Yamashita “I cut down the compensation amount to save the Gov, and the people.”


The Fukushima prefectural government neither offers medical care to Fukushima residents nor accepts responsibility for helping them evacuate.

It is even trying to convince former Fukushima residents to return from other prefectures.

Shunichi Yamashita is trying to cover up the fact that the number of cases of thyroid disease is rapidly increasing in Fukushima. (cf. Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl)

In an interview with the Mainichi newspaper, he revealed his real intention for doing it:




Mainichi: How do you evaluate what effect the radiation will have on Fukushima residents?

Yamashita: We may find a small number of cancers, but even under ordinary circumstances the general population has a certain rate of thyroid cancer. We won’t jump to any conclusions before more than 10 years have passed. We shall avoid conflict between the
Fukushima people and their government.
I want to lead Japan so that it does not economically collapse.
After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, lawsuits against the Ukrainian government spiked because of radiation-related health problems; the amount of compensation paid to the victims damaged the national budget. As victims, people must take responsibility for themselves.


Yamashita is trying to decrease the cost of compensating people who will lose their lives to radiation-related diseases—that is his real purpose.




  1. If the world is going to accurately understand and evaluate the costs of a nuclear containment malfunction, then the true costs must be known. Short term thinking like Yamashita’s leads to disasterous economic and safety policy decisions – worldwide. He is doing the world a great disservice by covering up true costs. Yamashita’s actions in this regard are pure evil.

  2. Yamashita’s reasons are virtually the words of many leaders in our world today and it defines altruism as EVIL. The philosophy of a sociopath named Ayn Rand is now in practice, the view of the common people as “parasites” who use too much of the natural resources and depend on the state for survival. “We shall avoid confrontation between the Fukushima people and us”. The need to place responsibility upon people who are placed in a life or death situation through the fault of international corporations and incompetent/corrupt governments who are never expected to be accountable. The Japanese lost their loved ones in the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown and men such as Yamashita do not have compassion nor respect for their loss. People are becoming ill, suicide is increasing, the pain of a loss of community and culture have stricken the people of Japan. It is always about the finances, cutting services that are desperately needed.

  3. Lets just hope HE gets ill with a radiation caused disease..or his family members. Sadly, he probably will award/reward himself and relatives with medical care and compensation. One has to think of the Old Wild West in the USA–Hang them HIGH!

    1. Actually, I was thinking today of that nineteenth century tradition of the duel and how our world might be much improved if this tradition were still practiced today.

      Even if one of these evil bastards was a great marksman, there are enough good people who would challenge them that their life expectancy would be very short indeed. Just the threat of it might be enough to stop them from some of their outrageous practices.

      Perhaps I will start a gun law reform campaign in Japan next.

  4. All of this trend toward violence is useless. If you want to help the people of Fukushima, spread the information about the cover-up, help them evacuate, contact your and their government to ask for changes, or do something that actually has a beneficial effect. But calling for family members (who may know nothing of his intentions) to become sick with radiation poisoning, or for public hangings doesn’t do much good that I can see.

    “Evil”? I see ignorance and stupidity, denial and hopelessness; not to say that his actions aren’t destructive to health and well-being. They are. But I doubt he intends for anyone to be sick. His mind is not functioning correctly. No one’s is in the Japanese government, now.

    I am angry about these things too; sometimes they make my blood boil. But I know that revenge, even were it possible, is beside the point.

    1. Hello Nick,

      This selfish attitude by the people who control our lives whether in governments or the international corporations world wide. We are awakening to a world where government supports and takes its orders from the corporations. This is Fascism on a large scale. Jean-Paul Sartre said this: “Fascism should not be defined by the numbers of the dead, but by the way that it kills them.” The decisions and words used by Yamashita are not from his inability to understand the situation, but by his desire to place the responsibility on the people themselves and not being held personally accountable. He can not be misunder stood when he states: “We shall avoid confrontation between the Fukushima people and us”. He is a frightened man.

      We have watched crowds demonstrating against government policies around the world to no satisfaction, the people are ignored. We have witnessed violence in the streets; but, the worst is soon to come. The attempt to keep the truth from the people will only last until the illnesses and death become so great that there will be anger unleashed.

      1. “The attempt to keep the truth from the people will only last until the illnesses and death become so great that there will be anger unleashed.”

