More than 1,000 bonitos found dead in Wakayama western Japan

More than 1,000 bonitos found dead in Wakayama western Japan
From 8/7 to 8/8/2012, more than 1,000 bonitos were found dead in Yura cho Wakayama of Western Japan. It happened last year too.



The dead bodies of bonitos are lying on the coast for about 100m. Local government had them removed (~2tones )in the morning of 8/8/2012, but immediately after that, more than 100 of new dead bonitos came up again.

They start getting rotten immediately and start stinking strongly. The smell remained even after the evening of 8/8/2012, hotels and people living nearby comment, “We can’t even open the windows because of the stink. It damages the sightseeing industry of bathing beach. It happened every year before, but it had never been terrible like these 2 years. We want them to verify the reason why.”

Wakayama prefectural government answered the question of the local government, “It can’t be because of a red tide of chemical material because other kinds of fish are not dead. ”

The local government is to ask the Maritime Safety Agency and other authorities to verify what is causing this.


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