Yamashita “I cut down the compensation amount to save the Gov, and the people.”


The Fukushima prefectural government neither offers medical care to Fukushima residents nor accepts responsibility for helping them evacuate.

It is even trying to convince former Fukushima residents to return from other prefectures.

Shunichi Yamashita is trying to cover up the fact that the number of cases of thyroid disease is rapidly increasing in Fukushima. (cf. Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl)

In an interview with the Mainichi newspaper, he revealed his real intention for doing it:




Mainichi: How do you evaluate what effect the radiation will have on Fukushima residents?

Yamashita: We may find a small number of cancers, but even under ordinary circumstances the general population has a certain rate of thyroid cancer. We won’t jump to any conclusions before more than 10 years have passed. We shall avoid conflict between the
Fukushima people and their government.
I want to lead Japan so that it does not economically collapse.
After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, lawsuits against the Ukrainian government spiked because of radiation-related health problems; the amount of compensation paid to the victims damaged the national budget. As victims, people must take responsibility for themselves.


Yamashita is trying to decrease the cost of compensating people who will lose their lives to radiation-related diseases—that is his real purpose.




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