        The anger will be unleashed and let us say states will be destroyed – and what will happen then? Who will rule countries? All these eco-facist movements who are against NPPs and want me to live in a cave?
        I live in a country that decided to remove from nuclear power after FKS. In ten years the last NPP will be shut down and at the moment I don’t know how they want to secure the power supply.
        Coal power plants – yeah sure, stopping nuclear power but produce more CO2!? Let’s make some more global warming!
        Solar power – yeah sure, the sun is shining 24/7 all over the planet!?
        Wind power – sure, there aren’t days without wind!?

        You’re all against nuclear power, deliver me some real alternatives that will really work in ten years so that I can look foward into a good future.
        (Don’t get me wrong, what happened in FKS and Chernobyl was/is bad but condemn a whole technolgy?)

        1. nothing in nature works 24/7. not even humans.
          nature breaths in and out. there are cycles, like night and day, low tide and high tide, spring, summer, autumn, winter .. even humans are awake and asleep and have monthly cycles.
          it is laziness, that to just build one big central monster power plant, like a nuke, then connect many many passive homes to it. like this we don’t need to think about it. electricity is just something that comes out of the wall-plug. it allows us to build homes, towns even whole cities in places, that our ancestors would never have considered for a settlement.
          humans are part of nature, but we act as though we are not or even worse, that we are somehow “better” and build thick walls and roofs and towers to isolate ourself from.
          we are OUT-OF-TOUCH!
          it is true that some kind of life-styles require nuclear power. maybe like the french king living in beautiful Versailles palace, but it has no toilets, and aristocrats on visit just piss behind the curtain?
          the sun was giving dinosaurs sunburn and the wind cooled them off a million years ago. the sun is still shining and the wind still blows today. no nuclear power can compete with that output: integral all sunshine and wind since.
          “ME! HERE! NOW!” = nuclear power!

    2. Nicko –

      Do you know why this situation would not get this far out of hand in the US.

      It’s called the second amendment. You can only push Americans so far.

      Japanese government officials do not feel the same ultimate accountability.

      1. Really?

        When I read some of the stories, i doubt most of your nation has brains to appraciate your constitution at all. Much less to know when to use second amendment, my guess is that year was circa 1913, then circa 1971, it was also circa 2008. Nothing happend.

        You know when revolutions take place?
        When you are about 30 – 40 years old, and you can’t feed your children, have nothing to loose and you are ready die (and ofcourse you are also a part of a hungry dying majority of 30-40 y.o.), since you can’t take that sad look of your hungry children.

        As long as everyone is well, happy times are here, liberties be damned, it is tiresome to fight for them, and most of the time you don’t really need them.

        Besides, google “nuclear crimes org” and you will find out, that something similar happend to your nation in 1950s and 60s.

        Nothing happend except for minor unrest and some scientists had their pants full after they realized what they unleashed.

  5. ask that Yamashita live in fukushima get a cancer then compensate it with 1 yen… i donate to him… what made a country, it’s the people… country without people is not a country…

  6. Put Dr Yamashita and his entire family to work at Fukushima Daiichi forever. What is good for the gander is also good for the goose.

  7. Who died and made this man God? Whoever did so made a poor choice as he seems to be devoid of comapssion.

  8. I am an American who watched the disaster of Katrina and the aftermath. I watched the disaster caused to the Gulf of Mexico by BP Oil. In both cases, the incompetence and the surrendering of authority to corporations rather than our local, state and federal governments did not provide the protections to the people or the environment. The “rule of law” is broken including the Constitutional Amendments and we are now witnessing the ugly rise of fascism. Added is a citizenry that will accept laws that are against liberties because of their ignorance and apathy.

    Even the Manhatten Project scientists who created this energy realized the potential for the extermination of life on our planet. They could not put the genie back into its bottle. It was sheer madness to unleash this nuclear power without determining how to control situations like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and now Fukushima. The GE engineers who worked on Fukushima recognised the potential for the very crisis that we are discussing, it is a poor design. Around the globe there are thirty year old plants based upon this particular design and they are all potentially ticking time bombs. In the case of Japan, the nuclear plants are built over fault lines adding to the probability of disaster. Those decisions were irrational.

    There was at least one core meltdown at Fukushima and because of the leaking, incinerating, dumping of radioactive debris the world has been impacted, testing on water, food, soil, etc. are showing that the nightmare has left Japan and is around the globe. And there is no resolution. I do not know where in the world Dystopia resides; but, I do know that within the next decade, if not before, she will have to face her mortality. I do not know about her…but, I never considered that my life and death depended on a utility company.

