour votre soutien.
A présent vos dons seront consacrés à la recherche suivante : la faisabilité d’un village japonais en Roumanie. (560 €)
Pour l’instant, il manque 471 €.

  1. I have been following you for a while now. I am glad to see that you are still going.

    Please consider bitcoins. The internet itself is getting a micropayment upgrade. This upgrade comes in the form of “bitcoins”; but not just bitcoins as there are a few other “coins” as well. Namely; litecoins, feather coins, name coins, world coins, and many more.

    At this point it’s not all that important to get into the alternative coins. You should have a bit coin wallet (software that you download and install on your pc. Bitcoin-qt is the standard. http://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet

    Take your wallet address and include that on the web site as a mechanism for people to donate to you.

    While there are many exchanges setup around the world to trade bitcoin for cash; I did not find any in Romania. That being said it is still possible to do private trades.


    This means I can send you a couple of dollars via bitcoin and then you can trade those bitcoins for Romanian currency.

    Good luck and stay strong.

  2. I so needed such words right now – thank you.
    I was thinking about the fact how most people I know simply try to forget about everything to have a fake happy life. How they change their hobbies and interests without ever bringing something to an end. Why some always do their best to keep tracks on things while everyone else ist just pushing forward and beyond it all without seeing anything – and leaves your side.
    At the end you are always alone, nobody can look inside you. The strength to go on when everyone else has left – it has to be found inside…
    Succeed or not, but never give up.
    Better don’t ask for any kind of positive effect or outcome. Just go on and DO something.
    It is hard, because at some point this requires you don’t put your hopes too high – but we still have some left.

  3. You are right… It ain’t over until it is over… You know Yogi Berra!
    This is the only thing I learned in Japan, after 17 years… Never give up… Howevwer, don’t do the same thing over and over, expecting the same result… See Einstein
    However your stamina is amazing … Again I refer to Chomsky, u r 1 of the few!!!

    Keep your good work
    I hope I can help you, surely not for me but for my kids – I’m hopeless – they need more people like you

  4. am trying to figure out how to get my English posts up here without getin processed into ‘auto-moderation’ some test posts will be attempted

  5. (this is a self-translation of the original Japanese version of column comment)

    Dear Mr. Iori,

    I have previously left a comment on your ‘origami’ themed post but again my name is Ziro. Unfortunately it seemed due to some auto-moderator feature that particular post of mine did not display on the site… perhaps its contents were too long or simply too spiritual for one to deny. Today, out of bordom, I will write in Japanese.

    Todays Column post regarding “Destiny” is certainly filled with much uncertainty… even for a site that only leaves people with nothing but fear, this seemed quite irresponsible as the creator, So the reasoning goes as you know you’re just a ‘powerless’ human.. a nuclear shepherd whos soul is buried amist all the Tohoku Quake rubble. My mind tends to speak American first so you’ll find my comments very direct & sometimes offensive, but that is only proof that nothing hurts more than the Truth, being the fact you must have a family yourself. I dont know how hard or what it was like to have to ‘leave’ Japan on your side but im sure you have had to terminate many friendships along the way as you have stated before. incidentally reading your recent post i find you are being tormented by your own family ghosts. Even though ones Father is a total idiot, hes your only hope. Even if ones Mother is a hopelessly realistic romantic, she went through the trouble of giving you birth. That is why there is only “One Love”… and that increases in size to ones Country, Planet, Moon, Sun, Galaxy as one’s Spirit.

    Of course there is enough reason to be worried, as for example i think the recent article on the mystery man from Ibaraki whom may have died from radiation poisoning to be very alarming. Tokaimura anyone?! But even within such an incident there were 2 kinds of comments, one person the total logic obsessed scientist whom thinks there was some kind of ‘trick’ behind the scenes on Youtube… then you have your average skeptic philanthropist whom wonders why a nation whom has so blatantly progressed in technological-happiness to be judged in a McDonalds with a Geiger toy… so whos gona profit off of phones/pads with a geiger installed? it was almost as if the Youtube footage was aimed at capturing all the playful voices of clueless children in the background radiating. & as we have been foretold, perhaps your site is doomed to keep us informed for 50 years? until the Fukushima Nuclear Plant is dismantled.. a project that may add a few zeros to the original ‘schedule’. when ol’ Fukushima Daiichi is a plain old fun-loving parking-lot with some crummy memorial, will you come visit please??

