Thyroid disease rate spiked to 43.7%, “About 1 in 2 children have nodule or cyst in Fukushima city”

Healthy children are decreasing in Fukushima.

43.7% of children turned out to have nodules or cysts in Fukushima city.

Fukushima local government conducted thyroid test for under 18 living in Fukushima city.

The target persons were 53,619 and 44,959(83.8%)had the test. The test was conducted from 5/14 to 8/31/2012.

On 9/11/2012, they released the result of 42,060 of them, which they finished the test with by 8/24/2012. (The results from 8/25 to 8/31/2012 are not published yet.)

The result showed 18,119 (43.1%) of them have thyroid nodules (≦5.0mm) or cysts (≦20.0mm) and 239 (0.6%) of them have thyroid nodules (≧5.1mm) or cyst (≧20.1mm).  In total, 43.7% of the children who had the test in Fukushima city turned out to have nodules and cysts.

In their previous test, it was 35.8%, which means it spiked up by 7.9%. (cf. Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl)

Thyroid disease rate spiked from 35.8% to 43.7%, "About one in two children have nodules or cyst 2


The ratio of women to have nodules and cysts (≧3.1m) was 130%  of the one of men.

Thyroid disease rate spiked from 35.8% to 43.7%, "About one in two children have nodules or cystRecommended article..Yamashita “I cut down the compensation amount to save the Gov, and the people.”


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Français :

Les maladies de la thyroïde sont montées à 43,7% : “Quasiment un enfant sur deux a un nodule ou un kyste dans la ville de Fukushima

Les enfants en bonne santé se font rares à Fukushima.

43.7% des enfants présentent des nodules ou des kystes dans la ville de Fukushima.

Les autorités de Fukushima on fait procéder à des examens de la thyroïde sur tous les mineurs de moins de 18 ans vivant dans la ville de Fukushima.

Les personnes concernées étaient 53 619 et 44 959 (83,8 %) ont été examinées. Les examens ont été effectués entre le 14 mai et le 31 août 2012.

Le 11 septembre 2012, ils ont publié les résultats pour 42 060 d’entre eux, ceux dont les examens ont été effectués avant le 24 août 2012. (Les résultats de ceux effectués entre le 25 et le 31 août ne sont pas encore publiés.)

Ces résultats montrent que 18 119 (43,1 %) d’entre eux ont des nodules thyroïdiens  ≦5.0 mm ou des kystes ≦20.0 mm et 239 (0,6 %) ont des nodules ≧5,1 mm ou des kystes ≧20,1 mm. Au total, 43,7 % des enfants de la ville de Fukushima ayant été examinés présentent des nodules et des kystes.

Leurs précédents examens n’en trouvaient que 35,8 %, ce qui signifie une montée en puissance de 7,9%. (cf. A Fukushima, la fréquence des nodules thyroïdiens est 20 fois plus élevée qu’à Tchernobyl)

Thyroid disease rate spiked from 35.8% to 43.7%, "About one in two children have nodules or cyst 2

La fréquence des femmes ayant des nodules et des kystes ≧3,1 mm est de 130 % celle des hommes.Thyroid disease rate spiked from 35.8% to 43.7%, "About one in two children have nodules or cystArticle recommandé  : Yamashita : “Je réduis le budget des dédommagements pour sauver le gouvernement, et les gens.”


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  1. Not related at all to the nuke plant

    This number will continue to climb
    not only in fuku
    but by
    spreading the radiation around
    other area’s taking waste,
    and burning it
    and mixing it in with concreate to build houses
    and buying produce and seafood from fuku
    and make sure every school lunch has its share

    you get the point
    the number will increase around the entire island

    lets not do a noble thing and get rid of the nuke plants
    lets all share in the health problems of fuku and smile

    1. The way you put things into perspective; sounds like a slow death of an entire culture! Burning radioactive debris thus making radioactive ash so it can spread into the air and environment even faster……as you stated making cement for buildings is only again re-contaminating people. So on and so forth; what are they thinking………..the practice of their way of cleaning up the cesium-137/138 (which can’t be cleaned up due to it’s composition and behavior and the way it scatters into everything) is a joke of all jokes! I keep asking myself; TEPCO and the Japanese government doesn’t know the “correct protocol” or is this happening for some other hidden agenda and they have no other option due to a higher authority dictating how this whole entire toxic mess is to be handeled? This whole ball of toxic wax doesn’t jive or even add up to me. Am I the only one that thinks this way? Come on TEPCO really???? Really no other option and the government to subject their citizens to more radiation and the children……..I feel like this is unrealistic, but then again in the world today this is how sick games are played out by those who rule the world!!!!!!

