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[Column] Paradoxical harmony

23:48. Another day is ending. Physically, can’t post anymore for today. Room lights are turned off, bugs are coming from the window and flying around the screen. I want to

Effects to be confirmed

J Gov plans to introduce the new system to medically record women’s physical condition, “to make them breed sooner”

Japanese government is considering introducing the new system to manage and record all the women’s physical conditions. The purpose is to make Japanese women bear children before early 30s according


University of Toronto,”36 govs are using surveillance software to spy on the citizens including Japan, US and Canada”

According to the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, 36 governments are using the surveillance software to spy on their citizens. It’s exclusively sold to the governments by FinFisher,


U-235 identified in a park of Takahagi city Ibaraki, 80km from Fukushima nuclear plant

Radiation researcher of citizen reported their radiation measurement in Takahagi city Ibaraki. (cf, Radiation researcher “Pu-239/240 and U-238 measured from soil in Takahagi city Ibaraki [URL]) The location is the

Contaminated water crisis

Former Fukushima worker “Pumping up ground water may cause Fukushima plant a land subsidence”

Currently 400 tones of ground water is flowing into Fukushima nuclear plant every single day. To reduce the water volume, Tepco is pumping up the ground water in the upstream


Death cases of famous people by Yahoo news spiked up by 70% from 2010 to 2012

Yahoo Japan news monthly publishes the death cases of famous people. It doesn’t represent the entire population movements of Japan. However, it’s significantly increasing since Autumn of 2012. The total