    Sadly, I may not be alive to witness it.

    Although That is the prognosis… its how unspiritual people react, particularly non-japanese foreigners whom all tend to say “I dont care because I wont be around then” particularly the age that had to experience WW2 upfront of course.. what regrets could they possibly have. This can be seen as a Revenge on the Lifeforce couldnt it… because it obliviously seems Reincarnation is a thing of the past as all living beings seem to be turning into sentient humans… (make note of the law of thermodynamics : energy cannot be created nor destroyed) and within this galaxy we just peepshow further into that has a bosom of light flight years, is our somewhat nano-blink of a lifetime in this mortal plain so that perpetually selfishly meaningless. yet within that struggle humans prove their worth winning their history throughout this materialisticly diseased Society called Desire. The evolution of Concrete proves our worth in the form of gravestone relics.. as if the ‘Concrete Sarcophagus’ of Chernobyl isnt ironic enough we realize these nuclear obsessed souls will live on in Atomic Energy in whatever nuclide they want… living for millions of years in the half-life of Plutonium. just who am i talking about? ever wonder what happened to all those souls that perished as nuclear-shadows at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and what would have become of them? maybe if we stop filling our uncertainty with Religion, whom doesnt really give a dang of what happens to you other than controlling the whole world, along with Science, that is only there to prove its better than nature & humans… if there wasnt such a paradox this would truely be Heaven we live in.

    Once the paradise bubble bursts This Is A Living Hell!! No matter how you go about changing ones destiny we are here to witness the destruction of Mother Earth.. thanks to all these ‘do-goodders’ self-righteous liberals whom cling onto material welfare like the rags of the messiah.. these hypocrites who say one thing out of idealism & completely walk the other way.

    well, sorry for the usual mouthful… will somehow bring this rant to a halt by changing topic. This is a recent Documentary i just watched at a private screening in Japan called “Houshanou Wo Abite X Nen Go” its about the unbelievable ignorance of America conducting hundreds of nuclear tests out in the infamous Bikini Atoll regardless of that being years after the Hiroshima Nagasaki memorial. The “Daigo Fukuryuumaru” is damning evidence today (apparently its preserved near Shin-Kiba Station Odaiba for those interested) but its turns out that ship was merely one of dozens of fishing vessels that became a part of ‘The Ashes Of Death”. It was nearly 2 hours of watching footage of actual nuclear explosions such as codename Bravo & Romeo & towards the end i have to admit i was literally shaking in fear surrounded by all the nuclear ghosts. coincidentally it was shown just exactly 1 month ago & i hope you all have a chance to see it someday. if lucky i pray it released on DVD soon tho that would just mean the imminent dispersal over the Internet.. some stories are better left ontold, bliss.

    heres the link for the documentary for those interested : x311.info/ (only in japanese srry)

    everything happens for a reason they say… & so to count your blessings i thank you for reading thus far without prejudice. as u can tell im a seriously sociopathic fool… but i try to see the bigger picture without that sobering poison we call mindlessness.

    as you stated theres nothing more i hate than a Liar… tho unfortunately The Truth only exists in ones mindfull soul… The Universe Within.

    May We Stop Provoking Gods Wrath –its too late–

    Ziro Japan

  6. not sure what triggers the auto-moderator so please keep trying to post your thoughts until you see it process immediately please.

    Jedi Prosper,


  7. I will never let anyone forget. Not ever. Thank you for your eternal strength and vigilance.

  8. Iori, not a day goes by that I don’t think about Fukushima and what it means for our planet. As I’ve shared here before, I used to be in favor of atomic energy. 03/11 has totally changed my perspective. And I’m not afraid to tell that to anyone here in “Ur head is in the Sand America.” My perspective changed in very large part because of you and this site, and the TRUTH you continue to post. Thank you for your courage and determination!

  9. I haven’t checked this site for the last few months as I’ve been involved in some local political/environmental issues. We have many decaying nuclear facilities here in the U.S., and the greatest threat to life in the Pacific northwest right now is the Hanford site in Washington state.

    I appreciate your hanging in there as people drift in and out. If only one new viewer comes to your site a week, it is worth it. You are waking people up one by one. Thank you for your persistence and determination, Iori.

  10. Don’t give up Lori ok, I am a internet marketer and I will help traffics much as possible every month ok….I do marketing for hobby and I am good at it so I will do my best to bring the traffics 🙂 Genki de ne!

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