US keeps importing fishery food from Japan even after 311

Some of the east Asian countries are rejecting Japanese products to import, such as fishery products or dairy products.

(cf. JP exports of dairy products dropped half since 311, HK Gov to conduct medical check for infants)

However, US is still importing fishery products from Japan as before. In May, they measured cesium even from their local bluefin tuna. It seems like fish is easier to enter America than human beings. (cf. Cesium from tuna fished in west coast of America)

The exporting charts are like below. Fishery products consist of living, and frozen products. The source is the trade statistics of Japan by Ministry of finance. [Link] (cf. Cesium from 60% of fishery products in Fukushima)


↓ Export of Japanese fishery food to US in volume. (Kg) It’s in the very stable trend even after 2011.1~6.

US keeps importing fishery food from Japan even after 311




↓ Export of Japanese fishery products to US in value. (1,000 Yen) It’s in the very stable trend too.

US keeps importing fishery food from Japan even after 311 2

US keeps importing fishery food from Japan even after 311 3

<Settlement report 8/13 ~ 14>

Please let me report how much donation I received in past 2 days.

I found very interesting things in the official statistics published by Japanese government. I’m going to write some articles about them on Fukushima Diary. The top one about the American import is one of them.

Last night, I found that the Fukushima population published by Fukushima local government and the one published by Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications are different. For some reason, Fukushima government reports more than Japanese government. You may conclude that the actual entire Japanese population might be far from being reported by the government.

settlement report 8/13~14

settlement report 8/13~14 2

  1. I tell my friends, family, associates every day they are consuming cancer as they eat fish. I always get the same answer. Either they do not care or do not believe me due to US media black out. I think of the unnecessary deaths and get sick to my stomach.

  2. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Les USA continuent d’ importer des produits marins japonais même depuis le 11-3.
    Par Mochizuki, le 14 août 2012.

    Certains pays de l’Est asiatique interdisent l’importation de produits japonais comme ceux de la pêche ou les laitages.


    Quant à eux, les USA continuent d’importer des produits de la pêche japonais comme avant. En mai, ils ont mesuré du césium même dans leur thon local. il semble qu’il soit plus facile aux poisson qu’aux humains d’entrer en Amérique. (cf.

    Les graphiques des exportations sont ci-dessous. Les produits de la pêche sont à la fois frais ou congelés. La source est celle des statistiques commerciales du ministère des Finances japonais. []
    (cf. Du césium dans 60% des produits de la pêche à Fukushima

    ↓ Exportations vers les USA des aliments marins japonais, en volume. (kg) La tendance est très stable même après le 2e semestre 2011.

    ↓ Exportations vers les USA des aliments marins japonais, en valeur. (1 000 Yens) La tendance est stable aussi.
    (tableau des données)

    (Rapport financier 13-14 août)

    Voici ce que j’ai reçu ces deux jours passés.

    J’ai trouvé des choses très intéressantes dans les statistiques officielles publiées par le gouvernement japonais. Je vais en faire quelques articles dans le Fukushima Diary. Ce sujet sur les importations américaines en est un.

    La nuit dernière, j’ai trouvé que les chiffres de la population de Fukushima telle que publiés par les autorités locales de Fukushima ou par le ministère de la Gestion Publique et des Affaires Familiales, des Postes et Télécommunications sont différents. Les autorités de Fukushima ont des chiffres plus gros que ceux du gouvernement. On peut en conclure que l’effectif réel de la population japonaise entière peut être très différent de celui considéré par le gouvernement.

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  3. The U.S. excels at importing both people and contaminated food. Our population would be in terminal decline if not for the constant influx of ‘immigrant’ (drug war escapees).

    1. oh and the milk is being used by the usa choclate industry as far as i could ascertain

      might be worth mentioning that the usa excepts higher bequerels

      also the canada and mexico stats are down if i remember right, so NAFTA is being used pass the contaminated materials around..

      hope you cab get the article out for the weekend and i will post it around..

      an important bit of manipulation is going on here to reasure the canadian and mexican public.. imo

      have fun bro!

      1. Arclight

        Where did your information about Japanese milk being used by US Chocolate industry come from? Can you please provide a link?

  4. I was stunned when I saw one of Japanese doctors presentation regarding Japanese food safety standards. He wanted to emphasize that the Japanese allowable radiation limit is too high comparing to Belarus, but ironically American standard is higher than Japanese. When I saw this post, my husband and I were saying that fish that are not legal to sell in Japan can be sold in the US without any problems.