      1. Both the government & Tepco have demonstrated already that they are just *upid.
        They have an unsolvable situation in their hands, and they don’t even plea for help to the world.
        They have learnt all from us Occident, yet for applying the worst things: corruption, blindness, tyranny, ‘license to kill’, and so forth.

  2. This is like watching a really really really slow motion train wreck and nobody is putting on the brakes

  3. From Dr. Helen Caldecott reported on this last month.

    “Thyroid cancers related to Chernobyl started appearing only three to four years post-accident (over 92,000 have now been diagnosed). Yet only 12 months post-accident in the Fukushima Prefecture, 36% of 38,000 children under 18 have been diagnosed by ultrasound with thyroid cysts or nodules (most of these lesions should be biopsied to exclude malignancy). This short incubation time would indicate that these children almost certainly received a very high dose of thyroid radiation from inhaled and ingested radioactive iodine.”

    Best hopes for the children…

  4. The entire culture seems to have the mistaken (to me) idea of honorable death. The Samurai suppaku (sp?) that a big mistake requires a big sacrifice. Unfortunately the idea is being applied to the citizens and not being under taken by the Masters of this mess.

    Any way it is really a cowardly act and since we did not give ourselves life…we have no right to take…it is insult to Deity.

    Rather than mobilize like the Russians in hundreds of thousands, and targeting a realistic zone and moving people…these mindless, spineless leaders of modern Japan decided (whether they declare it in words or not…they do it by their actions) have pronounced sickness, shortened life and ultimately death for the entire culture.

    These are genocidal war crimes…and these insane leaders, Tepco and Government, even Local mayors etc should be held accountable by humanity.

    In time, it might happen. And the US and Europe too are loaded with psychopaths that would do the same thing if given a chance. Donald

  5. Not to scare the public, they didn’t do te one thing they could do: distribute iodine immediately. So very few people took it and couldn’t protect their thyroid.
    Here are the results of lies, disinformation and incompetence.
    Shame on the nuclear crew. IAEA is responsible and all their cronies.
    No half-life, full life!

  6. Wait until the figures for Tokyo are out.
    Maybe 5% or 15% now. But when the figures for Tokyo increase every year to reach 45% in a few years, people will start realizing the nightmare is real.

  7. Does anyone know if the Chernobyl and Fuku test procedure are different? Are they only detecting more due to more stringent testing practices? Either way you have to be worried about this…

  8. This is child abuse!! I’m disgusted!!
    They all have early-stage thyroid disease.
    And remember, the Japanese formerly had
    some of the best Thyroids and Health in
    the entire world, bar none. They had a
    good level of healthy iodine in their diet.

    HOWEVER, in the United States, second-in-line
    fallout location for this Fukushima disaster,
    there is a dire iodine deficiency, especially
    inland, such as the Midwest. This is worsened
    by bromide additives in U.S. food and flouride
    additives to the U.S. water supply, which
    directly interrupt and destroy delicate
    thyroid function…Historically, the US has
    far higher rates of thyroid disease and cancer
    than Japan has ever had.

    In other words, yes, Japan is taking a HUGE HIT,
    but, ultimately, the impact could be worse in the USA.
    Very few Americans ate fish or seaweed regularly, etc…

    The studies also demonstrate how intense the
    radioactive iodine levels have been from 3 broken
    reactors on some of the healthiest thyroids in the
    entire world…blowing Chernobyl away!! And that’s
    saying something. 🙁

    1. Of course, I’m not trying to equate the exposure these children are having in Fukushima with the far lesser exposure we have been receiving in the United States. There is no comparison!! And radiation is all about how close you are, internal vs. external, and your baseline health, gender, & age to begin with…

      Just sayin’… Thyroids are vulnerable in the USA as it is and usually ignored until it’s late in the game…


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