    1. watched the disaster of Katrina and the aftermath
      watched the disaster caused to the Gulf of Mexico by BP Oil
      situations like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and now Fukushima

      Hi Michele
      begining to see a pattern are you

      did you notice
      the national weather service
      the social security office
      and other agencys buying ammo
      170,000 rounds, all hollow points

      did you notice the election is between two men
      who both support bank bailouts
      who both support more wars
      who both support, … fill in the blank

      did you notice the marine vet arrested and put in a pysc ward
      with no charges, simply because he posted his opinion on face book

      but hey, things happen
      your begining to sound like one of those conspiracy nuts

      not me, on no,
      I just notice things people say they noticed
      hello homeland security

      1. Well, yes all of these things and other events are happening, so what exactly is your point? There are “conspiracy theories” that are fantasies of a deluded mind. There are real events with documentation and expert testimony that fall under “conspiracies” as a method of discrediting people in the eyes of our society as somehow being irratioanl and paranoid. If your only means of deciding the real from the imagined by “noticing what others are noticing”, you have no way of judging truth from falsehood and are without credibility.

        1. Michele
          Yamashita Shunichi is trying to cover up
          Do you think that he is making descisions on his own
          of course not

          all of these things and other events are happening
          what exactly is your point
          that was my point, sorry I wasnt clear

          In your anger your missing more then my point

          incompetence and the surrendering of authority to corporations
          are not the reason why,

          the utility co is in it for the money
          dont think they gained any authority
          the cost of this would make tepco a thing of the past
          they are now at the mercy of the govt, more so then ever.

          my life and death depended on a utility company
          sadly thats not their concern, the workers share your same fate
          laws were passed to protect the co before the plant was built.
          tepco is still doing what they are told, no change, still money

          No politician will take the blame for this
          but they will be the first to cast the blame elsewhere.
          And a willing lap dog, tepco is the best diversion they have.

          Dont get me wrong, those experts at tepco knew this could happen.
          Even an idiot knows not a good plan to even build one
          on a earthquake prone island. Pretty much a quake a day in japan.
          They also knew being on the coast makes containment pretty much impossable.

          you have no way of judging truth from falsehood
          and are without credibility.

          Im hurt Michele, lol
          This section is for venting, to raise awareness to the obvioues.
          Sorry, was unaware I had to explain how it is I judge truth
          nor to protect my credibility. Its not about me.
          Im really on your side

          This story, the headline
          did you notice
          he made two sep. groups
          “I cut down the compensation amount
          to save the Gov,
          and the people.

          You need to ask how the first group judges the truth
          and question their credibility
          cause when that group does not serve the intrest of the people
          you have tyrany, thats the problem, thats who’s to blame

          not mine, not the utility co, not the peoples

          1. Terry, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”. Cool Hand Luke

            In re-reading your first reply to me comment, it was not clear as to your position in terms of sifting the grain from the chaff, another allegory from the Bible…one that has a certain strange connotation since our wheat is now toxic. Our local free paper editorial page had a comment, “Time to Split Atoms” in support of “clean nuclear energy” and the need to build more plants across the US.

            This is what the comment stated about Japan: “Articles about Fukushima still stoke fears half a world away. Nobody got seriously hurt, despite three meltdowns, but 761 died in the hurried evacuation to a false panic to escape the deadly-threat-that-wasn’t. It was a false panic on the scale of Orson Welles’ “War of the World”.”

            This is the falsehood given to distract from the truth and when I write my response, I will be labeled an “environmental nut” and a “conspiracist” without credibility. So, yes I am angry.

            We have a huge storm headed toward the state of Louisiana, it is a furious hurricane that takes up most of the Gulf of Mexico and it has been kept downgraded and stalled. There happens to be in that state a community called Bayou Corne, and last month a large and growing sinkhole opened after the state’s Dept. of Natural Resources told the residents that there were no health concerns. The DNR knew what lay underground and the reason for the sinkhole…they had known for at least a year that there is a salt mine that has been enlarged by the petroleum industry to make room for storage of oil and gas. There is an adjacent storage salt cavern that is filled with liquid butane and there are fears of that igniting and blowing up. But the most important information that the DNR kept from the residents is this: Under this growing sinkhole is stored “NON-NATURAL RADIOACTIVE WASTE MATERIALS” which when samples were tested, were found to be 15x the limit of safety. The state refuses to test the ground water. So, now we just happen to have a very large storm (hurricane) that will move into Louisiana and onto the sinkhole late tonight or early morning. If I were a “conspiracy theorist”…..

  9. To save some coin, they poisoned the People.

    They should put that on a permanent monument under the hanging corpses of these people as well as the other hrorific killers of our century.