  5. I read that Russia will not import Japanese vehicles because they are contaminated. Dealerships are advertising sales on the imported autos and trucks from Japan. Majority of people have no knowledge of the contamination. Pennsylvania is distributing Potassium/iodine tablets and apparently it is a normal activity for that state. After the contamination of our air, soil and water from the leaking Fukushima Plant for nearly two years, we humans are already impacted with Cesium-137. Not to mention the foods that are being imported from Japan. It is like a dog chasing its tail…give the people contamination and then pacify them with tablets when it will do no good.

  6. It is well known to all the world that the US government does not care about the well being of its own citizens.

  7. We already eat lots of franken-food in the U.S. anyway, we are just too willfully uninformed as a society to realize it (we in the U.S. are attached-to-a-fault to the illusion of personal free will). Personally I’ve been asking every store & restaurant I go to, since the most recent & publicized Gulf of Mexico oil spill – “where does this seafood come from?”. And sadly I have found that almost all of them genuinely don’t know. I bet people in “third world countries” are more aware of their food -origins than Americans. Bring on the glowing Calimari & “Go U.S.A.!”

  8. In the old days the experts said that the body processes away pesticides and chemicals. They must have believed the pap and now extend it to the body being able to process anything nuclear.

  9. Oh, you don’t know tptb mean to kill us all?

    They baltantly stated thatto our faces. And what’s more, they’ve said it many times: “Theyy intend to de-populated the Planet.

    Read Barky’s Speech at COP-15. The speech was actually addressed to the World Elite, and stated that he and his kind want to have the Planet for their children and descendants.

    (I wonder whether that’s why the Outer Planets are barren?)

  10. Guess someone needs to get samples of the imported/contaminated food products. Feed the food to politicians. Then TEST the samples,advertising the amount of radiation in the food that has been consumed and by whom. Since the food has been sold as OK, no one can complain they were poisoned. Might work in Japan as well as USA. Remember when a Japanese poltician drank the glass of water in a press conference? Not known if the water was from the tap or from a clean non-radioactive source. Remember the TV host who ate Fukushima foods on TV daily? He has/had acute leukemia afterwards..

  11. Thank you for alerting us to these irresponsible practices of both the Japanese and the US governments.
    We, the citizens of the US, who are being made aware of this carelessness, will do all we can to expose these practices and communicate to our friends via the internet, and our local markets and restaurants, the hidden dangers of radioactive contamination present in especially seafood and now BEEF, imported from Japan under NAFTA.
    Personally, we have been refusing to buy food products from Japan, food that we love and have eaten for 40 years. We know that people in Japan have not been told the truth by the authorities since day One (3/11) and that sadly even local markets have been persuaded to compromise what, at an earlier time, would have been scandalous behavior, such as the misrepresenting of tainted products from Fukushima by labeling them local or just “kokusan.”
    We must sadly tell our friends, “don’t eat Japanese sushi or meat products, or grain produce!” We tell them why.

    The refusal of the Japanese (and American) government to acknowledge the ever increasing contamination and poisoning of the land, sea and air of not only the environs of Fukushima, but also of the entire northern half of the Japanese archipelago, and its effect on produce, livestock and seafood, is unconscionable. And then, when this is motivated by the desire to make profit in the midst of such deception borders on criminality.
    The role of government must be primarily to protect the well being of its citizens, but never at the expense of the well-being of its neighbors. The fact that there has been an ongoing information blackout of the true nature of this terrible disaster of Fukushima by the mainstream media of the USA (and Japan) and that most of the people of the USA are literally in the dark about the the long-term ill effects of irradiation on their health and well being, and what they might do in response to protect themselves or mitigate the effects, is, I think, criminal.
    It is encouraging to see and hear so many Japanese waking up to their responsibility and speaking out.

    Thank you Mr. Iori for your faithfulness in daily updating 1000s who get your ‘diary.’ KLH

  12. The mass murdering U.S. government is all about killing people worldwide, ESPECIALLY their own. Payback WILL be very ugly and fiercely brutal. I’d venture to guess many politicians will be killed in AmeriKa, soon.


    NOT their own, Johnny….. because THEY ARE FAKE


    NO politician will be killed,….
    but A WHOLE LOT of civilians do.
    and already did.

    Look at my sitelink and spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m humble being the servant of MY OWN truth, so I only say


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