  10. I, like thousands or millions of other Japanese people, have to wonder if this Professor Shunichi Yamashita guy is mentally ill although he is in “charge” of the local health policy in the devastated Fukushima prefecture since 2011. If this Professor Yamashita is mentally ill or unstable, he should be removed from his post immediately because he has been endangering the safety and health of millions of Japanese people who are being attacked by the “chemical weapon” called radioactive dusts since one and a half years ago. He should be removed before thousands more Japanese, if not millions, get radiation sicknesses like cancer, leukamia and thyroid diseases.

    At least, his various irrational behaviors so far are a so-called deviant behavior. Such a guy should not be in charge of an entire region’s health policy. Many Fukushima residents apparently declined to answer the questions which Yamashita and his “commettee” sent to them by mail last year though. Obviously, the local residents hardly trusted these guys.

    This Yamashita guy was only a medical professor of a small namelass college. He is not any lawmaker or economist, either, not to mention a prophet. Still, he wants to make a policy for the future of Japan and Fukushima the way a lunatic dictator dreams.
    We all know that many fake prophets appear in a time of the so-called Armageddon, as the Revelation tells, and those who believe in the fake prophets get destroyed together with the “prophets”. —So, why is this Yamashita guy talking about a future “compensation” problem or a “finance” problem here even though he is not a lawmaker or an economist? Does he have any qualification to do so?

    Why does he want to define the future of Japanese nation in the first place? He sounds like a delusional prophet at least. He is delusional actually as long as he clearly states like above, on the record, that he wants to “lead” (manipulate, perhaps) the Japanese public opinion over the radiation sickness in Fukushima (in Japanese he said he “導きたい”). Yes, he will lead you to your own destruction, the way fake prophets do. So does that Mainich Newspaper as well.
    This guy is not even a professor. He is no more than a charlatan.

    The cancer/leukemia problems in Japan will emerge after two years since the exposure to radiation, as Dr Helen Caldicott, the former professor at the Harvard Medical School, warns since last year. Therefore, most of the affected Japanese will see their health deteriorate severely in a matter of six months from now. Still, the curious Japanese “professor” Yamashita guy wants to augue there will be no medical conclusion before “more than 10 years” from now over the relation between the radiation and the cancer/leukemia problems including thyroid problems. Is he truly a medical doctor and professor? I had to doubt it.
    Who gave this lunatic a high position in the Fukushima prefecture’s (rather nameless) Prefecture Medical School and in the Fukushima Government’s “committee” by the way?

    Reportedly, Yamashita guy was appointed for these positions by the Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato in March, 2011, although that appointment didn’t give Yamashita any dictator’s position. Yuhei Sato is reportedly living in Yamagata prefecture today, not in the radioactive Fukushima City, according to the famous woman Japanese blogger and novelist Emiko Numauchi of Numayu’s Blog. Clearly, Govenor Sato knows the Fukushima City is unsafe to live — at least for himself. I have to wonder where Yamashita guy lives.
    Apparently this Yamashita guy has been acting too irresponsibly to hold these high positions since 1.5 years ago when he suddenly moved over to the Fukushima City from somewhere else.

    Probably he needs to be held in a mental asylum immediately in order to save the affected people such as the Fukushima prefecture residents from the obvious harms Prof. Yamashita has been causing to them all the while. If necessary, he should be put under arrest together with the responsible Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato who gave him the current positions with no reasonable consideration apparently. They need to be arrested before the two guys who are extremely irrational cause more danger and harm to the Japanese people. The time is running out for many Japanese people.

    1. Pops
      Sir I heard a story that after the atomic bombs were dropped the affected cities were blocked off, no one in or out and aroud 30,000 orphans were basically cut off from food rations and allowed to die. Reason being these children would grow up with alot of, understandable, hatred and that was concidered a problem the govt choose not to deal with.

      My ? to you, or anyone who may know
      Did that happen?

      The lack of concern, or just refusal on the part of the govt to even admit there is a health problem goes much deeper then one or two crazed men with a little power. The rush to have everything “normal” is clear. By not evacuating people, who clearly should be, and the encouragment of the govt for people that did to return makes me think the story was not only true, but maybe be repeating.

  11. Your final sentence in the article above:
    “As victims, people must take responsibility for themselves.”
    Should be translated more like:
    “If that happens, the final victims will be the citizens of the country.”
    You’re doing a great job, but please don’t put too much spin on the translations.

  12. Iori,

    I do not want to do a LOT of translation, but if you have problems with translating anything from J to E, please feel free to contact me at the email address noted. Please continue with your great work!

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